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Guide The Callisto Protocol - how to get the best weapons at the beginning of the game

 We tell you where to find a powerful one-handed shotgun in one of the first story chapters

Guide The Callisto Protocol - how to get the best weapons at the beginning of the game

The protagonist of The Callisto Protocol, Jacob is forced to face the multitude of mutants that inhabit the prison corridors and Black Iron cells alone. Throughout the game, you'll be using proven weapons like the shock baton, the GRP feature, and the simple pistol, but there's actually a great opportunity to get your hands on even more weapon types as soon as possible. For example, a one-handed shotgun is called the Skunk Gun.

Most of the weapons you usually get as you progress through the main storyline at certain points, but some, including the Skunk Gun, can even be skipped. The scheme for making a one-handed shotgun lies in one of the prison rooms, which you may not get into at all if you do not know exactly where to go. And this will be a real fail since the weapons are really damn useful. This short guide will show you where to find the shotgun in The Callisto Protocol to make the early stages of the game much easier.

You can find the shotgun schematic in the Consequences chapter. At one of the stages of the game, where you need to find a way out of the basement, you will move through the basements of block D3.

The first door you come across in the D3 basements needs a fuse, so you won't be able to open it on the fly. Make your way to the end of basement area D4 until you find yourself in an open, well-lit area with an enemy group. Destroy everyone and pick up the fuse from the floor. It lies next to the body.

To continue the main plot, you can use the fuse on the door, which is located on the opposite side of this room. But if you want the shotgun schematic, go back to the vault door in the D3 basements you saw at the beginning and use the fuse. Don't worry, there are no enemies inside.

Climb into the vent, crawl into the next room and pick up the weapon schematic. After that, you can return back to the main path. The next time you see a workbench, craft your new weapon.

Keep in mind that you will get another shotgun later in the game, but for some reason, it is not as effective as this weapon. In addition, having a one-handed shotgun in Jacob's arsenal from the very beginning of the game will give you a significant advantage in the fight against monsters.