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Chapter 10 at 100% in Crisis Core FF VII - Reunion

Complete Chapter 10 of Crisis Core FF VII - Reunion 100% with the help of our guide. Complete the remaining missions and put an end to Zack's adventure... for now.

The events of Chapter 9 inevitably lead to the last chapter of the Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII - Reunion story taking place in a place we already know. It seems that the small town of the bobozanas hides some kind of secret...

Go the only way possible. They will warn you that you cannot go back up, don't worry. Upstairs there's nothing you should or can do, and there's not even a save point to do quests. Keep going until you reach the Abyss of Judgment. Open the map.

As you will see, there are three exits (not counting where you came from): west, east, and south. Approach the south exit and read Loveless's table, but don't cross to the other side of the exit. Go to the east exit and cross over to the Howling Fang. It is an area of ​​cells, you can open them with the cranks to get chests. At the top, next to the closed gate, you will find another table of Loveless. Go back to the Abyss and next to the save point you will see another Loveless table that you need to read. Now go to the west exit and cross to the Goodbye Portal. You'll see Loveless's latest table as soon as you arrive.

Go back the way you came and go to the Lake of Oblivion, through the southern exit of the Abyss of Judgment. Notice the mako crystals hanging from the ceiling.

Chapter 10 at 100% in Crisis Core FF VII - Reunion

There will be five crystals scattered around the Lake, they are easy to see. If you have interacted with all the tables, you can get under them and press the action button to fight an enemy. Do it on all five points. When you do, a bridge of light will appear and you will get the Cage Opener Trophy. That bridge leads to another area of ​​the cells, with more chests and enemies that drop keys with which to continue exploring. You don't have to go all the way.

There are four chests in the Abyss of Judgment and there are three more in the Lake of Oblivion. Each one contains a matter that you need to later go to the end of the game.

Continue until the end of the game. A couple of bosses and an epic denouement await you, but if you've stuck with us to this point, you're going in God Mode. Destroy what you see (and don't be generous) to get the Trophies It's all thanks to you, Zack; Legendary Soldier, and My Legacy. Congratulations... now it remains to be seen if Zack's story will change in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.