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Marvel's Midnight Suns: Hiram Shaw's Church mystery solved - Game Guide

 In Marvel's Midnight Suns, you discover Hiram Shaw's Church after learning the second word of power. In this guide, we explain how you solve the puzzle of this building and what reward you can expect for it.

Hiram Shaw's church gives you many mysteries.

Hiram Shaw's Church in Marvel's Midnight Suns

You can find Hiram Shaw's Church in the north of the Valley of the Wind, which you can enter after completing Agatha's Altar. Already when crossing the valley you will pass them over a bridge.

The puzzle starts as soon as you enter the church. You should first examine the church more closely.

Open the doors with the word of power "Open". This will take you to the backyard, where you will find some collectibles and a sealed cave entrance.

This seal blocks your way to solving Hiram Shaw's Church.

break the seal

To break the seal, you need Doctor Strange's help and the symbiote shell. You get the shell during your battle for the Sanctum Sanctorum.

Agatha advises you to talk to Strange about the seal in the evening. So embark on a mission to unlock this dialogue option. Talking to Strange will unlock the symbiote sample for research.

Go to sleep and commission research on the sample the next day. Once you get them, you can break the seal.

You won't find anything inside the cave. Instead, you should look around the church again.

The three parchments on the table are your next target. Use the power word Reveal to reveal the contents of the parchments.

Find Tainted Blood

Continue your dialogue with Agatha and she will ask you to get three samples of tainted earth. You can find them in the locations shown on the parchments. If the parchments are no longer in the church, check the library.

The samples are:

  1. At the end of the river near the Abbey
  2. In a cave south of the Dreamer's Slope
  3. In a cave north-west of the Stone Terrace
Find Tainted Blood

The gallows tree

Once you have collected the samples, bring them to Agatha. She then takes you to her altar in the night, where she reveals the position of the moon seal: the gallows tree.

You can find the gallows tree near the graveyard. It is easily identified by the green runes dotting its bark.

Use the Power Word "Reveal" and the Moon Seal will reveal itself to you. If you have not completed the previous tasks, the word has no effect.

With the Moon Seal, you can now face the next challenge to get another word of power.