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Where to find eggs in Valheim - how to tame chickens, what to feed and what they are for


Where to find eggs in Valheim - how to tame chickens, what to feed and what they are for

With the latest major update, Valheim has added not only new enemies but also animals to tame. Now all players can tame and breed chickens to get useful materials and food. In this guide, we will tell you where to find eggs, how to raise, and what to feed chickens in the game.

Where to find and how to get eggs

First of all, you must install the Mistland update. 

To breed chickens, you will need eggs - this is one of the few resources that players cannot get in the open world. You can buy eggs from the merchant Haldor, who appears in a random place on the map. Usually, it is located on the starting or nearby islands, as well as not far from the water. In addition, Haldor can only be found in the Black Forest - you should not look for a merchant in other biomes.

How to quickly accumulate coins

There are several ways to earn coins in Valheim. 

  • Explore abandoned buildings and gnome settlements, inspect chests, and find coins;
  • Visit dungeons. It is not uncommon to find coins and precious stones in burial chambers;
  • Collect gems and sell them to the merchant;
  • Defeat the third story boss - Mass of Bones and get the shackle. With this item, you can find buried treasure and sell it to Haldor.

Console Commands

If you do not want to waste time, you can use the console commands. First, you need to activate the console in the game. For this:

  1. Open the Steam Game Library and search for Valheim.
  2. Click on the game in the RMB list and click "Properties".
  3. Go to "General", then click on "Startup Options" and enter the command "-console" without quotes.
Now start the game and press the F5 key. A console will open, with which you need to activate the cheat mode. Type "devcommands" without the quotes and press Enter.

To add money, enter the "spawn Coins" command without quotes and the required number of coins.

Please note: we do not recommend creating a large amount of money at once, as this can lead to game instability or even crashes. We advise you to add 200-300 coins.

How to raise chickens

Now that you have acquired two eggs, go back to your camp and build a small paddock. If you have free rooms in your house, you can use them to raise chickens.

If you drop an egg on the ground, you will notice that nothing happens. The fact is that the eggs should be kept warm under the roof. Place a regular fire next to them and build a roof. Hover over an egg to see what state it is in:

  • Cold (Too cold) - the egg does not have enough heat. Place a bonfire nearby;
  • Warm (Warm) - the egg is warm, and soon the chick will hatch.
When all conditions are met, the chicks hatch in about one and a half game days. Make sure that the fire does not go out, otherwise, the steps will have to be repeated again.

What to feed chickens

Chicks themselves do not need food, but adults need to be constantly fed. Use some types of seeds as food:

  • Carrot seeds ;
  • turnip seeds ;
  • barley seeds ;
  • birch seeds;
  • Flax seeds ;
  • beech seeds ;
  • Onion seeds.
If the tamed birds have enough food, when you hover over them with the mouse, you will see the inscription "Rejoices". When there is not enough food, "Starving" will be indicated here.

Add food to the pen in a timely manner, otherwise, after a while, adults will die.

What resources can be obtained

Chickens in Valheim are needed for the extraction of three resources: Eggs, Chicken meat, and Feathers. Tamed chickens can be butchered with a butcher knife. You will not be able to kill tamed animals with other weapons. The recipe for this item will appear after you smelt Tin Bars for the first time. To make a knife, you will need the following resources:

  • Wood (2);
  • Tin (4).
Feathers are useful for crafting any arrows, and meat and eggs - for cooking. Below we have prepared a detailed list of dishes.

Boiled egg


  • Egg (1).

  • Health (35);
  • Endurance (12);
  • Duration (20 minutes);
  • Healing (2 hp/tick).

Mushroom omelette


  • Egg (3);
  • Jotun puffs (3).
  • Health (28);
  • Endurance (85);
  • Duration (25 minutes);
  • Healing (3 hp/tick).

Raw chicken in honey glaze (Uncooked honey-glazed chicken)


  • Chicken meat (1);
  • Honey (3);
  • Jotun puffs (2).

  • Health (80);
  • Endurance (26);
  • Duration (30 minutes);
  • Healing (5 hp/tick).