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Crisis Core FFVII - Reunion: Ending the War with Wutai Missions

 These are all the missions of Ending the War with Wutai in Crisis Core FFVII - Reunion, with the requirements to unlock each one, the objective, and the rewards you will get for completing them.

Crisis Core FFVII - Reunion: Ending the War with Wutai Missions

M4: End the War with Wutai or End the War with Wutai is the 4th set of missions in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII - Reunion. These are all the missions in this block, the requirements you must meet to unlock each one, the guide if necessary, and the rewards you will get for doing so:

M4-1: Chasing the Wutai Rebels

There are 6 missions in the block of Chasing the Wutai Rebels:

M4-1-1: Wutai units located

  • Difficulty: 1/10.
  • Objective: We have located an independent cell of the Wutai Army on the outskirts of the region. We want to avoid at all costs any incident on your part that adds fuel to the already incendiary political situation we are experiencing. Kill them before they act.
  • Loot: Elixir x1.

This quest will be available from the beginning of Chapter 2. The chest is in your way, and they're common Wutai enemies, nothing that's going to give you trouble.

M4-1-2: Anti-Soldier Monsters

  • Difficulty: 1/10.
  • Objective: An independent unit of Wutai has trained monsters for specific combat against Soldier agents. Defeat the anti-Soldier creatures and eliminate all the hostiles you find.
  • Loot: Bulletproof vest x1.
This mission will become available after completing the previous one. There is a chest, you will see it to the right of the objective. Your enemies are Vajradhara Wu and Vajradhara Tai, whom you meet from the end of Chapter 1 . Attack with everything you have when they go to charge their ability until you eliminate one of them. Separately they are relatively easy.

M4-1-3: Following the escaped rebels

  • Difficulty: 2/10.
  • Objective: Fort Tamblin has fallen, but many of its fighters have managed to escape. They refuse to lay down their arms in a desperate attempt to resist the inevitable. If we allow it, the situation could get out of hand. It will be necessary to act quickly and forcefully.
  • Loot: Libra materia.
This mission will become available after completing the previous one. We have three chests: two will be south of the first junction, and the third is along the west path of the junction. It is about eliminating soldiers from Wutai, nothing new.

M4-1-4: Wutai troops in the slums

  • Difficulty: 2/10.
  • Target: A Wutai infant is hiding in the slums of Midgar. Apparently, he has joined an anti-Shinra group, and together they plan an attack on the Shinra building. You must eliminate any threats before they have a chance to act.
  • Drop: Belt of Strength x1.
This mission will become available after completing the previous one. There is a chest in the quest, you will see it on your right as you progress. The enemy are Wutai officers, a bit stronger than normal but also nothing to worry about.

M4-1-5: Stop the intruders

  • Difficulty: 3/10.
  • Objective: Most of the Wutai rebels hiding in the slums have been wiped out, but a group has managed to break out of Shinra's encirclement and infiltrate our headquarters. Eliminate any Wutai warriors you find around the building before they cause any more trouble.
  • Loot: Silencing Shock x1.
This mission will become available after completing the previous one. There are three chests that you can find: one behind you right at the start, another in the room in the center of the south corridor that goes from west to east, and one more just after you cross the door that leads to the east sector. The target is a large group of Wutai officers. Get the Corporal out of the way because he can pick you off relatively easily.

M4-1-6: In Search of Wutai Soldiers

  • Difficulty: 4/10.
  • Target: Various sources report the existence of Wutai rebel troops at Fort Condor. Although said information could not be confirmed, there are no reasons to doubt its veracity. Head to Fort Condor and investigate.
  • Loot: Toxis Blade x1.
This mission will become available after completing the previous one. There are two chests in it, one to the left in the first large area and one in the southeast corner of the objective area. A Vajradhara Cala awaits you, a higher-level version of the Wu and Tai. Keep in mind that he can use Double Tomahawk solo, so you better save your Limits for when you see him. Use Barrier to prevent the special from blowing you up.

M4-2: Shadow Maneuvers

There are 6 missions in the Shadow Maneuvers block:

M4-2-1: Enemies in the Corel mines
  • Difficulty: 4/10.
  • Objectives: A group of survivors from Wutai, unrelated to the one we've been chasing, are regrouping in the Corel mines. Go there immediately and stop their activities.
  • Loot: Bracer of Lightning x1.
This quest will become available after completing M4-1: Chasing the Wutai Rebels. There are two chests, both in your path. The target is a Vajradhara Cala. This time around, since you should have already unlocked the Sacrifice materia (if you're following our guide), you'll be able to avoid the Tomahawk Boomerang when it charges up.

M4-2-2: Rebels in the slums

  • Difficulty: 5/10.
  • Objective: Wutai rebels are hiding again in the slums. They have joined forces with other anti-Shinra groups and, what's worse, they now have better anti-Soldier weapons in their arsenal. Don't let them go one step further.
  • Loot: Gold Bracer x1.
This mission is activated by completing the previous one. This time there are two chests. The first will be near the eastern exit of the map, while the second is attached to the central tower, in the southwest quadrant (northwest of the objective). The opponent to beat is another Vajradhara Cala, accompanied by a Wutai Sergeant Major. The soldier is more dangerous than he seems because he can knock you out to get you within range of the Vajradhara, so finish him off as soon as possible.

M4-2-3: Enemies in Shinra's building

  • Difficulty: 5/10.
  • Target: Wutai rebels in the slums were a decoy. An independent unit has taken the opportunity to infiltrate the basement of Shinra's building. Head there immediately and kill her.
  • Drop: Fire Bracer x1.
This mission is activated by completing the previous one. You will find three chests during the task: the first one on your left as soon as you cross the first room, before turning east; the second is next to the east exit of the area of ​​corridors that make a square (as soon as you enter the area of ​​the corridor square, look east where you came from, the chest is next to the door frame) and the third, on the way to the boss. You will come across a Vajradhara Rakssasha, a new type of Vajradhara with a mace. It is stronger than previous versions but behaves the same.

M4-2-4: Offensive against Wutai

  • Difficulty: 5/10.
  • Objective: Now that the last of Wutai's rebels have been eliminated from Midgar, Shinra troops are preparing to advance on Wutai and wipe out any remaining anti-Shinra forces. Head to Wutai and attack their anti-Shinra base.
  • Loot: PH plus++.
This mission is activated by completing the previous one. There are three chests – you'll find two, together, around the curve in the most north-eastern area you can get to. The third one will be in the westernmost area, on the path that goes south (the first starting from the left of the three parallel paths to the south). The target will be a Vajradhara Indra, another new variant, but the same as the other.

M4-2-5: Stubborn Survivors of Wutai

  • Difficulty: 6/10.
  • Objective: Although Shinra's troops have destroyed one after another of Wutai's bases, there is still one that resists our attacks. The Shinra troops have requested Soldier's help to end the problem.
  • Loot: Hermes sandals x1.
This mission is activated by completing the previous one and in it you will find two chests. The first one will be on your path and the second one will be on the turnoff to the south right at the last junction before the boss. The target is a Vajradhara Indra and a bajang, a bug that can cast Pyro++. If you run fire protection (or absorb) it might even be useful, the problem is that it also has Drain Strike and that's a problem. Quick finish the wizard and put on Barrier to reduce the damage of the Indra.

M4-2-6: The Five Saints of Wutai

  • Difficulty: 6/10.
  • Target: The Wutai rebel forces take their orders from individuals nicknamed the Wutai Five Saints. If we manage to defeat them, the problems with said forces will come to an end. Infiltrate their base and eliminate the Five Saints of Wutai.
  • Loot: Secret Bazaar - Wutai (a new shop is going to be available).
This mission is activated by completing the previous one. There are two chests, the first will be in the first corner and the second, in front of the first objective, in the northwest area of ​​the large square room. You must defeat five Wutai officers. It's all about sheer brute force, you can use Sacrifice to finish fast. Be careful with his ranged attacks, they are more accurate than they seem.


M4-4: The Rebels Strike Again

There are 6 missions in the Rebels Strike Again block:

M4-4-1: A new threat

  • Difficulty: 6/10.
  • Objective: Despite the elimination of the Five Saints, Wutai's anti-Shinra forces remain operational. The Selenia Squad has taken the place of the Saints and intends to gather all the surviving troops. Immediately lay waste to the Selenia Squad base.
  • Loot: Heroic Salt x2.
This mission is activated by completing M4-2: Shadow Maneuvers.

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