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Secrets in Vampire Survivors: how to unlock secret characters


Secrets in Vampire Survivors: how to unlock secret characters

Vampire Survivors is a gothic top-down action game in which players fight off hordes of monsters. The player's task is to move around the arena and collect crystals that fall from enemies while the hero automatically kills monsters. The game has secrets with which you can unlock unique characters. We will cover them in this guide.

How to unlock the secrets menu

All secrets are entered through a special menu. It can be opened in two ways:

  • Find the Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane. They drop from Sketamari, which are located in the southern part of the Bone Zone. On the map, they are displayed as a question mark.
  • Click on the penultimate relic icon seven times. It is in this cell that the Yellow Sign is located. If you did everything right, the inscription “Now you are a wizard!” will appear. (You are now a magician!).
How to unlock the secrets menu

Secrets in Vampire Survivors - Complete List of Secret Characters

Each of the secret characters outwardly looks like an ordinary enemy. You can unlock them using certain actions, which we will discuss below. If you do not have the desire to spend time on this, you can immediately enter the code in the secrets menu. We refer to it as "Team".

Boon Murrabbio

  • To unlock, follow Pummarola and Skull O'Maniac from the Mad Forest;
  • Team: "KissMe".
Boon Murrabbio

Infernal Avatar (Avatar Inferno)

  • To open it, you need to visit the upside-down Invited Library. Friends will show you the way;
  • Team: "MaFaiPianooo".


  • Select the character O Sol Mio (O'Sole Meeo) and visit the location Il Molise (Il Molise);
  • Team: BeAGoodBoy.

Minnah Mannarah

  • To unlock, and deal with the consequences of stealing cheese from the Dairy Plant;
  • Team: "Cheese Accident".


  • To open it, explore the bottom floor of the Gallo Tower;
  • Command: "BringMeBackThere".

Cosmo Pavone (Cosmo Pavone)

  • Equip the Golden Egg, Ebony Wings and Peachone, then visit the balcony at the Cappella Magna location;
  • Command: "PureHeart".

Big Pants (Big Trouser)

  • Collect 16 passive items in the Moongolow level and leave the location;
  • Team: "Master16".

Missing N 

  • Leave Green Acres with the most unfavorable characteristics;
  • Team: "EdgeOfTheWorld".
Missing N

Gains Boros

  • Find a place where flowers grow in the Bone Zone;
  • Team: "SlumsFlowers".

Smith IV

  • Just ask for help;
  • Command: "SpamSpamSpam".


  • Complete the Boss Rush mode with a single weapon;
  • Team: "BossRashBoss".

Mask of the Red Death

  • Kill the Reaper;
  • Team: KillThaReapa.

Exdash Eksivik (Exdash Exiviiq)

  • Cast the spell "x-x1viiq";
  • Command: "CastThiefSpell".


  • Look into open coffins;
  • Team: "Under The Coffin".


  • Open the Roaring Thunder Source at Tiny Bridge;
  • Team: "HearTheThunder".


  • Kill a non-red Reaper;
  • Command: "UppercutReaper".