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How to Fight in The Callisto Protocol - A Guide to Hand-to-Hand Combat, Firearms, and the Power Glove


How to Fight in The Callisto Protocol - A Guide to Hand-to-Hand Combat, Firearms, and the Power Glove

Combat in The Callisto Protocol is brutal and fast. They can be a real challenge for new players trying to master melee, gauntlet abilities, and firearms. There are a lot of details to keep in mind: keep an eye on the ammo, health, and charge of the power glove, as failing to keep track of any of these elements can lead to the death of Jacob. In this guide, we will explain how combat works and give you some useful tips to help you survive in the dangerous world of the game.

The Callisto Protocol is an action game with survival elements. The main character, Jacob, is stuck in a prison filled with dangerous creatures. He is not completely helpless and has different abilities to protect himself. He has several types of weapons and important items of equipment at his disposal. During the game, you get into a lot of fights, and they are a little different from what we are used to in similar games.

How to dodge

The most difficult mechanic to master is evasion. By successfully dodging enemy attacks, you can completely avoid damage. It also makes enemies invulnerable to subsequent deadly counterattacks.

To dodge, you need to hold the left stick of the controller left or right before being hit by an attack (or the A/D keys on PC), alternating forward and backward. It is worth noting that you only need to activate the buttons just before the strike. Do it a little earlier or a little later, and the enemy will definitely cause damage to the main character. You cannot dodge in the same direction twice, alternating them is critical.

Most enemies have combo attacks that will require you to dodge several hits in a row before they finish their combos, after which you can punish them with a counterattack. Avoiding damage in this manner can also leave enemies vulnerable to your Strategic Targeting System, which allows you to gain free use of skill against an enemy that deals extra damage.

After a successful dodge, your opponent will be briefly open to a counterattack. But most often, after the first dodge, you cannot perform an attack - you can hit each other at the same time. In this case, the hero will definitely take damage. You have the right to dodge first one way and then the other. Often dodging twice in a row is a safer way.

Dodge more often if you have ammo, and even if you can take out enemies without getting close to them. Many opponents, especially in the later stages of the game, will require accurate dodge timing, and learning how to dodge will help you conserve ammo and avoid getting hurt. Therefore, it is better to master dodge early in the game - it will serve you well in the long run.

Projectiles cannot be dodged. You can get around them if you're far enough away, but Jacob doesn't dodge when the so-called "spitter" goo flies at him. You also have the right to block the projectile. We will discuss this mechanic below.

How to block blows and spit

Another way to minimize damage is to block enemy attacks. Holding down the left stick of the joystick ( the "S" button on PC) will block hits and take significantly less damage from incoming attacks. It will also protect the hero from being knocked down or stunned.

The block doesn't need to catch the correct timing (unlike dodge), so it's a safer option. After a successful block, you have the right to immediately perform an attack that can knock the enemy down, which will give you a huge advantage.

While blocking may seem like an inefficient way to avoid damage compared to dodging, don't underestimate it. If you are taken by surprise by enemies or feel that you do not have time to react in time, block. Successful blocks are much more preferable than unsuccessful dodges. They will take some damage, but at least that way you will stay alive.

Melee attacks

When attacking, you have several options, but you only need to master two to get started: melee attacks and ranged attacks.

Close combat is the most effective way to deal with a single opponent. After the hero finds the stun baton, he can perform basic attacks by pressing the corresponding button, dealing damage and stunning enemies. You can perform higher damage attacks with heavy melee attacks that take longer but deal more damage (you need to install a certain upgrade on the weapon to do this). They are dangerous to perform against groups of enemies, but they are a very effective way to finish off the enemy one-on-one.

Jacob starts with a three-hit combo that can be interrupted at any time if opponents block his attacks. You can purchase the Block Breaker upgrade to deal with this. The strategic aiming system will trigger at the end of a continuous combo and can be used to stun the enemy.

You can perform a four-hit combo, as well as a heavy attack that will be effective in the middle of a combo. Heavy attacks are very useful when there are fans or spikes around, as you will be able to push enemies towards them for an instant kill.

Another tip: trample on the bodies of enemies. After you have killed the enemy, do not leave his body. Trample it! Not only does this ensure that he is indeed dead, but you can also get credits, ammo, or other useful items.

Last but not least, upgrade your stun baton. You also need to have at least one loaded firearm in reserve, in case hand-to-hand combat is not enough or the enemies surrounded the main character.

Ranged attacks

Ranged attacks are most useful against groups of enemies or when you have a surplus of ammo. To shoot, you just need to aim and then press the attack button. Different weapons offer different damage, stability, and ammo capacity. In addition, you will be able to unlock alternate fire as you upgrade your weapons. Change weapons using the left or right buttons (weapon selection menu on PC - button "2").

Avoid wasting ammo. Some enemies can only be killed with a GRP or a stun baton, while others will usually become easy targets after a few shots from a pistol or other firearm. There are exceptions, like two-headed opponents or when you really have a lot of ammo, but in general, you should avoid shooting whenever possible.

While the game gives you access to a variety of weapons early on, it can be tempting to upgrade them all so you can switch between them during combat. At first, we recommend focusing on upgrading one gun, making it as effective as possible.

Prevent enemies from mutating. During the battle, some enemies grow tentacles and begin to mutate. If they have time to complete their mutation, they will become stronger, their health will increase, and the damage will be very high. However, well-timed shooting at these tentacles can instantly kill an opponent, stopping their transformation. Don't forget to use the gauntlet to knock these infected off their feet - this will help delay the mutation for a while. Always keep an eye out for enemies trying to mutate in order to stop them in time.

Shoot the limbs of enemies. Since many of the enemies you encounter are humanoid in nature, the best limbs are the legs. After that, the enemy will fall to the ground and will not be able to quickly close the distance. You can also stomp him for a faster kill.

Here it is worth making a reservation: not all enemies can be dismembered. In particular, slime-spitting monsters never lose limbs, no matter how many ammo you spend on this action.

Strategic (fast) aiming system

Once you understand the basics of combat, you can improve your gaming experience by mastering the strategic aiming system. It activates after you successfully dodge an opponent's combo. At this point, an aiming reticle will appear on the monster, which you need to aim at and shoot.

So you can find the weak point of the enemy and deal huge damage. Because it only requires one round, it is the most efficient way to use a firearm. This skill depends on your ability to dodge masterfully.

If you play shooters a lot, you probably instinctively reload your weapons immediately after a fight to avoid reloading during your next firefight. In The Callisto Protocol, regular cooldowns are especially important. This is because of the quick shot mechanic, which allows you to quickly attack your opponent in the middle of melee.

If you don't have ammo in your clip when you try to do this, the hero may miss a series of hits and die. To avoid this, make sure your firearm is always loaded before moving to a new location.

Alternate fire

Every weapon in The Callisto Protocol has an alternate fire mode that can be purchased at the end of their respective upgrade trees. Alternative attacks can be performed by aiming a weapon and pressing the strong attack button ( "SMB" on PC). Alternate fire modes are extremely effective but have their own characteristics.

Although these attacks often consume more ammo or have some drawbacks, they are very useful. For example, the alternate fire mode for a fully pumped single-shot pistol will consume five rounds at once. None of the alt-fire modes can completely replace a normal weapon attack. They simply complement and extend their use.

How to use the power glove

Finally, in The Callisto Protocol, you can use a unique device - a power glove. It allows you to aim at an enemy or object and simply pull it towards you while holding it in the air. With another press of the button, you can hurl the held object at great speed.

To hold a monster or object, the glove uses energy. Actions with a normal enemy deplete energy at a medium rate, and with a large one at a high rate, which can easily drain the device's standard battery. Energy consumption varies from low, medium, and high distances to the object, normal enemies, and large enemies respectively. It is worth noting that at first, you will not be able to raise huge creatures.

You can improve launch speed, reload speed, and the amount of time objects are held. Be creative in using this ability, for example, to throw enemies off cliffs, and hurl them at spikes and into crushers. You can also throw various sharp objects and exploding canisters at enemies. More importantly, as this will allow you to quickly deal with the enemy, saving ammo and possibly health.

The Power Glove is also suitable for spitting opponents if you run out of ammo, for example. Thus, you can quickly pull the mutant towards you and attack in melee.

Because the Power Glove's battery recharges over time, you can use it quite often. But do not forget to keep an eye on the available charge: it often ends at the most inopportune moment. To quickly charge the battery, explore the locations and pick up special charged batteries for the glove. If they are in the inventory, the hero will automatically use them when the battery runs out.