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Bandai Namco promises some Elden Ring news in the coming weeks


Bandai Namco promises some Elden Ring news in the coming weeks

Game of the Year winner Elden Ring may be getting a big announcement soon as publisher Bandai Namco hints at news in the coming weeks. This also came after Elden Ring director Hidetaka Miyazaki stated that FromSoftware hadn't finished their open-world hit yet.

Bandai Namco's statement following Elden Ring's win at The Game Awards thanked fans for their support since launch. The statement ends, however, hinting at a big announcement, inviting fans to "stay in touch over the coming days and weeks as Elden Ring news awaits."

It's been an incredible year for gaming and we thank the Elden Ring community for all the love and support for our game. Stay tuned in the coming days and weeks for Elden Ring updates!

This statement from Bandai Namco was sent via email. And fans on Reddit and ResetEra began to speculate about what might be in it. The most popular theory is a DLC expansion, especially in the run-up to Elden Ring's first birthday.

Sure, Elden Ring fans got a major Colosseum update this month, but it looks like this email is hinting at something even bigger. The Colosseum update was also free, while a major story expansion might sell for more and require a much larger announcement.