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How to fight in The Callisto Protocol?

 We tell you how to properly use melee and ranged weapons, Jacob's skills, alternative fire modes, GRP, and other systems

The combat system of The Callisto Protocol is one of the main aspects of the horror action game, the understanding of which depends on the survival of the protagonist. For new gamers, battles can be a real challenge, as this gameplay is significantly different from what was in the "brother" Dead Space series. The system is multifaceted, you have to take into account several mechanics, keeping track of the amount of ammunition, health points, and GGP charge. As soon as you stop controlling one of the indicators, most likely, this will lead to the death of Jacob. That is why I decided to create a separate guide to explain in as much detail as possible how the battles work and give some useful tips that will help you not only survive in Black Iron but also become a real messiah for mutants.

Dodges, block, melee attacks

Basically, battles in The Callisto Protocol consist of two main actions - avoiding damage and counterattacking.

Dodges, block, melee attacks


The most important mechanic to master is evasion. By successfully dodging enemy attacks, you will be able to completely avoid damage and open up the enemy's defenses to follow up with a few of your attacks and quickly deal with him. All you need to dodge is tilt the left analog left or right (or use the appropriate keys on your keyboard) just before the enemy hits you. In this case, you need to alternate directions forward and backward.

You can't dodge in the same direction twice, so it's critical to alternate your dodges. Many enemies use combo attacks, so you'll have to dodge multiple hits at once before the attack sequence ends and you can counterattack.

Most importantly, dodges make enemies vulnerable to your GRP "Strategic Targeting System", which allows you to use a skill on an enemy for free and deal additional damage to them.

Block protection

Another way to minimize damage is to block. Holding the left analog will block enemy attacks and take significantly less damage. In addition, the block will allow you to avoid getting infected or stunned when the opponent knocks Jacob down.

Because it's about holding a specific key/button, blocking effectively doesn't require timing (unlike dodge) and is therefore considered the safest option. After a successful block, you can immediately perform a low attack that will allow you to knock the opponent down and gain a significant advantage.


But Jacob can not only defend himself but also go on the counteroffensive. Several attack options are available to you, but first, you need to master at least two: a melee strike or a ranged attack.

Melee combat is the most effective way to fight mutants. In melee combat, you can perform basic attacks by pressing the corresponding button, dealing damage to enemies, and often stunning them. You can perform heavy attacks with higher damage, which take longer but lead to more devastating consequences. Heavy attacks should not be used when facing large enemy groups, however, they are most effective if you need to finish/finish a single biophage.

Ranged attacks are most useful against enemy groups or if you have enough ammo. To use them, it is enough to aim at the enemy, and then press the button/shot key. Firearms have different damage, stability, and ammo ratings. Plus, as you upgrade your weapons, later on, you can unlock powerful alternate fire modes. To change weapons on the gamepad, press the left and right buttons. Jacob's arsenal of weapons and the availability of every weapon found/obtained at any time in the game make the hero a versatile fighter.

Alt fire, skills, and GRP

Once you master the basics of combat, there are a few things you can do to maximize Jacob's effectiveness. For example, master the "Strategic Aiming System" (skills), alternate fire modes after upgrading guns, and, most importantly, GRP to quickly destroy targets.

Strategic aiming system

"Strategic Targeting System" activates after successfully dodging a biophage combo. After you do this, a reticle will appear on the enemy, which you can aim at and then shoot. You will automatically aim at the target's weak point and inflict massive damage on it. Since only one cartridge is needed for such a shot, this method is considered the most effective in terms of the use of firearms. This ability is based on how well you use dodges.

Alternate fire

Each weapon has an alternate fire mode that can be unlocked at the end of their respective upgrade trees. To activate this mode, you need to aim from the desired weapon and press the heavy attack button. Literally, all alternate fire modes are extremely effective, each of them is useful in its own way and in any case increases the potential damage.

Although these modes often use more ammo or have other disadvantages, in an emergency they will certainly allow you to survive. None of the alternative fire modes can replace the normal use of weapons. Instead, consider them as they say in the name - as an alternative or addition.


Finally, Jacob has another, most powerful ability. GRP allows you to aim at an enemy or object, and then pull it towards you. After that, by pressing another button/key, you will be able to throw away the held object with great momentum. Improvements allow you to increase the force of the push, the amount of time you can hold objects, and reduce the cooldown of the system.

You can use this ability to throw enemies into pits, throw them at spikes and crushers, or hurl sharp objects and explosive canisters at enemies. GRP recharges over time, so use the system as soon as it becomes available. And don't forget to keep an eye on the amount of GRP charges!

Other Tips and Tricks

  1. Avoid excessive ammo consumption. Most enemies can only be killed with a GRP or a stun baton, while others can be finished off with one or two shots after being weakened by other melee attacks. There are exceptions, such as fighting against a two-headed monster or when you have too much ammo. But in general, shooting left and right should be avoided.
  2. Practice dodging. Even if you have ammo, even if you can kill enemies without getting close to them, sooner or later you will have to engage in close combat. Battles with many opponents, especially in the later stages of the game, require accurate dodge timing. Having studied and understood the system, determining at what moment it is necessary to evade the blows of one or another enemy, it will allow you to save ammunition and avoid damage. Because of the early stages of the game, get close to the biophages and determine the correct time to dodge his attacks. It will pay off in the long run!
  3. Upgrade your stun baton, GRP, and one specific weapon of your choice. While The Callisto Protocol gives you access to several types of weapons early in the game, it can be tempting to upgrade everything so you can switch between prototypes at any time. But the idea is that the most advanced monster fighting tools should be the baton and the GRP. That is, upgrade them whenever possible, ignoring the rest of the weapons. At the same time, try to keep at least one firearm at the level of the enemies you are facing at the current stage of the game. Thanks to this, you will get the maximum value for prioritizing baton and GRP upgrades. At least do this until you have an excess of credits.
  4. Underestimating a block is a blunder. Compared to dodging, block may seem like an inefficient way to avoid damage, it allows you to ignore the timing inherent in dodges and is a less risky choice. If an enemy takes you by surprise, or you feel like you're off the beat and dodge badly, in the end, successful blocks will be more preferable than bad dodges. And the block also allows you to counterattack the enemy.
  5. Prevent mutations at all costs. During the battle with opponents, the latter will often grow tentacles and mutate. If the mutation ends, the monsters will be much faster and more dangerous and will deal more damage. The health pool will increase. However, shooting at the tentacles (now you understand why you need to save ammunition?) will allow you to instantly kill the biophage, interrupting its transformation. Keep an eye on the enemies and pay attention to those who are trying to mutate to stop the process.
  6. Trample the bodies. After you kill the enemies, do not leave their bodies idle. Be sure to crush them! This not only guarantees that the enemy will actually be dead, but will often allow ammunition, credits, and other valuables to be knocked out of the corpse. So do it on an ongoing basis.