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Joker winter 3 challenge on FUT 23, which team to succeed on FIFA?

 The holiday season is coming to FUT with new players to add to your Santa list. This is also an opportunity to complete the Winter Joker challenges.

FIFA 22 is a football simulation game of the famous FIFA license published and edited by Electronic Arts. FIFA 22, the 29th installment in the series is available on PlayStations, Stadia, Xbox, Switch, and PC. The game is also equipped with Hyper Motion Technology for its Next Gen version and Google Stadia.

In FIFA 23, you will find Career Mode, but also the one that has allowed the series to renew itself, FUT mode. For this mode, events are regularly added to offer new content to players. With the holiday season coming, you can participate in Joker Winter challenges to earn rewards.

How to complete Joker Winter 3 challenge?

The Winter Jokers event is available in FIFA 23 FUT mode and you have the opportunity to win Squad Building Challenges and complete Objectives. To earn certain rewards, you must complete a Squad Building Challenge in FUT 23: Winter Wildcard Challenges.

To complete the Winter 3 Joker challenge in FUT 23, you need to put together a squad that meets certain criteria. We recommend that you participate as the reward may be worth it. You will find the prerequisites to complete this challenge below:

  • Clubs: 5 maximum
  • Players from the same league: 5 maximum
  • Players from the same country/region : 3 minimum
  • Players (Rare): 4 starters minimum
  • Player Quality: Minimum Money
  • Total collective: 23 minimum
How to complete Joker Winter 3 challenge?

You can use these players to complete the challenge. You will meet all the stated conditions. Of course, this is not the only possible solution for the challenge.