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Marvel Snap: How to change your username/nick?

 We show you the steps to follow to be able to edit your profile name in Marvel Snap. So you can change your user nickname in the card game.

Marvel Snap: How to change your username/nick?

When you start playing Marvel Snap, users don't have a fixed name for their account or profile, but this doesn't last long. However, it is possible that you have doubts and do not know in which section of the menus you can edit the name or nickname of your user. To clear up this doubt, we have prepared this section of our guide in which we show you how to change your profile name in Marvel Snap.

How to edit your profile name?

In Marvel Snap, shortly after starting to play the title, it will introduce you to its mechanics with a brief tutorial that is easy to understand. Shortly after completing the tutorial, a message will appear on the screen.

  • The sign will say "Enter a name" and this will be the moment in which you can choose a nick for your profile or account.
  • Keep in mind that this is the only time you can choose your profile name.
  • After entering your name on this screen, you will no longer be able to change it at any time later .
  • Unfortunately, the function to edit your name is not available, at least at the time of writing these lines.

The Marvel Snap developers themselves have confirmed on their FAQ website that right now it is not possible to change the profile name. However, they have promised that this feature will arrive at some point in the future, so we can hope that later it will be possible to edit the name.

Right now, the only thing you can do to change your name is delete your account and start a new one . It sounds drastic, but this is the only alternative. If you haven't gotten very far into the game yet, it might be worth it to do so.

Remember that to delete your current account you must enter the settings menu from the main Marvel Snap menu (the gear-shaped icon at the top left of the screen) and then go down in the options to the last one that says "Delete account".