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CoD Modern Warfare 2: Solve raid code in atomic degrees - Game Guides

 With Season 1 Reloaded, the new raid "Atomic Degree" comes into play. In the raid, you have to enter several codes to end it. In the following, we will explain how you enter the codes in "Atomic Degrees" and solve the puzzle.

CoD Modern Warfare 2: Solve raid code in atomic degrees - Game Guides

Solve terminal codes in raid

For the new raid or raid, you need three players and a raid assignment (key) to start the mission. We will explain how you get the access card to the raid in a separate guide. Just click on the attached link.

The principle of entering the code always remains the same. It can seem a bit complicated at first, but once you understand the principle behind it, it's very easy.

For the first time, you have to enter the codes relative to the start of the raid. After you have dealt with the first opponents, you will eventually find yourself in front of two terminals and two monitors. A terminal has a red display with a code on it. At the other terminal, you can enter a 3-digit number sequence. You can see a 3-digit code on each of the two monitors, which has letters or symbols above it.

What you have to do is relatively simple. Player A is in front of the red meter, player B is on one monitor, and player C is on the other monitor. Both "monitor players" need to have a look at their respective code.

The "terminal player" who sees the red code announces which symbols or letters he sees from left to right. For example, if the first letter is a W, both monitor players must see if they have a W and what number is underneath. You remember this number.

In our example, it would be the number 8. The terminal player then describes the other two symbols and the monitor players check whether they have the respective number. In our example, the other symbols are on the other monitor, so he has to say the digits for the characters. Add these digits to the 8 and you have the 3-digit code. The terminal player now enters the code.

Once you have entered the correct numeric code, a new code will be generated. So you have to do the whole process three times, i.e. enter three different codes.

The only difference, however, is that the same player cannot be a terminal player again. Each player has to enter the code once, so the roles are swapped.

At the end of the raid you have to repeat the whole thing. This time you are in the rooms that you have previously seen on the screens. However, you are spatially separated from each other and enemies attack the people in the rooms.

But the process remains the same. The terminal player describes the red symbols and as soon as someone sees the corresponding symbol or letter in their room, they report it to the terminal player. In our example, C = 8. So the first digit is 8. Since neither of the other two symbols can be seen on the red terminal, the second room player must have the remaining two digits. You put this together and enter it at the terminal.

Once you've done that, you'll have to switch roles, as everyone has to enter a code once. This time, however, the code has a timer, so you'll have to be quick. The code changes every 30 seconds. It doesn't matter if you don't find out right away, you have endless attempts, at least as long as you stay alive.

If you want it explained in a video, YouTuber MrRoflWaffles will show you how to solve the puzzle and the raid: