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How to quickly upgrade weapons in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0

 The best ways to earn weapon experience in the game

Probably, most players came to the free Warzone 2.0 without having the main game - Modern Warfare II. Therefore, many have not yet opened all modifications for weapons. The latter are opened as weapon experience is accumulated for each of the barrels. Upgrading all weapons can take several months, so it's best to focus on the most interesting samples first and find ways to get it done faster.

In this article, we will talk about the main methods for quickly leveling weapons in Warzone 2.0 if you do not have access to matches from Modern Warfare II.

What do you get weapon experience for in Warzone 2.0?

What do you get weapon experience for in Warzone 2.0?

Weapon experience is accumulated as you actively play battle royale matches or DMZ mode (looting for a while):

  • In CB, you can fulfill contracts, capture strongholds, or just shoot with other players.
  • In the DMZ, there are many bots on the map, which allows more and more successful use of weapons in battle.
IMPORTANT: it is the weapon that you hold in your hands that is pumped. If you want to upgrade the barrel from your kit first, then first look for it in a match or get a kit (in the Citadel or picking it up from a package from the sky).

What gives weapon pumping

With each new level, more and more attachments and other options for tuning weapons open up. This allows, for example, to make your favorite machine gun more mobile, and the submachine gun more accurate at medium distances.

At first, only new slots for attachments open, and after the weapon reaches the maximum level, it becomes possible to tune individual elements: the sight can be sharpened for different ranges, the stock for better stability at rest or increased walking speed when aiming, and so on.

Tips for quickly leveling weapons in Warzone 2.0

The game has several official ways to speed up the accumulation of weapon experience and a number of unofficial ones. The latter are periodically found by players, but soon they are often corrected. Next, we talk about all the main methods.

Focus on the best weapon for you

It's all about your play style. Someone likes to act quietly and destroy enemies only from the back. Others prefer more aggressive play. For the former, sniper rifles and pistols with a silencer are more suitable, and for the latter, submachine guns and shortened versions of machine guns. And heavy weapons, like full-sized assault rifles or light machine guns, are more suitable for defense or ambush tactics.

Here are the Top 10 weapons in different categories (Warzone 2.0 Season 1 meta):

  1. STB 556 (submachine gun);
  2. "Victus" XMR (sniper rifle);
  3. Kastov-74U (short assault rifle);
  4. Signal-50 (sniper rifle);
  5. FSS "Hurricane" (submachine gun);
  6. M4 (assault rifle);
  7. Lachmann-Sub (submachine gun);
  8. SP-R 208 (infantry rifle);
  9. Raal machine gun (light machine gun);
  10. Kastov-762 (assault rifle).

Use experience tokens

Use experience tokens

New experience tokens are given out for completing faction operations (but not all - look carefully at the rewards), as additional bonuses in the Battle Pass, and during events (time-limited promotions) on weekends.

After accumulating tokens, they can be activated before starting the next match. They will give a double increase in experience.

Play DMZ Mode

The DMZ mode is much more efficient for earning experience than the battle royale. Explore the map, look for weapons that you are going to use in the next matches, and complete contracts, and faction operations.

Try to avoid collisions with other players and plan your route to the exit in advance in order to have time to loot and gain weapon experience in the allotted 25 minutes and not get caught on the way to the evacuation.

TIP: If you're playing solo (with squad refill disabled), avoid fighting any bots other than those guarding a facility from a contract or faction operation. If you get shot, it will be difficult to survive even with a self-resuscitation kit and you will lose all the loot.

Complete contracts in KB

In the main mode, contracts make moving around the map more meaningful. And their implementation rewards not only with loot and money but also with weapon experience. The most profitable from the point of view of the latter are safe-cracking and data delivery:

  • Safe-cracking contracts are marked on the map with a green safe icon. After taking this contract, three safes will be marked nearby. You need to run up to them and install explosives on the door, and then hide. 3 minutes are given to open the first safe, then the time is reset again to 3 minutes if the safe is successfully opened.
  • Data delivery contracts are marked on the map with a green question mark. They only appear if you are nearby. After taking such a contract, one must first find certain data nearby (a computer with a hard drive, etc.), and then send it from the nearest radio tower.

Try experimenting with bugs and hints

From time to time, players find various bottlenecks in the mechanics of Warzone 2.0 or simply flaws. For a while, they allow you to quickly gain experience to level up your account or weapons, but then they are usually fixed in the next patches.

In November 2022, for example, the following bugs and hints were found:

  1. Buying armor plates gives weapon experience for the gun in hand. You can buy a lot of plates and get a lot of experience. One piece of armor costs only $250.
  2. Shooting from the turret of a light SUV at bots in DMZ mode also gives experience for the weapon in hand. But to buy it, you will have to accumulate $18,000.
  3. You can earn a lot of experience in the infected zone in the DMZ mode. And to stay in it for a long time you need an endless gas mask. It can be obtained with a glitch by placing a gas mask next to the yellow weapon on the ground:

That's all for now. Write in the comments what other game guides you would like to see on our website.