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Walkthrough Valkyrie Elysium - game guide

 Guide to the passage of the main storyline of the game Valkyrie Elysium

Walkthrough Valkyrie Elysium - game guide

Recently, the role-playing game Valkyrie Elysium from Square Enix has been released. In a new fantasy project based on Scandinavian mythology, the user will have to take control of a brave heroine and help Odin eradicate evil. In this guide, we will walk you through the game.

Chapter 0: Prologue

From the first minutes, the heroine will be in Midgard. After the introductory video, we complete the tutorial and move to the bridge. The player needs to touch the golden crystal with the corresponding button (L2).

We use the same key to jump over the bridge. We touch the next crystal and defeat all enemies. We call on the help of other characters using the key combinations "R1 + triangle" and "R1 + circle".

Move up the stairs and use the hero summon to create an ice platform. We jump over the abyss, reach the golden crystal and destroy the enemies again. We reuse the label and finish off another group of opponents.

We follow the boulder, call on the man and break the big stone.

We open the chest to get magic stones, which will later be required to improve weapons. Follow the marker and go up the stairs. We continue the path, destroy the boulder and go inside the building.

Use the soul chain (L2) and pull yourself up to the next level.

We go up the stairs and kill all the enemies in the next room - first of all, pay attention to the archers. We move along the marker to the abyss.

We call on the help of the hero and move to the next platform. We get down to the ground and destroy several opponents in an open area.

We follow the yellow marker to the dragon. First of all, aim at the tail to stun the enemy. To do this, we call on partners who will distract the opponent. After the destruction of the second creature, follow the marker and destroy the remaining enemies. We go to the sanctuary with blue color and meet with the boss.

How to defeat the Berserk boss

The Berserker most often uses sweeping sword attacks. The enemy is weak against lightning, so we call on Aegon as an assistant. We aim at the enemy's leg to stun him. The boss also actively kicks the ground with area damage and tries to grab the heroine at close range. We dodge blows and carry out numerous attacks. As soon as the enemy's health is running out, we are attracted to him and finish him off.

After the fight, open the chest and go through the blue beam to move to Valhalla. We communicate with Odin and approach the large sphere to open the map and move to the next story zone.

Chapter 1: Cleansing the Soul

From the starting location, follow the yellow marker. We destroy various barrels, boxes, carts, and other objects in order to find gems and souls.

We destroy enemies on the way and pass into the mines. We go down to the small arena. After the destruction of the enemies, we rise along the wooden platforms and get out into the street.

We approach the tower, deal with all opponents and go inside the building. We go upstairs and on the only way, we get to the church. We pass through the premises. After defeating the last opponent, another gate will open. Be sure to inspect the blue chest. to get "Fire Lance I" - a scroll of divine art that will be effective against some nearby enemies.

We go outside and activate the white crystal. Here the player can save or upgrade weapons. We follow the marker and go through the forest. We get to the next building and destroy the enemies.

We go inside, open the blue chest and get a scroll "Treatment I" (Heal I).

We go up the stairs and talk to the soul of a young girl (blue aura) to activate the additional task "Mother's Ring".

We follow further and at the level above, we jump over the bridge. We continue on our way. We leave the tower and get to the wooden structure. We follow the stairs up and climb onto the large bridge.

Activate the save at the white crystal and move to the left. We kill the dragon to open the lattice gate.

In the castle, we make our way through the hordes of enemies and reach the closed door. After cleaning the nearby territory, we pass on.

Save at the white crystal. We move forward and inside the building, we kill all the enemies.

First of all, we get rid of the archers. In the center of the castle, we destroy two chains along the markers and pick up the scroll “Hail Shot I” in the southeastern part of the location.

After the destruction of the chains, we go down to the lower tier. We kill the dragon and go through the opened gate.

We get to the basement and find the scroll "Grave Edge I" (Grave Edge I) in a blue chest. Activate the save and enter the arena. We use a new technique in the battle with the boss.

How to defeat the boss Naglfar Aegon

At the very beginning of the battle, the enemy will try to pounce on the heroine. We dodge to the side and try not to fall into the clutches of the enemy. We carry out several precise tricks and dodge the opponent's jump. After a while, the boss will use a volley of lightning. Each time Naglfar tries to stand up from the ground, he will try to hit the player with an area attack. We run back a short distance so as not to take damage.

Sometimes the opponent will try to strike with his hand. In this case, you must immediately dodge to the side. It is also not recommended to be near the opponent for too long, otherwise, he will capture the heroine and inflict damage on her. With frequent hits on the stomach, the boss will use a quick double blow in response. We take this into account in the fight. Be sure to use the healing skill to restore health.

After defeating the enemy, open the blue chest to get the Bolverkr weapon. We move to Valhalla and report on the events to Odin. We talk with God and go to the next quest.

To be continued…