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God of War Ragnarok: New Game + mode finally dated!

 God of War Ragnarok is one of the best games of 2022, but one feature was missing. But, for Christmas, we had the right to a date!

As we told you, God of War Ragnarok is one of the biggest releases of 2022. Moreover, at the Game Awards, we had the right to a fierce duel between him and the other big release of the year Elden Ring. However, the game has some flaws. 

One of those is the lack of a New Game+ mode. But rest assured, this mode is in Santa Monica's plans. Indeed, the latter have just announced a date for the arrival of this novelty! We invite you to discover it in this article. 

When is God of War Ragnarok's New Game + mode coming? 

If you're not really familiar with the New Game + mode in general, let's start by seeing what it has in store for us. It is simply the possibility of being able to restart a game from the beginning once you have finished it. 

But what can this New Game + mode be used for? Indeed, one may wonder what is the point of restarting a game like that. Well, there are several reasons why you might want to start your game from scratch with this mode. 

God of War Ragnarok: New Game + mode finally dated!

The first is that you certainly start over, but you generally keep the abilities and items you obtained in your first game. For example, you can do some side quests that you would have missed. 

But also, when you go to launch a game in New Game + mode, you can also increase the difficulty. The idea is that now that you've mastered the mechanics well and your character has unlocked new abilities, you want to take on a challenge that's a bit more advanced. 

So what exactly will this God of War Ragnarok New Game + mode contain? Well, hard to answer you since we didn't have any details on that. 

On the other hand, what Santa Monica revealed to us for Christmas is the release date of this game mode! This will land in the spring of 2023 . If you have already finished this new opus of God of War, you will therefore have to be a little patient before you can start New Game +.