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Crisis Core FFVII Reunion - Mysteries of the world, all missions

 These are all the Mysteries of the World missions in Crisis Core FFVII - Reunion, with the requirements to unlock each one, the objective, and the rewards you will get for completing them.

Crisis Core FFVII Reunion - Mysteries of the world, all missions

M10: Mysteries of the World or Mysteries of the World is the 10th mission group of Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII - Reunion. These are all the missions in this block, the requirements you must meet to unlock each one, the guide if necessary, and the rewards you will get for doing so:


M10-2: After the tomberi

There are 3 quests in the Tras el tomberi block:

M10-2-1: Find the tomberi!

  • Difficulty: 2/10.
  • Objective: The President's personal cook has requested that we retrieve his valuable Legendary Cleaver. Our investigations have revealed that a tomberi from the coal mines has it in its possession. He defeats the tomberi and brings that blade
  • Loot: Silver Bracer x1.

This quest is unlocked by defeating the tomberi from M6-1-5: Items in the Caves. You will find a chest in the mission, it will be west of the intersection just before the bridge. Don't let the tomberi get close, cast spells or Limits, and you won't have any problems.

M10-2-2: Tomberis everywhere

  • Difficulty: 3/10.
  • Objective: the blade that the previous tomberi had was not the one that the cook was looking for. But we've received a new tip that another tomberi has the valuable legendary blade. Don't waste time and defeat that tomberi.
  • Drop: Gysahl Vegetable x1.

This mission is activated by completing the previous one. Again there is only one cafe, which you will find on your way since there are no detours. In the end, you will face four tomberis. You should avoid attacking when they use Grievance because this would cause an immediate counterattack (if the tomberi using it has taken damage, they will still attack you). Run in circles and use Limits to play it safe.

M10-2-3: Tomberi Master

  • Difficulty: 3/10.
  • Objective: despite the large number of tomberis that you encountered in the last mission, none of them had the legendary chef's blade. But now we have more reliable information. The tomberi master who lives in the caves is the one who has it. Don't let it get away.
  • Loot: Tomberi's Blade x1 (allows you to summon Tomberi ).

This mission is unlocked by completing the previous one. This time there are four chests: you will find the first two if you go to the eastern area from the northernmost crossing; the third on the detour to the southwest and the fourth on the way to the objective. You will see them with Master tomberi. The most remarkable thing is that when using Blade it teleports to your back, otherwise it is a normal tomberi with a little star on its head.