Promo codes for Edward the Man-Eating Train Roblox (March 2023) - how to get free tickets


Promo codes for Edward the Man-Eating Train Roblox (December 2022) - how to get free tickets

Edward the Man-Eating Train is a Roblox mini-game based on Choo-Choo Charles. You have to travel through the desert and fight a cannibal train named Edward. In this guide, we have collected all valid and active promo codes for this game.

How to redeem promo codes on Edward the Man-Eating Train

To activate promo codes, follow these steps:

  • Open the Edward the Man-Eating Train mini-game;
  • Click on the "Codes" button with a gift icon on the right side of the screen;
  • Paste the active gift code and click Submit.

What you can get for activating promotional codes in Edward the Man-Eating Train

You can usually get tickets for redeeming gift codes in the Edward the Man-Eating Train mini-game. This is a special in-game currency with which various purchases are made. For them, you have the right to purchase weapons, consumables or titles. Please note that promo codes are best activated when a special promotion is taking place in the game, during which the number of tickets received in any way increases.

Valid and active promotional codes in Edward the Man-Eating Train

We check the validity of promo codes every month. If you find an inaccuracy or want to add to this list, write about it in the comments.

Active promo codes:


Promo codes that supposedly work or are not active at all

This section contains expired promo codes. You can try to activate them.

List of promotional codes that are supposedly inactive:

  • WILDFIRE - 75 tickets;
  • JOINTHECOMMUNITY - 50 tickets;
  • THATSALOTOFVISITS - 75 tickets.

Why didn't the promo code work?

If the gift code did not work, the code entry window will turn red. This means that you have entered an inactive or expired promo code.

About Edward the Man-Eating Train

In the Edward, the Man-Eating Train mini-game, team up with other players to take on the evil Edward the Man-Eating Train. One trip takes 5 minutes. In the allotted time, you must try to overcome the train or simply survive. The level of danger is determined before each new trip.

Various boxes are scattered around the train cars in which the players are traveling. Examine them to replenish ammunition, and find medicines and tickets.

Usually, Edward chooses one of the passengers and attacks him. Other participants must use their weapons to lower the opponent's health as quickly as possible. If you fail to destroy it, it will hide and restore vitality.

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