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January's free PS Plus games have leaked: Star Wars fans in heaven!

Each month, PS Plus offers three free games on the 6th of the month. Well, the January games have already leaked and we invite you to discover them.

January's free PS Plus games have leaked: Star Wars fans in heaven!

The PS Plus formula is quite simple. Every month you have to pay a subscription to access PlayStation's online services. In return, we offer you three free games that are in our library as long as our subscription is active. 

These games arrive on the 6th of every month and usually, there is at least one big title among them. Well, January should be no exception. Indeed, the headliner of the games offered should be Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order! 

Very heavy for the January PS Plus! 

As we told you just before, we are used to having big games on the PS Plus. Moreover, in a recent article, we returned to the profitability of the latter for the year 2022. We had seen that the offers for this month of December were the most generous. 

Well, it looks like that bounty will continue in the coming weeks with the new January PS Plus deals. Indeed, we have just revealed it to you, the headliner is the Jedi Fallen Order. It is one, if not the best Star Wars game in history and it will soon have the right to a sequel! 

Therefore, it's pretty good to be able to test the first opus a few months before. To accompany this flagship title, we will have two other good games. The first is Fallout 76. If it was rightly decried at its launch, many updates have since corrected the situation. 

Finally, the last game that should be offered for the month of January 2023 is Axiom Verge 2. If you don't know it, it's a very good Vanilla Metroid that came out a year and a half ago now. 

Before leaving, let us specify all the same that it is here about leaks. There is therefore no guarantee that changes will not be made. However, the source of these leaks is generally very reliable, especially when it comes to PS Plus. Each month, it is he who manages to accurately predict the games that arrive on the service.