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Dark and Darker Tier list class, what are the best characters?

 In Dark and Darker, you will be able to try many classes, and to find out which is the best, we offer you a tier list.

Dark and Darker Tier list class, what are the best characters?

Dark and Darker is an RPG which is currently available in early access and allows players to enjoy different classes which can be customized.

Since it is possible to try out classes, some players wonder which are the best and we are therefore going to offer you a third list of the best characters.

Tier list of the best classes in Dark and Darker

If you're looking to find out which are the best classes in Dark and Darker, well, the RankedBoost site has offered a tier list with each of the characters. Here is the ranking. It should be noted that the letter indicated next to the perks, skills, and spells is linked to their tier of interest.

SWizardS - Quick Chant
S -  Sage
A - Arcane Feedback
A - Arcane Mastery
A -  Melt
A - Reactive Shield
B - Fire Mastery
B - Mana Surge
C - Ice Shield
S - Meditation
S - Spell Memory 2
A - Intense Focus
A - Spell Memory
S - Chain Lightning
S - Invisibility
S - Magic Missile

A - Fireball
A - Haste
A - Zap
B - Slow
C - Ignite
C - Lightning Strike

E - Ice Blot
E - Light Orb
SRogueS - Ambush
A - Backstab
A - Poisoned Weapon
A - Stealth
B - Dagger Expert
C - Creep
C - Pickpocket
E - Hidden Pockets
E - Trap Detection
S - Hide
S - Weakpoint Attack
A - Rupture
A - Smoke Bomb
ARangerS - Nimble Hands
A - Kinesthesia
A - Spear Proficiency

B - Ranged Weapons Expert
B - Sharpshooter
C - Crossbow Mastery
C - Enhanced Hearing
C - Tracking
E - Trap Expert
S - Quick Fire
S - Quick Shot
S - True Shot
A - Field Ration
A - Multishot
AClericA - Advanced Healer
A - Kindness
B - Blunt Weapon Mastery
B - Perseverance
C - Brewmaster
C - Requiem
C - Undead Slaying
E - Protection from Evil
A - Judgement
A - Smite
B - Holy Purification
? - Spell Memory
? - Spell Memory 2
S - Holy Light
S - Lesser Heal
A - Bless
A - Divine Strike
A - Protection
B - Bind
C - Resurrection
E - Cleanse
BFighterS - Dual Wield
A - Combo Attack
A - Projectile Resistance
B - Counterattack B - Defense Expert
B - Swift
B - Weapon Mastery
C - Barricade
- Shield Expert
S - Adrenaline Rush
S - Second Wind
A - Sprint
A - Taunt
A - Victory Strike
B - Breakthrough
BBarbarianS - Axe Specialization
A - Carnage
A - Iron Will
A - Savage
B - Berserker
B - Morale Boost
B - Toughness
B - Two-Handed Weapon Expert
C - Smash
S - Reckless Attack
A- Rage
A - War Cry
B - Savage Roar

Of course, this tier list is for information only and it is possible that you prefer one class to another.