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Promo codes for Kaizen Roblox (November 2023) - how to reset statistics and get free spins


Promo codes for Kaizen Roblox (December 2022) - how to reset statistics and get free spins

Kaizen is a popular Roblox minigame where players can team up with friends and fight cursed spirits with magic or engage in PVP battles. In this guide, we have collected all valid promo codes for free spins and hero statistics reset.

How to activate promo codes in Kaizen

You can activate valid gift codes at any character level. To do this, click on the book icon on the left side of the screen (above your hero's level indicator), then click on the "Settings" gear.

What can I get for activating promotional codes in Kaizen

Promo codes allow you to get various rewards. This is usually rewarded as free spins or stats reset. You can also keep track of new gift codes on the official Twitter page of the game developers.

Valid and active promo codes in Kaizen

We check the validity of promo codes every month. If you find an inaccuracy or want to add to this list, write about it in the comments.

Active promo codes:

  • 15KMEMBERS – 10 free spins
  • 10KMEMBERS – 10 free spins
  • 10KLIKES – 4 free spins
  • 5000LIKES – 5 free spins
  • 1000LIKES – 3 free spins
  • RELEASE – 3 free spins

Promo codes that supposedly work or are not active at all

This section contains expired promo codes. You can try to activate them.

List of promotional codes that are supposedly inactive:

  • 20KLIKES!
  • 20KLIKES!
  • 4K_LIKES!
  • ALPHA!

Why didn't the promo code work?

Sometimes players may encounter a problem during the activation of supposedly valid promo codes. Here are some reasons:

  • EXPIRED - if you see this inscription after activating the gift code, then the promotional code is inactive or the number of activations has ended;
  • INVALID - You are trying to enter an invalid promo code. Please check your code and try again.