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How to get the Christmas Wreath in Merge Mansion


How to get the Christmas Wreath in Merge Mansion

The Merge Mansion has launched a Winter Break 2022-themed event. In this event, you can complete various tasks and collect unique winter decorations. Today we will tell you how to quickly get a Christmas wreath.

Note: Players who have reached level 12 can take part in the event.

To get special points, you must complete the main and additional tasks. Points can later be redeemed for a variety of fun decorations from four Xmas collections, including bells, gift boxes, and more.

How to get a Christmas wreath

For completing one of the available tasks, players will also receive a Christmas wreath, but it is quite difficult to complete. Here are the detailed instructions:

  1. First, combine the Fireplace (III) with two sets of Woolen Socks (V) and a Christmas Present (V).
  2. This will give you the Crackling Fireplace, which will drop mints and cookies. Once the fireplace has dropped all such items, it will turn into a decoration box.
  3. When the timer runs out, this box will drop a Christmas Wreath (I) and a Christmas Ornament (I).

Each decoration box contains 32 items and three charges for a total of 96 items, including the Xmas Wreath (I) truck. To reach level 6, you may need to combine them several times.

Level 6 Christmas Wreaths are needed to complete several secondary quests as part of the current Winter Break event. Alternatively, you can start with the Christmas Webbed Wreath, which can be unlocked with special gems, the game's premium currency.

Tip: Don't forget to complete the side quests to quickly earn as many points as possible. This will expand the collection of in-game decorations.

Event Store

To access a unique limited-time store, click on the bell on the left side of the screen. In it you will see various items divided into their respective categories:

Christmas Collection 1

  • Bells (Jingle Bells);
  • Gift boxes;
  • Winter Holiday Lanterns;
  • Penguin;
  • Gingerbread House;
  • Snowmen.

Christmas Collection 2

  • Reindeer Ride;
  • Winter Globe;
  • Holiday cards;
  • Christmas tree;
  • Roof (Rooftop);
  • Porch (Front Porch).

Christmas Collection 3

  • Nutcracker Trio;
  • Frozen Birdbath;
  • Snowy Driveway;
  • Snow-covered tree (Snow Capped Tree);
  • Christmas fence (Xmas Fence);
  • Sculpture of a deer (Reindeer Sculpture).

Christmas Collection 4

  • Statue;
  • Gateway
  • Beaumont Hall Sign;
  • Winter donkey;
  • Snow castle.