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Crisis Core FFVII - Reunion: Genesis Army, all missions

 These are all the Genesis Army missions in Crisis Core FFVII - Reunion, with the requirements to unlock each one, the objective, and the rewards you will get for completing them.

Crisis Core FFVII - Reunion: Genesis Army, all missions

M3: Army of Genesis or Army of Genesis is the 3rd mission group of Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII - Reunion. These are all the missions in this block, the requirements you must meet to unlock each one, the guide if necessary, and the rewards you will get for doing so:

M3-1: Troop advance

There are 6 missions in the Troop Advance block:

M3-1-1: Enemies on the coast

  • Difficulty: 1/10.
  • Objectives: The lookout stationed on the beaches has spotted the Genesis troops, indicating that they may have an outpost near the coast. Head there and kill the enemy.
  • Loot: Bronze ring x1.

This mission will be available from Chapter 3. There are two chests in this mission: the first one will be north of the starting position, while the second one you will see when you turn around, just a few steps south of where you started. The target is a G Killer and two bloodhounds that shouldn't give you any trouble.

M3-1-2: Huge Machines

  • Difficulty: 2/10.
  • Objectives: We have received reports that the Genesis troops are hiding very powerful weapons in the caves. Destroy them and stop the advance of their forces.
  • Loot: Iron Ring x1.
This mission will become available after completing the previous one. There is a chest directly in your path. The target is a guardian spider, vulnerable to Electro. Remember to take cover if you see that he is going to fire the cannons.

M3-1-3: Eliminate the copies

  • Difficulty: 2/10.
  • Objective: Our scouts have located Genesis troops during a mission in the desert. Finish off the detachment and prevent the enemy from advancing.
  • Loot: PH plus.
This mission is activated upon reaching Chapter 4. You will find a single chest in it, it will be on your way to the objective, a G Eliminator accompanied by G avengers. Be careful because it is stronger than the one from the previous chapter.

M3-1-4: Battle Against Lethal Machines

  • Difficulty: 2/10.
  • Objective: We have located a cache of supplies from the Genesis troops! If we kill him, we will deal a heavy blow to his activities. Destroy the three types of deadly machines in their main arsenal to wipe out their base.
  • Loot: ENT plus.
This mission is activated by completing the previous one and there are two chests, both are in your path. Your target is a saw machine, a speargun, and a gunship, but separately. Electro just in case and mission accomplished.

M3-1-5: Death Machine Annihilation

  • Difficulty: 3/10.
  • Objective: The Genesis troops are reorganizing. There doesn't seem to be any change to his arsenal, but his core, the lethal machines, pose a huge threat on their own. Launch an offensive before they mobilize.
  • Drop: Mythril Gloves x1.
This mission is activated by completing the previous one. You will find a chest in the southeast corner of the objective area, a trio of deadly machines (saws, speargun, and gunship). They are not new enemies, but they do have a little more level. Remember to take out the artillery first so you don't worry about the Missile attack.