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Guide to all the heroes of Marvel's Midnight Suns

 We talk about the specialization of all the heroes, and the correct formation of the squad; Which characters are best suited to each other?

Guide to all the heroes of Marvel's Midnight Suns

Marvel's Midnight Suns feature an all-star line-up of heroes representing the Avengers, X-Men, Runaways, and other franchise comics. There are a lot of legends, so you can easily get confused and find yourself in front of a difficult choice of which characters to take with you to battle against the mother of demons Lilith, and her supernatural army. Some characters, if you are not interested in the whole franchise, may be completely unfamiliar. In our guide, we will tell you more about each character that is available in the game.


  • Specialty: Universal

The Hunter is the only hero in Marvel's Midnight Suns who can fill any role in a party. The main character deck can be customized in many ways, focusing on dealing damage to single targets or enemy units, control, support, and so on. You can even combine these roles, although you will achieve the greatest efficiency only if you choose one specific one. Hunter's abilities are divided into three branches: Light, Darkness and Strength. Light's abilities are focused more on support, healing, or generating heroism. Shadow abilities are associated with dealing massive damage at the expense of health and cards. Meanwhile, Strength abilities provide the most balanced approach, balancing the importance of attack and defense.

The Hunter also has two passive abilities. The first allows you to access the ability when activating cards in a certain branch (Light or Darkness), while the skills are more effective, the more cards of this branch you use. The second skill opens up access to a passive ability, allowing you to unlock new combat suits during the passage. Please note that you can choose a passive skill regardless of which costume the character is wearing.

Since the Hunter can be adapted for each role, he will be effective in any squad. Collect your favorite deck and surround the main character with characters that level his weaknesses.

Doctor Strange

  • Specialty: Support
Doctor Strange is a support hero whose abilities focus on heroism, which can be obtained by playing attack and skill cards. As heroism accumulates, his abilities will improve: cards are upgraded to a more powerful version, additional effects appear, or damage increases. Because these "enhanced" abilities require a lot of heroism, you'll need a hero to produce it. How wonderful that Doctor Strange does it himself. His passive Greater Good has a certain chance to generate Heroism at the start of each turn, and Strange's cards are great for developing this direction.

While his abilities focus on heroism, that's far from the only thing Doctor Strange is capable of. He can increase the number of cards you play, draw additional cards, and trigger various buffs such as stealth. Doctor Strange will suit any team, but the most effectiveness can be found in units that require a lot of heroism.


  • Specialty: Damage
Blade's priority in any battle is to use all methods to cause enemies to bleed and drain vitality over time. Since Blade is a dhampir (half-human, half-vampire), his abilities focus on bleeding, which causes enemies to gradually lose health. Bleeding works in tandem with another hero ability. Obviously, it's about vampirism. Blade not only constantly deals damage to opponents but also heals himself due to this, draining their vitality.

Being a damage dealer, Blade doesn't have a lot of support and control abilities. If you decide to send Blade on a mission, be sure to take a support character with you, who can increase his damage and hide the weaknesses of the dhampir.

Captain Marvel

  • Specialty: Damage/Tank
Captain Marvel specializes in dealing with damage, which is due to her unique ability. After using the Go Binary card, Captain Marvel's damage is doubled. She loses her binary state as soon as the block goes down to zero, but she has many other skills that reduce incoming damage and extend the duration of the binary state in parallel. Captain Marvel also acts like a tank, since, as mentioned above, he generates block points. Finally, it has the ability to taunt enemies, causing all damage to itself.

Captain Marvel is capable of dealing a lot of damage, but she needs the right team to reach her full potential. Surround her with supports that increase block size and heroism to prolong her binary state.

Iron Man

  • Specialty: Auxiliary
Iron Man's cards are unique in that he can use shuffles. One of the effects allows you to strengthen cards. The downside to this is that such cards are used primarily by Iron Man himself, which can result in cards in hand that cannot be played. Another passive ability of Iron Man will allow you to create such cards for your own use. This will make it easier to manage the cards in your hand and allow you to change one card for another that has a better effect.

Iron Man suits most squads, but his best allies are those who allow more shuffles. I've found that it's not some heroes that suit him best, but any combat item that generates shuffling.

Niko Minoru

  • Specialty: Support/Damage
Most of Nico Minoru's abilities use a tape measure, which adds a bit of randomness to her style. The effects of roulette cards are unknown until they are drawn, but this uncertainty is balanced by the power of all her abilities. Niko is great at weakening enemies, generating heroism, and drawing new cards. It also has some of the best damage output, but these cards are often used on random targets. But you can cheat. Reduce the randomness factor by using her abilities after you've reduced the number of potential targets.

Niko is an amazing support character for hero-based teams. Her ability to reduce heroism costs to zero works great with heroes like Captain Marvel and Ghost Rider.

Ghost rider

  • Specialty: Damage
The goal of the Ghost Rider is to destroy a large number of opponents as quickly as possible. With each kill, the soul meter fills up, and when it is full, it will increase the rider's maximum health. In return, many of the abilities cost health or cards, so the extra health is a great bonus. When the soul counter is reset, you will automatically gain Soul Drain, which becomes stronger the more you use it.

With each use of Drain Souls, the cost of heroism increases by one, so pair Ghost Rider with a support character that is great at building heroism (and healing).


  • Specialty: Control
Magik is the best control hero in Marvel's Midnight Suns. Her teleportation ability allows her to move enemies anywhere on the battlefield in order to launch the next, perfect attack with the efforts of other heroes. Since you only have one teleport per turn, placing enemies in such a way that the heroes don't have to approach them is an extremely effective tactic. You will save valuable action points and use them completely for the attack.

Magik fits well with any team, but works best with an AoE hero that can deal AoE damage. Gather your enemies in one place and then unleash an AOE attack to quickly eliminate all opponents.


  • Specialty: Spread Damage
The web-throwing superhero Spider-Man will join the team in the first act after the Spidermaaaans story mission. His playstyle focuses on defeating enemies without the use of cards or heroism. Many of the spider's abilities are characterized by high speed, which levels the game without cards. His passive ability will refund the cost of heroism when attacking environmental objects.

Spider-Man is great at taking down minions or enemies with low health but has a hard time countering high HP targets. If you have Spider-Man on your team, don't forget to bring a hero with you that can deal high damage to single targets.

Captain America

  • Specialty: Tank/Damage
Captain America will offer his services after the "Assembly Required" story mission in the first act. Cap is one of the best tanks in Marvel's Midnight Suns as he can generate a lot of blocks and draw the attention of enemies with his taunt. He can also convert the block to damage, which opens up some of the best damage-dealing abilities.

Captain America's best synergy has to do with heroes that can give him, even more, block like Iron Man or Doctor Strange. Or heroes who are also focused on dealing high damage and have a good defense.


  • Specialty: Tank/Spread Damage
Wolverine appears in the squad after the story mission "The Changing Face of Evil" in the second act. Wolverine is a self-sufficient tank, capable of taunting multiple enemies and healing himself with vampirism. It spreads damage well across multiple targets but can deal massive damage to single enemies thanks to its full combo effect. Chain attacks can be directed at several targets or applied to a single one several times in a row. Thus, you get an additional effect when attacking a single target.

Wolverine's passive skill, Healing Factor, restores a portion of his health whenever cards are shuffled, so be sure to grab Battle Items that provide that extra rotation. Also works well with allies that buff attacks (great for his attack chains).

Scarlet Witch

  • Specialty: Area Damage
The Scarlet Witch arrives at the Abbey after the "Skin Deep" story mission in the second act. Scarlet Witch is a long-range AOE damage dealer that is good in the middle of a fight. Many of her abilities literally make the Witch a central part of any team, so she needs to be positioned between enemies for the best effect. Her Wrong Place, Wrong Time passive also requires you to get close to your targets to inflict negative status effects on all nearby enemies.

Scarlet Witch's favorite companions are those who can generate extra moves, which increases the effectiveness of her abilities. She will also need a hero with high single-target damage, because she, like Spider-Man, is not as effective against enemies with a lot of health.