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How to get a jetpack in High On Life

 We tell you where to find the jetpack and how to use it

How to get a jetpack in High On Life

To unlock the jetpack in High On Life, you first need to complete part of the main story campaign. The piece of equipment will only become available after you complete the contracts to kill Douglas and Krubis. After you kill both, Jin will offer to buy a jetpack.

Now that the jetpack has appeared in the store, all that remains to be done is to go to Mr. Keeps & Sons. The Jetpack can be found in front of Mr. Kips. Its cost is 999 pesos. To use the jetpack, press and hold the jump key/button. If you keep holding the jump button, you will start flying up through the air. It is important to note that, upon reaching the maximum height, the jetpack will automatically hover in the air.