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Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0: guide for beginners

 A story about the main changes and tips for survival

At first glance , Warzone 2.0 may seem like the exact same battle royale in the Call of Duty setting, just on a different map. However, in the gameplay, there are more important nuances and some rather serious innovations. If you missed the first version of Warzone or haven't played online battle royale shooters for a long time, then our guide will be especially useful for you.

Further - about everything in order.

Top 10 Warzone 2.0 Changes

1. New map

1. New map

At first glance, Al-Mazra resembles something between Verdansk and Caldera. This is the most diverse map of all that was in the royal battles of Call of Duty. There is both urban development with high-rise buildings and the countryside, as well as many hills, mountains, and many reservoirs.

2. Can no longer shoot while disembarking

Can no longer shoot while disembarking

In the first Warzone, the developers considered this a feature of the game, but many had to dislike periodically finding themselves in the Gulag at the very beginning of the match. Fortunately, in the restart, the ability to fire a pistol right during the landing was removed. But later, you can still use weapons in the air - for example, when you jump off the roof and have not yet opened your parachute.

3. Moving underwater

Moving underwater

Previously, fighters could not swim even just on the surface of the water, but now you can dive and hide from enemies in this way. In addition, less damage from bullets is dealt with underwater. Shooting at depth is also possible, but not with all types of weapons, and the damage from shots, in this case, is significantly reduced. But if you emerge to the surface of the water, you can shoot with full damage.

4. Reworked shooting

Reworked shooting

The balance of weapons, shooting features, and other elements of the gunplay in the relaunch of the royal battle of Warzone have undergone quite significant changes. Almost all barrels have become less accurate and many now do less damage at long range, which more marked the difference between the classes. This means that now you need to take a more responsible approach to the choice of weapons since it will not be possible to run the entire match with some light machine gun.

5. Backpack


All players now have a backpack that can hold additional equipment: spare ammo, grenades, armor plates, various equipment, and even additional weapons. Everyone starts with a small backpack, and during the match, you can find a larger one with more slots.

6. Updated "Gulag"

After losing for the first time during a battle royale match, players still end up in the Gulag, a prison for prisoners of war. But now the battles for the right to return to the match are held in 2v2 mode. If you played in a squad, then a friend will fight on your side, and if alone, then a random player will be paired with you.

Interestingly, a minute after the start of the fight, the jailer intervenes. If the opposing players unite to kill the jailer, they will free all four. But the latter rarely happens.

7. Bots on the map

Citadels have appeared on the map, guarded by bots. There is a lot of useful loot in the strongholds and you can get a personal kit with your favorite weapons and useful perks. Guard bots have good gear and deal as much damage as the players. However, they are not too quick and attentive, so they are quite easy to defeat.

8. Updated stores

Updated stores

You can no longer buy a personal kit from the store, but you can purchase your own weapon builds. There was also a restriction on the purchase of drones, explosives, and various equipment such as a heartbeat sensors or UAVs.

9. New modes of transport

  • light SUV
  • Armored SUV
  • ATV
  • heavy helicopter
  • Powerboat
  • light tank

10. Mode in the spirit of Escape From Tarkov

In DMZ mode, there are a lot of bots on the map that guard valuable loot in buildings. At the same time, weapons are rarely found and it is easier to take them away from defeated enemies. Other players are also rare, but they are still best avoided. And the main goal of the mode is to find more valuable equipment and carry it through the evacuation point.

How to top 1 in Warzone 2.0 (match survival tips)

Play your first matches with a friend

This is optional but highly recommended. At first, you will often be killed and a friend will sometimes be able to reanimate you or help in the "Gulag". Moreover, the game in pairs for beginners is preferable to the game of three or four. Especially if not all the players in the squad are familiar.

(At first) stay away from popular drop-off spots

These are the city center (Al Mazrah City), the observatory (Observatory), the airport (Airport) and other places with large buildings rich in loot. Better land in the countryside or somewhere in the north or west of the map. There you can more easily loot and find out where to run next.

Choose the right weapon

Light machine guns and shotguns are more suitable for defense, and sniper rifles are more suitable for ambush tactics. Make sure you have weapons for both close-mid range and long range. Also, keep in mind that for aggressive play and shooting on the run, submachine guns are more suitable than assault rifles (machine guns). And if you play carefully, you can use infantry rifles or pistols. As for assault rifles, they are only good at medium ranges and can fail up close due to low accuracy from the hip.

Don't jump on the rampage

If you see an enemy in the distance, it is not necessary to immediately shoot at him - this way you will give out your location to other players. It is only worth rushing to the attack when you have an advantage: you have taken a height, you have better weapons, the enemy has not noticed you yet, he is firing, and more. In addition, it is also not worth fighting against units alone.

Try to outsmart the enemy

You should not just go out to shoot at full height and hope to win. In Warzone, the winner is not the one who aims faster, but the one who is more unpredictable or takes the enemy by surprise.

If the enemy fired first, then first take cover, and then try to look out from an unexpected place or outflank the enemy. Also, don't forget to use mines and other traps, as well as timely, replenish the plates in your bulletproof vest while you sit in cover.

Thoroughly search entire buildings

In addition to loot on the floor, there are also valuable items in various containers and on shelves. Also, in many establishments like gas stations or shops, you can rob the cashier and get a lot of money.

Accumulate more money at the beginning of the match

The best way is to take a contract to open safes. You will collect cash from the safes themselves, as well as receive a cash reward. The money will be useful for buying useful equipment in the nearest store.

Move across the rooftops

In an urban area, running through the streets is dangerous - you can get shot from any window. Therefore, jumping from roof to roof with an endless parachute is safer. And if they start shooting at you while flying through the air, then just cut the lines and fly without a parachute for a while, and then open it again.

Obtain a self-resuscitation kit and a gas mask

Look for first aid kits on the walls, they often have a self-resuscitation kit. The gas mask is less common - mostly in red containers. In addition, both can be bought in shops in the middle of the match.

Always have armor in reserve

At least 6 records, including 3 in the backpack. After almost every shootout, you have to insert new plates into your bulletproof vest. Otherwise, you risk dying from one short burst.

Try to get the set as soon as possible.

It is easier to fight with familiar weapons, in addition, only perks come with a kit. They allow, for example, to see the footprints of other players or remain invisible to heartbeat sensors and UAVs.

In the citadel, it is better not to meddle alone

There are a lot of security bots, and after the sweep, a helicopter with a landing force also arrives. If you are laid on the ground, then no one will be able to resuscitate you. In addition, there are often other players near (and inside) strongholds.

Don't stay high until the final stage

Sometimes at the beginning of the match, you are lucky to find a good sniper rifle and climb on some tower or the roof of a high-rise building. However, this way you will not have time to acquire important equipment like a self-resuscitation kit or a gas mask. Also, you are more likely to be watched when you jump off and run to a new safe zone, escaping from the gas.

At the end of the match, better equipment will be required

A rapid-fire machine gun or an accurate submachine gun, as well as useful equipment like a heartbeat sensor, a self-resuscitation kit, and a gas mask. In addition, mines and tactical grenades are very useful.

It is not so difficult to join any royal battle, but you can become a master and often enter the Top 1 only after getting comfortable. If you know any other useful tips for surviving the Warzone 2.0 meat grinder, share them in the comments!