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Guerrilla Games confirm work on online co-op game Horizon


Guerrilla Games confirm work on online co-op game Horizon

As content creator JorRaptor noted, the studio has currently posted 17 jobs for the new "online project", with some of the job descriptions confirming it's a Horizon game.

"Guerrilla is looking for a Lead World Designer to bring the expanding Horizon universe to a multiplayer audience," the announcement for the position of Lead World Designer reads.

Another announcement reads: "Guerrilla is looking for an experienced and passionate Senior Combat Designer to help create a variety of machine enemies that are spectacular, challenging, and memorable for team-up battles."

According to rumors. Guerrilla has long planned to expand Horizon into a multiplayer game. Sources from VGC previously said that a co-op mode was originally planned for the first Horizon game, but was eventually canceled so that the development team could focus on other aspects of the game.

According to them, Sony also wanted to include a co-op mode in the game Horizon Forbidden West, which will be released this year, but Guerrilla decided to save this feature for a future project, which, in their opinion, will be either a standalone online spin-off or Horizon 3.

Horizon Call of the Mountain will release on PlayStation VR2 in February 2023, while Horizon Forbidden West's first expansion, Burning Shores, will release in April.

After some time, the studio got in touch on social networks and announced an "online project in the Horizon universe."

In a social media post, she stated that the game will feature "a new cast of characters and a unique stylized art".

Friends will be able to explore the majestic wild lands of Horizon together.

The studio has clarified that it will continue to create "epic single-player adventures" with series protagonist Aloy.