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Crisis Core FVII - Reunon: Ending Explained

Crisis Core FFVII Reunion has a bit of a weird ending if you don't know the global facts of the Compilation. Here we will explain some confusing details about the ending.

Does Zack really die?

Zack isn't just dead, he's more than dead, dead, and finished off. At least in this timeline, of course. Keep in mind that Reunion is not integrated into the new chronology, it is nothing more than a visual tuning (and in some new mechanics) of the PSP original.

Crisis Core FVII - Reunon: Ending Explained

Due above all to the ending of Final Fantasy VII Remake, it is possible that many, especially those who did not play the original FFVII, have doubts about whether Zack has survived or not, since in this new ending we see how Zack comes out of the attack alive and arrives to Midgar.

We know the character will appear in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, the second part of the compilation's remake plan... but we're not on the same timeline anymore.

Who are the characters that pick up Genesis?

When the game ends, we can see how the degradation of Genesis has stopped, and the Soldier has returned to his original state. Stranded on Banora, a Shinra helicopter descends and we see two Private 1st Class with their backs turned, approaching it.

We only see them from behind and partially, never from the front and their names are not mentioned, but they are Weiss the Immaculate and Nero the Jet. They are the de facto leaders of Deepground, a special unit within Shinra, and the architect of the events of Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII.

Yes, these are the same characters you face in InterMISSION, the DLC for Final Fantasy VII Remake, but keep in mind that they are from a different timeline.

What happens to Genesis after the end?

If Deepground took Genesis, was Genesis still alive? The answer is yes, he is alive. What's more, he's alive throughout the Compilation, from before FFVII to after Dirge of Cerberus, which is technically the last one chronologically speaking (at least in the original timeline).

At that time, the character played by the singer Gackt was totally unknown, since Crisis Core was released after Dirge of Cerberus. We now know that indeed, Genesis survived and refused to join Deepground. Genetic material from him was used to create the Tsviets, but Genesis was isolated and sealed under Midgar.

At the end of DoC, Genesis breaks free and goes out to "protect the planet". Since the Compilation ends there, we don't know if Genesis truly seeks to protect it, or simply destroy it. Genesis exists in Final Fantasy VII Remake, or at least Project G does, according to Hojo's statements. Since we know that Deepground exists, it would not be surprising if Genesis appears in the future.

What does the To Be Continued in Final Fantasy VII Ending mean?

What does the To Be Continued in Final Fantasy VII Ending mean?

Nothing, it's part of the original game, there's no "secret message" behind it or anything like that. It was a way of saying that the game would continue the original PlayStation title. When this game was released, the Remake was not even planned.