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Your rendering device was lost Overwatch 2, how to fix the bug?

 Some Overwatch 2 players are encountering the error message "Your render device has been lost". We tell you how to solve this problem.

Your rendering device was lost Overwatch 2, how to fix the bug?

Since the release of Overwatch 2, some players have had problems launching the game, merging their accounts, or even playing with their friends.

When a bug is encountered, a message appears on the screen and among all the known messages, there is one that says: " Your rendering device has been lost ". Some people are also looking to find out if a solution exists and if it is yours, the answer is yes. We'll tell you how to fix it.

How to fix "Your rendering device has been lost" bug in Overwatch 2?

If you encounter the error message, well, this bug occurs when you encounter a TDR (Timeout Detection and Recovery) crash while playing Overwatch 2 as clarified by Blizzard. To solve it, here is what you can do:

  • Configure your computer's components to the manufacturer's operating frequencies to resolve crashes caused by overclocking.
  • Update your drivers and operating system to resolve compatibility issues.
  • Try closing apps running in the background to resolve conflicts with other apps.
  • If your computer freezes or stops responding, check for overheating of your components.
  • Missing or corrupt Windows system files can cause this error. Use System File Checker to repair or replace these files.
Finally, if this problem persists or if you encounter other in-game issues, you can always contact Blizzard Support for Overwatch 2 to receive assistance.