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Walkthrough Ghost Song - game guide

 All story missions and puzzles, bosses, search for ship parts

Walkthrough Ghost Song - game guide

At the beginning of the game, run to the right side using the arrow keys. Destroy the robot and the barrier inside the cave. Fire your blaster while holding down the X key, but watch out for overheating. You can also melee attack on the E key. Jump down and pick up the cartographer. Now the map will be updated, and already visited rooms will begin to appear on it. Kill the first enemies by alternating between blaster attacks and melee attacks. Before that, destroy the barrier on the right in the cave with flowers. Climb down in front of the tombstone location and climb into the pipe. Walk left to get to a new location.

Norberg Laboratory

Save near the tall flower. Interact with the statue on the left. Here you can repair your character or level it up for nanogel.


Go back through the pipe and smash the fragile floor. To do this, jump up, hold down the "down" key and shoot at your feet. Get down to the very bottom. There will be a glowing object on the left. This is a small accumulation of nanogel. Run to the right and go down. Be careful, because there are three opponents here at once. Jump over the flying head and away from tumbling enemies. Break the wall and run to the right.

Climb up to a new location. Kill a few more opponents and jump higher. Run into the pipe on the right, destroying the flying insects. Jump over to another part of the pipe and enter the laboratory.

Norberg Laboratory - how to unlock dash?

Inside, find the elevator and go up. In the hallway, note the crack in the ceiling. Destroy this part of the ceiling and jump up to find yourself in a cave. Run and jump to the right and up. Soon you will be able to go down into the corridor of the laboratory, and pick up a phase jerk on the left side. Now you can dash by pressing the C key. The path to the right is blocked, so get upstairs into the cave. Walk back to the left. By the way, you can try the dash (jump and hold C) to pick up a medium accumulation of nanogel from the ledge.


Go outside and jump down the pipe. Kill the enemies and run to the right side. You will need to jump from a small ledge and make a dash to get to the top. Jump up the ledges next to the red growths. Pick up a small accumulation of nanogel on the right side. Run left, save and jump up. Destroy the thick wall, but be careful as there are two opponents behind it. Do the same for the other wall. Kill enemies with spikes. Go right, jump up and run back to the left. Shoot the wall opposite to a stash with a healing core.

Roslock Drift Beta

Go right. When possible, jump up through the hole in the ceiling. Jump higher, eliminate opponents, and collect a small accumulation of nanogel. Climb even higher, deal with enemies and pick up a magma spear. This is your new weapon. Next will be a dead end. Go back down and follow all the way to the right. Go down below and go left to go to a new location.

Run to the right, pick up the nanogel and jump down. Once at the bottom, follow the left side into a new room. Destroy a large cluster of enemies in the cave. At the very end, there will be a core of healing. Go back, run to the right, jump down and destroy the yellow wall on the left side. But be careful, big crabs will appear here. Behind the wall, you will find a niche with an orange seed. By the way, don't forget to use the accumulation of Nanogel in your inventory so that they are credited to your account.

Go to the location on the right, destroy the enemies and jump up the platforms, since the red wall will not be destroyed. Climb up and go right. Pick up the cluster of nanogel and follow to the left. Jump up through the hole in the ceiling.


Talk to a stranger. Head to the right and jump onto the nearest ledge to find a plant that you can use to save. Keep going to the right and climb up the many platforms. On the right, there will be a passage that leads to enemies and a medium cluster of nanogels. After picking it up, go to the right and jump up. Rise even higher. The path to the right leads to a dead end, so follow the left. At the new location, break the floor under your feet, go down and find the middle cluster of nanogel on the right. Go back upstairs and go left. Climb up and follow to the right to the robot, which will improve your character and save. Exit the cave and go upstairs. The only path leads to the crash site.

Crash Site (The Gambler)

Chat with the man near the destroyed spaceship. You can go inside. Open the first door and chat with the ship's AI. In the depths of the ship, there is a damaged android that you can talk to. Outside, to the left of the ship, look for a merchant. When you talk enough with everyone, run to the left side.

Blake’s Stroll

Icons appeared on the map indicating the parts of the ship that need to be brought to that same man. Jump higher on the platforms using dashes and exit to the left. Destroy the jumping one-eyed monster and pick up the module for the blaster. Equip it, unlock the skill and fire the flare gun at the red crystals on the left. Get down. Kill the enemies and run to the right of the spitting plants. There will be many dangerous enemies in this room, so it's up to you to clear it or not. Return to the cave, go down a little lower and go left. You will see the ghost of the girl again. Follow to the left and jump down. Open the map and find the shortest path back to Norberg's lab, where the robot needed to upgrade is located.


Leave the labs and jump down through the hole in the pipe. This time, run to the left. Destroy flying insects. On the left-bottom there is a wall that can be broken. Behind it is a robot, destroying which will give you a nanogel. With the help of a jerk, get over to the other side on top. Jump up and go left. Jump into the water. Break the wall on the right and look for a purple seed at the end of the tunnel. Be sure to use all the seeds found in your inventory to get an increase to certain parameters.

Get out of the water and move to the left side. Pick up another upgrade that allows your character to speed up. Run to the left, to a new location, where rays of light come from.

Roslock Drift Alpha

Talk to the hunter on the left and go down. Keep going down, killing enemies until you find a corpse with a new item "Sprinkler".


Get out of here, open the map and pay attention to the passage in the lower right corner of this region. Follow there to find a wall of red crystals. You passed by it earlier, and now you can destroy it with shots from a rocket launcher. On the other side there is a ledge with a robot from which you can knock out the nanogel.

Huttle Drop - how to get a double jump?

Jump down and run to the right along the corridor. Note that the wall on the right can be broken (there is a glowing green dot there) to reveal the cache. Look for the save on the right and run to the left. Jump down and to the left, climb the ledges and go to a new location. Talk to the girl named Lua. Go left, a little lower, and jump on the ledges above the spikes. After going down, go to the right and find a narrow hole into which you need to jump.

From here you can exit through three new passages. First move to the top left. Save at the plant, upgrade your character if you wish. Now return to the previous room and move through the lower right passage. If you go through the lower left, you will find yourself in a dead end with a high ledge, which you cannot jump on with a normal jump.

Move to the right and climb into the first opening from above. There will be a ledge with a medium accumulation of nanogel. Do not go down, but instead move on top to the left side (there will be an indestructible wall at the bottom right). Look for a lift in the upper right corner. Kill three enemies and climb a little higher to break the wall and create a short path up. Go back down and find the descent at the bottom right, which will allow you to be on the right side of the other wall. From here you can destroy it. After doing this, kill the enemy and jump down to the right below.

There will be another elite enemy here, the poet Kika. Use jerks more often, during which you become invulnerable. Now you can double jump! Jump to the ledge on the left, and even more to the left look for a ledge with a red seed. Go to the room on the left. You have already been in this gallery. Follow through the lower left passage and jump onto the high ledge.

Junkpit - how to find the green part?

Climb down and pick up a powerful fist that can be used as a melee weapon (instead of a spear or shield if you picked them up earlier). Follow the only route, kill the flying skull and jump to the top location (the path to the left leads to another skull). Jump a little higher and to the right. Do the same in the next location, after destroying the skull. On the left is a purple seed. Jumping into the hole on the right is not worth it, because it leads to the beginning of this location.

Go back down and run left to the next skull. You can jump up and find a nanogel robot in the grass. Drop down to a new location and look for an orange seed on the ledge on the right. There is a dilapidated floor in the lower left corner. Shoot him and jump down. Jump to the very bottom and go to the location on the left. Go through the flooded cave, killing the enemies. You cannot jump up. So go downstairs and first go left. Save your progress on the plant and go right. Jump into the lake on the right and at the very end look for a medium cluster of nanogels. Go down below and jump into the hole.

Fly to the very bottom and go left. Destroy the two skulls, keep moving to the left until you see a running ghost. Jump lower and lower and go to the right, to the green part of the ship. On the way to the goal, you will encounter the Scientist Huntress Henrietta. After defeating the boss, go to the back room and pick up the green part. Return to NPC Roper in any way to give him the part.

To be continued...