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How to Dual Wield in Elden Ring

 Hotkeys on the keyboard that allow you to dual-wield weapons, as well as a list of the best blades and other killing weapons to use in two hands

In previous From Software games, only one button was used to take weapons in two hands (Y or "triangle" on the gamepad), but in Elden Ring things are a little different:

  • Console players need to hold down the Y or triangle button and then click on R1/RB (depending on the specific console/pad). In this case, the character will take the current weapon with both hands, but the right hand will be the leading one (the weapon will be at the right shoulder). If instead, in the second stage, press L1 / LB, then the weapon will be in two hands, but already at the left shoulder.
  • As for the PC boyars, they need to hold down the E key and right-click. In this case, the weapon will be in two hands on the right side. If you click LMB instead of RMB, then the weapon will be in two hands, but on the left side.
How to Dual Wield in Elden Ring

Why take up arms in two hands?

Dual-wielding a weapon provides some advantages (while also imposing a number of restrictions). First, dual-wielding weapons do a lot more damage. This applies to just about every melee weapon variant, from katanas to two-handed swords to straight blades, all of which deal increased damage when dual-wielded.

You also need to pay attention to such a thing as a power rack. It is used by those players who pay less attention to defense and are more focused on attacking actions. This option is especially effective against a large number of annoying weak mobs since a powerful two-handed weapon wielded with two hands will almost certainly kill such an enemy in one hit.

The power stance can also be used in boss fights, especially when it comes to slow mobs with a lot of health. For example, the Incarnations of the Tree of Erd. The player can easily dodge the boss's slow attacks, and then deliver faster (compared to the enemy's attacks) dual-wielding attacks, resulting in devastating damage.

On the other hand, if you're in the defensive/shield class, adjusting to dual-wielding is quite difficult. As practice has shown, it is better to learn the correct dodges than to rely on the use of shields in the long run. The ability to avoid any damage with minimal stamina cost is nothing compared to shields, which don't always absorb damage.

Dual wielding unlocks more offensive styles. For example, a greatsword used in one hand in a power stance allows for sweeping attacks, which can lead to a devastating effect when confronting large enemy groups.

Thus, such an attacking style allows you to extract much more benefits and significantly strengthen not only certain types of weapons but also classes. For example, large two-handed swords and katana are best used in two hands, because in this case, the weapon becomes more versatile, with maximum damage and speed.

The best two-handed weapon in Elden Ring

big sword

The greatsword is an iconic weapon that appears in every Soulslike game. And Elden Ring is no exception. An exceptionally powerful weapon, this sword is a formidable, destructive force in itself, even when wielded in one hand. But if you take it in two hands at the same time, this weapon will become even more effective. It will deal more damage, and it looks a lot better aesthetically than when held in one hand.

Katana "Moon Veil"

Initially, this katana was so powerful that the developers had to nerf it several times. In two-handed mode, Moon Veil does more damage and feels like a faster weapon. Moon Veil's power comes from its powerful Special Attacks, in which players must sheathe their weapons before unleashing devastating energy waves. Such attacks can only be carried out if the katana is taken simultaneously in two hands.

Katana "Rivers of Blood"

Another extremely powerful katana. Rivers of Blood, as the name implies, focuses on bleeding. Perhaps now we are talking about weapons with the coolest special attacks in all of Elden Ring. In two-handed mode, this katana becomes faster, offers more movement, builds up a bleed meter faster, and allows you to perform special attacks.

A two-hander with a hybrid blade

Being a two-handed sword, the hybrid blade is another huge sword in Elden Ring that is best used in two hands. In this mode, these power-oriented weapons deal more damage, have increased speed, and have a greater range.

Dual Hand Weapon Tips

It is not necessary to play Elden Ring while dual-wielding, although some weapons become much more effective in this mode. Ultimately, it all depends on the player himself. A two-handed sword in one hand along with a massive shield is still a great way to get through the game (if you like this style, and if you have long been accustomed to it). Therefore, it is best to focus on your own preferences.

Not always a weapon in two hands is better than the same but in one hand. While dual-wielding will increase damage and attack speed in most cases, there are many varieties of weapons designed to be wielded in one hand. Straight swords and daggers can be devastating even when used with one hand.

When choosing this playstyle, don't forget that not being able to use a shield means that the only way to avoid any damage is to dodge incoming attacks in time. You can block some of the damage with dual-wielding weapons, but some of the damage will still be taken.