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Marvel's Midnight Suns: Solved the mystery of Lilith's garden - Game Guide

 In Marvel's Midnight Suns you can find several seal fragments. This solves the mystery of Lilith's garden. In this guide, we will show you where to find broken seals and how to put the seal back together.

Where are the seal fragments?

To find the broken lunar sigils, you first need the word of power "Cleanse" from the Hiram Shaw's Church Mystery. This will unlock access to the Garden of Jealousy and the Seals.

When a broken moon seal is nearby, you will hear a faint chime. You can find the seals in these locations:

  1. Go up the spiral staircase of the tower to the north of the Garden of Jealousy. The seal is stuck in the wall over there.
  2. Open the small graveyard east of the fast travel point from Garden of Jealousy with the power word "Open". There you can walk up a tree trunk on the right. Follow the path and at the end, you will find the seal in a rock face.
  3. In the cemetery where the gallows tree stood, you will find this seal at the end of a wooden walkway. Turn left before the gallows tree to find it. You also need the word of power "Purify" here to reach the seal.
You can collect the seals in any order. The numbering is for clarity only.

You can find the broken moon seals for Lilith's Garden in these locations.

Assemble the seals

To assemble the seals, you must bring them to Agatha. She tells you that she needs an extra reagent that she left at her hut.

Travel to Agatha's Cottage in the north of the map. You need the Power Word "Open" to open the entrance to the hut. The reagent is in the yard to the right of the hut door.

Bring the reagent to Agatha and she will reassemble the seal. With this, you can now open the gate to the Shrine of Set and the Last Word of Power.

With the Last Word of Power, you can now find all Collectibles, Journals, and Masterworks.