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Marvel Snap: How to create new decks and edit them?

 If you have questions and don't know how to do it, here we show you how to create new decks in your Marvel Snap account and how to use them in games across the multiverse.

Marvel Snap: How to create new decks and edit them?

While all Marvel Snap players start their journey into the card game with a default deck, it's important to know how to edit your own decks and create new ones to start taking advantage of the cards you unlock. Obviously, the key to victory lies, in large part, in the deck you use.

If you are a newcomer and have doubts about this topic, then continue reading this entry in our guide as we will now show you the steps to follow to be able to create your decks in Marvel Snap very easily and how to select them to play battles.

How to create new decks?

The Marvel Snap starter tutorial should walk you through the basics of creating decks, which can be created by following these steps :

  • Access the "Collection" menu in-game.
  • This is where your decks and all the cards you already have unlocked appear.
  • Click on the deck icon that appears at the top of the screen to edit it.
  • If you want to create a completely new deck from scratch, you can tap the "+" icon.
  • Select the cards you want to add to your deck. If this is already full, you will have to remove a card to make room for another.
  • When you are finished editing or creating your deck, be sure to click the green check button to save it.
  • If you want to delete decks entirely, you can press the red trash can button.

As you progress through the game and unlock various rewards, you can also earn new colored decks for your decks so you can customize them a bit more to your liking from this menu.

There are some important notes about deck building that the in-game tutorial doesn't quite cover. For example, decks in Marvel Snap can contain a maximum of 12 cards. Not one more and not one less. Also, be careful, because there cannot be duplicates of the same card, they all have to be different.

The general idea with a deck is to achieve an optimal balance between power and energy cost. A mistake that newbies often make is to create a deck only with very high-power cards that cost a lot of energy. You also have to have cheap cards to be able to play early turns. Even cards that appear to be "weaker" are useful in this game, don't forget that.

How to select a deck to play?

An important detail that the game does not quite clarify is how you can play with the decks that you have created in your collection. It's actually quite simple, but you might miss it.

In order to choose one of your decks, follow these steps :

  • First, go to the "Main" menu to play a game.
  • Before hitting the "Play" button, look at the deck icon to the left of it.
  • Select the deck icon and the decks you've created will appear.
  • Choose the deck you want to play with.
  • Now yes, hit "Play".
Remember that you always have to go to this section in case you want to play with other decks in your collection. Otherwise, you'll always be playing the last selected deck (or the first of the available decks if you've never switched between them).