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Microsoft files a patent to insert personalized in-game ads!

 Advertising in video games is a sensitive subject. However, on the Microsoft side, we have moved up a gear with a patent filing.

Advertising in video games is a fairly complex subject. When you buy a game, sometimes at 70€, this kind of thing is difficult to pass on to players. However, as for the cinema, some praise the fact that it makes it possible to obtain the budget necessary for the realization of the games. 

Despite everything, we can notice that among the players, the idea is not yet accepted. So, the news of a patent filing for personalized advertisements from Microsoft is likely to cause a lot of ink to flow in the days to come! 

Microsoft about to add personalized ads to its games? 

We've been talking about it for a while, but targeted ads in video games could be coming soon! Indeed, some games have already adopted an advertising system in a completely open way. This is for example the case of games in the NBA 2K series which display many sponsors for each of their titles. 

Microsoft about to add personalized ads to its games?

But here, we are talking squarely about a system that could determine personalized advertisements! So, inevitably this system, it raises a lot of questions. The first is to know how this software is going to recover data to personalize these advertisements. 

The other big question is what form these ads will take. Because on a single-player story game, having a big advertisement coming from the real world in full screen, necessarily, it tends to break the immersion. So, on Microsoft's side, we wanted to be reassuring. 

Microsoft about to add personalized ads to its games?

We were told that for the moment, these are ads for games that would mainly be played via cloud gaming. In addition, everything will be done so that they are the least intrusive possible.

However, nothing indicates that the situation will not change in people's minds in the next few months. This is what scares a lot of players. They don't want their games to become real billboards. This is even more true when you know that it may also concern games for which you will have paid in advance! Let's see how the situation will evolve.