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Bonobros streamers, what tokens are available and how to unlock them?

 Bonobros has been available in alpha version on steam since December 28, 2022. Find all the streamers who have their pawn in the game!

Bonobros streamers, what tokens are available and how to unlock them?

Bonobros is a multiplayer online turn-based strategy game in which multiple players compete on a grid to defeat the opposing king. This is the brand new Narkuss game from the Solary structure which has been available since December 28, 2022, in its alpha version. It is possible to play it by obtaining one of the 500 keys for early access.

If you have not quite understood how the game works yet, you will create your King and face an opponent to eliminate his. To do this, you will be helped by pawns that represent well-known streamers and streamers.

What are the streamers with a pawn in Bonobos? 

Narkuss said it in his December 27, 2022 stream when he presented his new game which is available in beta, and early access from December 28, 2022, the pawns in Bonobros will always be inspired by streamers and streamers. Currently, there is a 20th but between now and the official release of the game, he wants to offer a wider choice and even open the selection to foreign streamers if his game works well.

For the moment, we don't have the complete list of pawns available. You can select: 

  • jeel
  • Narkuss
  • LRB

We will update this list when we know the identity of other characters available in the game.

How to get and unlock champions in Bonobros? 

It will be possible to buy them to unlock them more quickly as announced by Narkuss. Otherwise, you will have to play the game and spend a currency to expand your collection.