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PlayStation VR 2 uses cable to squeeze the potential of PS5

 Despite this, Sony is already investigating ways to take advantage of wireless technologies with a virtual reality headset in the future.

PlayStation VR 2 uses cable to squeeze the potential of PS5

One of the first things that we are going to have at our fingertips once 2023 begins, for which there is little more than a day left, is PlayStation VR 2, the new virtual reality headset from Sony that will go on sale on February 22 at a price of $549.99.

It is a helmet with very cutting-edge technologies within the sector if we look at the controls or the lenses it carries, although not a few users have been upset by the use of the cable to connect it to PlayStation 5 instead of betting on a totally independent virtual reality device that is the current trend.

Hideaki Nishino, one of the top managers of virtual reality at Sony, has spoken precisely on this subject, who has pointed out that they continue to use a wired system in order to unlock all the combined power that PlayStation 5 and PlayStation VR 2 can offer as a whole. Although looking to the future they are also considering other options.

"We also understand that wireless technology will provide another experience, so we are always looking at all possibilities and doing research on a technical level," says Nishino. "However, we are still left with the question of how performance-wise a wired system can be replaced with a wireless one ."

PlayStation VR2 has games up its sleeve and its price is justified

If we talk about the game catalog of Sony's virtual reality device, Nishino points out that thanks to PSVR 2 they will offer "a completely different level of immersion" in addition to pointing out that Sony has not yet announced all the games that are being released . gearing up for the new VR headset , so CES 2023 happening next week might be a good time to announce it.

Regarding the price, the Japanese comments that it is justified since he believes that they can "provide functions and experiences that are adequate for the price, so we hope it will be well received."