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Games like The Sims: 12 alternatives worth checking out


Games like The Sims: 12 alternatives worth checking out

In the life simulation genre, The Sims 4 is the undisputed number one. But there are some alternatives on the market that offer similar fun. And big competition is on the way as well. We've picked 12 games for you to play when you need a change of scenery from The Sims.

The Sims 4, Animal Crossing and Co.: Life simulations arrive

The selection of life simulations is huge and the absolute number one is still The Sims 4. But other games like Animal Crossing are real favorites in this area.

The quiet gameplay and the possibilities to shape and express yourself creatively make this genre so fascinating. But how does it look apart from the ever-same perennial favorites? Are there promising alternatives?

Yes, there are! We have picked out 12 life simulations that you can play alongside The Sims 4 for a change:

Almost Like The Sims: 12 Life Sims You Might Like

If you browse through the market of the genre, it quickly becomes clear: The Sims is the undisputed number one. Still, there is real competition creeping up on it. In addition, there are many games that, in their essence and with their relaxation factor, can also offer what the hit from EA demonstrates.

Therefore, here you will find 12 life simulations that you should definitely check out. Have fun!

Animal Crossing

Let's start with a very obvious alternative: Animal Crossing. New Horizons took the world by storm in early 2020, and even today, hordes of Switch players still maintain their elaborately decorated islands and homes.

If you also want to sell beets at Nook, you can take a look at Animal Crossing: New Horizons at Saturn.

Stardew Valley

When it comes to cosiness and the feel-good factor, Stardew Valley can definitely hold a candle to The Sims. The Steam hit is now also available on the Nintendo Switch and makes your farming life dreams come true.

Nobody - The Turnaround

The Sims 4 is just too happy and colorful for you? Then Nobody - The Turnaround could be something for you. The life simulation relies on survival elements and realism. Because here you are presented with a gloomy parallel world in which you, as a nobody, have to master the daily challenges of everyday life.


If you're a fan of pixel graphics, you should take a look at Sun Haven. A whole lot more fantasy awaits you in it than is the case in Stardew Valley, for example, but the aspects of a life simulation are also given here.


With this Sims alternative, EA has to dress very warmly. For several years, the community has been eagerly awaiting this life simulation from Alex Massé's small development studio.

In it, players should have even more freedom than in the big role model and features that have been desired by The Sims 4 for ages are on board right from the start. Unfortunately, there is no release date for Paralives yet, but you should definitely keep it on your toes. 

YouTubers Life 2

What is the career of a YouTuber like? This is revealed by YouTubers Life 2. In this life simulation, you can relive the path of a video producer in a colorful and chaotic way.

No Place Like Home

Stardew Valley meets cute 3D graphics. In No Place Like Home, you slip into the role of Disney hero Wall-E as Ellen Newland, because it's your job to clean up the world. Everyone else fled to Mars.

Explore the world, clean up the environment, and craft new items from recycled resources. Of course, you can also set up and design your own home.


The Sims in a cyberpunk world? But hello! While Nivalis hasn't been released yet, it promises to be an absolute sci-fi dream. In Nivalis you have a lot of freedom: set up a business, manage restaurants, find the love of your life or comfortably decorate your apartment.

Of course, everything in Nivalis is bathed in neon lights and the atmosphere promises to be darker and more mature than in The Sims 4.

The Tenants

Do you think The Sims build mode is the best anyway? Then you should definitely check out The Tenants. In it you become a real estate owner.

Expand your apartments according to your wishes and decorate them impressively. You can then choose the right tenants for your property.

Cat Cafe Manager

If you like it a little more cuddly and animal, you could be happy with the Cat Café Manager. In it you run a café whose main attraction are cute cats. Of course, you have to bring the building up to scratch and decorate it. 

Bit Orchard: Animal Valley

Now comes something for retro bunnies! With Bit Orchard: Animal Valley, a life simulation is being shipped to the Game Boy - at least in terms of looks. But the mechanics also count simple rules! So perfect for enjoying it on the couch in the Switch's handheld mode.

In the game, you have to manage your apple orchard and sell a lot of apples to grow your business and your estates.

Bonus: chill corner

As a little icing on the cake, we want to introduce you to the really simple Chill Corner. This might be of interest to anyone who is particularly into the building and design aspect of The Sims. Because the free Steam game lets you set up a small room with a cute pet while listening to gentle Lofi sounds. Perfect for running on a second screen on the side.