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How to summon spirits in Elden Ring

 We tell you everything you need to know about the Ashes of summoning spirits in the game

Spirit Summon is a vital Elden Ring mechanic that can change the course of any battle. By summoning powerful warriors and other creatures, you can impose negative statuses, deal additional damage and distract the attention of the most powerful opponents.

And yes, the call of the spirit does not affect the possibility of the appearance of other players in the co-op or NPCs. Spirit Summon is a completely new, different type of summoning that can be used in any part of the game world. If you feel the need to buff during a boss fight, or if you can’t defeat a large enemy group that is located in front of an arena with a larger enemy (or if you want to somehow reduce the level of difficulty of the game), we strongly recommend that you understand and use this mechanic as often as possible.

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How to summon spirits in Elden Ring

Where to find the summoning bell

After talking with your assistant Melina and having received the ability to call the Stream, return to the place of grace "Temple of Elle", near which you met the first merchant of Kale (in the ruins at the beginning of the Graveyard). When you get there, a witch named Rennie will appear asking for an audience. Talk to her. She will ask if you can summon the Stream. Simply answer the question: "I can summon a ghostly steed." As a result, she will give you two items that once belonged to the former owner of Potok.

First, the spirit summoning bell is a tool that allows you to summon the very souls of warriors that help in battle. The same bell can be obtained from the twin merchants in the Round Table Fortress, but you will get there a little later.

Rennie will also give the first scroll of summoning - "the dust of lone wolves". With it, you can summon three large ghost wolves that can attack and distract enemies at the same time. For example, the nearest boss. While he is trying to kill the wolves, you can deal significant damage to him. However, it is best to do this with the bosses in the later stages, since they are usually less dangerous in the early stages.

How does summoning spirits work in Elden Ring?

Now that you have the bell and the first scroll of summoning, all you have to do is tie this spirit (not the bell) to your bag or belt for easy access. When you press the appropriate button, the main character will take out a bell and call the spirits. This process will take a few seconds and consumes Concentration Points (blue bar). The cost varies depending on the strength of the summoned spirit.

On the other hand, spirits can only be summoned within reach of the Renaissance Monument. These are low-rise stone obelisks that can be found in different parts of the open world and boss arenas.

You'll know you're within range of the rebirth monument when you see the ghost gate icon on the left side of the screen. When you are near him, on the left side of the interface, towards the bottom, a white glowing icon, similar to a tombstone, will be displayed. This indicates that you are located near the desired monument.

Only one spirit (scroll) can be active (summoned) at the same time. And just one call can be made on a specific rebirth monument. For obvious reasons, you won't be able to summon spirits in multiplayer.

How to get Spirit Ashes in Elden Ring?

Scrolls that allow you to perform the call of the spirit are called "Dust". Toward the end of the game, you won't even think about where to look for this item. You will have a lot of it. Spirit Ashes can be hidden in chests, dropped as loot, or received as a reward for completing a mission. The more you explore the game world and environment, the more spirit ash you will have.

How to upgrade Spirit Ashes with grave and ghost lilies of the valley

A little later, you will get the opportunity to improve Spirit Dust. This can be done for a fee, and you'll need Grave Lilies of the Valley to upgrade your standard Dust, or Ghost Lilies of the Valley if you need to upgrade to a more powerful, special Dust. Lilies of the valley can be found in small dungeons called catacombs and also as loot in the open world.

However, you won't be able to upgrade any of your Ashes until you complete the first part of Roderica's quest. Roderica is an NPC that can be found in a shack on Storm Hill, south of the broken bridge in the west of the Graveyard. After the first conversation with Roderica, the girl will move to the Round Table Fortress. To advance on the quest, talk to the blacksmith, Master Hugh in the Round Table Keep. He will say that he is watching Roderica. Convince him that the girl wants to learn how to improve perfume.

Talk to them one by one until you convince both Roderick and Hyuuga that the former wants to learn from the latter. After that, she will open a shop in front of the Hyuuga blacksmithing table, and you can upgrade Spirit Ashes.

Grave and Ghost Lilies of the Valley can usually be found in the dungeons of the Interearth, but by collecting certain Bell Orbs, you will be able to buy an infinite amount of these materials from the Twin Old Handmaids in the Round Table Keep.

General Tips for Summoning Spirits

Summoned spirits in Elden Ring are treated as separate NPCs. Therefore, they can benefit from various buffs and group heals that you may be able to apply. Keep this in mind if you want them to fight for as long as possible. It's also worth noting that some summons summon a single ally, while others summon an entire group. Read the description of Dust carefully to find out how many OK it takes to summon.

In addition, some summoned spirits can deal low melee damage because they are designed to create an elemental effect. For example, poisoning the enemy. Considering that most enemies in Elden Ring are weak to certain elemental elements, sometimes it is worth choosing in favor of such dust in order to deplete the health of opponents in other ways.

How to get False Tear

Probably the most useful Spirit Dust (once you get to the area where it can be found) is False Tear Dust. Despite a nerf after several patches, this powerful piece of equipment allows you to summon an exact copy of your character, right down to the equipment and weapons you use in combat.

The False Tear can be found behind the gate that opens with the sword key in the Eternal City of Nokron, in the Sacred Land of Night area of ​​grace. Nokron is a mandatory location that you will visit if you decide to complete the tasks of the witch Rennie. In order to find the ashes of the False Tear, you first need to speak to Rennie in her tower at the top of Kariya Manor and accept her request.

Next, you need to meet with Blyde Half-Wolf and defeat Radan the Starbane. After that, a comet will fall from the sky, and a crater will appear in the Interearth. This crater leads to Nokron. Once in the underground city, you will soon encounter the False Tear - a mini-boss. After the victory, continue to follow the only path until you reach a much more open location. From here, move to the southeast corner, where you will find the Place of Grace "Forest of the Ancestors".

Travel south to the "Holy Land of Night" and make your way across the rooftops until you climb inside through the window of the church. Inside the church, there is a misty gate locked with a xiphoid key (directly opposite). Behind them, you will find the Ashes of the False Tear lying inside a chest.

To summon the False Tear, you will have to spend the health points of the main character (instead of OK). this is another difference between this dust and the rest.

Despite the maximum effectiveness of the Ashes of the False Tear, you can use other Dusts of summoning, which we discuss below.

Best Early Summon Ashes

As for the specific summons that require focus points to activate... While the lone wolf starters are pretty good, you can find much more effective dust early in the game. These powerful allies will change the course of the battle and allow you to defeat those enemies that seemed invulnerable to you.

Ashes of the Fanged Imps

Given that you can find Fanged Imp Ashes before you can summon them, this is a pretty good help in the early stages. If you have already been in any catacombs, you may even have realized how unpleasant demons are as opponents. Fanged imps are agile, fast, and can bleed a lot of damage. They are not the best summoning spirits but are good enough for the early stages.

You can even get the ashes at the very beginning of the game. Simply select the Ashes of the Fanged Imps as a keepsake at character creation, and they will be yours as soon as you set foot in the Inter-earth. In addition, you can buy these ashes from the merchant located at the main gate of the Academy.

Ashes of the ghostly jellyfish

You may have already found this jellyfish, but it is deceptively good. While the power of some summoned spirits is to distract enemies, the medusa is more of a support character. When enemies are out of range, the medusa will spit poisonous acid at them. And, it should be noted that the acid causes significant damage to opponents.

Medusa is especially useful with the first Elden Ring boss, Margit Dreadomen, who is especially weak to poison. Ghost Jellyfish Ashes can be found in Thunder Hill Shack, southeast of Thunder Veil Castle. The same place where Roderica sits.

Ashes of the Skeleton Militia

This dust allows you to summon two skeleton militiamen, which provides a significant bonus in the early stages of the game. With the ability to aggro enemies and the fact that they can resurrect each other, Skeleton Militias are another great summon dust to find early on. You will receive the ashes for defeating Tibia the Boatman in the Village by the Summoning Waters, behind the Sacred Bridge east of Thunder Veil Castle.

Luthel the Headless

If you're primarily interested in ranged spirits, try Luthel the Headless. This spirit throws ghostly spears at your opponents and periodically attacks them with melee attacks. The companion also often teleports: on the one hand, thanks to this, the spirit stays in battle much longer, on the other hand, this can lead to inconvenience if you want him to aggro the enemy.

If you go north from the Small Tree of Erd, the locations Leading to the tomb of the catacombs on the Weeping Peninsula, then you can meet the boss Shadow of the Cemetery and after the victory, it goes as a reward.

Best late game summoning ashes

In the depths of Interearth (farther away from the Graveyard), you can find much more powerful allies. Some of them were bosses in the early stages of the game. Having such an ally is an incredible bonus.

Crystal Ashes

You can fight the Crystalian at the bottom of Lukaria's Paradise Crystal Tunnel, where you could get the first Forge Bell Orb. It will be as durable as possible against enemies that use blunt and sharp objects (instead of magic). On the other hand, he is afraid of ruthless opponents that deal continuous damage.

Behind the illusory wall in the cave, on the territory of the Sanctuary in Sellia (Starry Wastes) is a cemetery. It is worth finding the largest tombstone and discovering the passage. Already in the cave, there are two more walls. We must go to the second and move up. From Marika's Wedge, turn right, where the growing crystal will be located. You need to climb it, and then go to the passage in the rock. There will be a chest with ashes.

Ashes of soldiers with large shields

Sometimes the main purpose of the summoned spirit is simply to distract a strong enemy, and for this there is no better option than soldiers with large shields. Both quality and quantity are on their side, as 5 skeleton soldiers are summoned at the same time. This means that they are more likely to hold out until the end of the battle. Combine this summon with a Healing Spell to heal them and they can aggro enemies for even longer.

Like the Ashes of the False Tear described above, the ashes of soldiers with large shields can be found in the Eternal City of Nokron. They are in the upper right corner of the courtyard, right in front of the main blessing "Nokron, the Eternal City".

Ashes of a rotting stray dog

Anyone who has been struck by this status can tell you that Scarlet Rot is a very dangerous element. You could also see how irritable stray dogs are as your opponents. By combining Scarlet Rot and Stray Dogs, you will get Rotting Stray Dog Ashes. You can summon an incredible assistant for a minimum of OK.

Located next to the place of grace "At the foot of the stairs of Sellia" in a ruined building.

Tychea, the Black Knife

Now, if you want to get the ashes of a warrior that can even surpass you, Tychea, the Black Knife is your best option. Some players believe that summoning Tychaeus makes combat as simple and easy as possible. However, if you can’t defeat this or that boss in any way, it’s worth trying to use the call of this particular companion.

Received as a reward for killing the boss Alecto, Black Knife Leader in Lake Liurnia.

All Legendary Summon Ashes

There are far fewer legendary spirits than weapons, but if you want to unlock the achievement for finding all the legendary items, you will also have to find these summons:

  • Luthel the Headless - if you go north from the Small Tree of Erd, locations Leading to the tomb of the catacombs on the Weeping Peninsula, you can meet the boss Shadow of the Cemetery and after the victory, it goes as a reward.
  • Tychea, the Black Knife - Obtained as a reward for killing the boss Alecto, Black Knife Leader in Lake Liurnia.
  • Ashes of the False Tear - can be found in the Eternal City, at the place of grace "Holy Land of Night". Requires 1 sword key to enter
  • Oga, Knight of the Red Mane - Defeat the Putrid Tree Spirit in the Catacombs of the Dead Warriors.
  • Kristoff, Ancient Dragon Knight - Defeat the Ancient Hero of Zamora in the Tomb of the Saint Hero dungeon.
  • Finley, Knight of Pure Rot - Near the place of grace "Church" in the Holy Tree of Michelle, Elaphael, pillar of the Holy Tree. From there it is worth climbing the stairs three levels, where there will be a guard with a torch. Further, if you jump over the parapet, you can see a flying red beetle. Finley's ashes are hidden in a chest on the roof.