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Strategy Sennarth Mythic, the Vault of Incarnations boss guide in WoW Dragonflight

 Sennarth is the fourth boss you will encounter on Mythic difficulty in the Vault of Incarnations. Here's how to beat this Dragonflight boss.

The  Vault of Incarnations has now been out for some time. This is Dragonflight's first raid and while some guilds are trying everything to get world first, we have a series of guides on mythical boss strategies.

The fourth boss is Sennarth. With the blue spider, we remain in the same level of difficulty as Terros. There aren't a lot of changes, but simply increasing Sennarth's damage and health is enough to make the fight more complex.

Strategy Sennarth in Vault of Mythical Incarnations in WoW Dragonflight

First of all, make sure you have read Sennarth's Heroic and Normal strategy. We are not going to review the basic strategies and basic skills, this guide aims to provide a more detailed strategy for you to successfully encounter in Mythic.

Changes from Heroic to Mythic for Sennarth

Here are the new features found in Mythic:

  • New Mechanic: Swirling Frost. Tornadoes of ice will fill the room. You have to dodge them, they just make movement more complex.
  • Caustic Spiderlings always explode to free you from cocoons, but if you get hit by 2 explosions within 30 seconds, you're dead. You should try to reduce the stacking of web debuffs as much as possible.

Raid composition and talent builds for Mythic Sennarth

What composition to play to succeed in beating the Terros in Mythic? Composing with an additional healer is advised. : 

  • 2 tanks
  • 4 heals
  • 14 DPS (try to balance number of melee and ranged)
A warlock or two can be great to aid movement when you need to switch platforms and walk down frozen stairs. The Evoker or the Druid are also excellent classes to increase the movement capacity of the raid which is very important in this fight.

At the DPS level, take the best talent tree to hit a single target and while integrating a minimum of cleave to quickly kill the summoned spiders.

How to move Sennarth and where to place in Mythic?

Until the last phase, Sennarth slides along the edge of the room. You must make sure, as a DPS, to stay as much as possible in his melee because accelerating the fight is very important. His hitbox is quite big, so be generous.

Beyond the classic Heroic mechanics, like getting out of the way of each other or getting out of the raid when the webs are thrown at you and of course dodging the tornadoes, there are a few small placement points in the early phases to know.

Stay fairly grouped apart from spells that force you to ungroup, and move slowly to other rooms. This placement will allow you to leave the ice AoEs as much as possible on the same side of the room.

During these phases, the tank that recovers the spiders places them all in melee so that they are quickly cleaved. The big spider remains the priority, before the boss. Pay attention to the breath.

Place some webs behind melee. Don't overdo it.

Avoid walking in webs as much as possible. Blowing up spiderlings and getting slowed down are two totally avoidable risks in this fight. When Sennarth tries to pull you into the void, first be as far away from the boss as possible if you are a class that plays from a distance. If you're a melee that has a powerful mobility spell, use it to get away from the boss. If this last option as melee is not possible or if you are changing platforms whatever your role, you can briefly walk in a web, but be really thrifty. 

How to move Sennarth and where to place in Mythic?
During the first phases, try to position yourself like this. Back up in distant places, like the diamond, to avoid being pulled into the void without using the webs. You can use a minor movement spell to belay.

When changing platforms, use personal CDs to survive and raid mobility tools, like Druid's Roar or Warlock's Gate to ease transitions.

In the last phase, try to place as many icy wisps as possible on the edge of the room. If you place one in the center, which will happen, step into it yourself to quickly remove it. During this phase, the melee tries as much as possible to place themselves all around the boss, on the sides, behind, and place the Scrolls. They definitely need to get back in front of the boss when she casts the knockback spell, Repelling Explosion.

Finally, during this phase, pay extreme attention to the victims of the cocoons. You must free them by killing only one spider per cocoon. If two spiders die on the same cocoon, the person inside will be killed.

During phase 2, keep the blue zone in the center free of any Ice Volute. Move the boss back as you go towards the entrance of the room. If you leave a Scroll in the center of the room, soak it.
During phase 2, keep the blue zone in the center free of any Ice Volute. Move the boss back as you go towards the entrance of the room. If you leave a Scroll in the center of the room, soak it.

When to use important spells (BL, Burst, CD Heal, CD Raid, etc.) on Mythic Sennarth?

We will see how to use your CDs during this phase.

Regarding your personal CDs you can use them in different situations: when you change platform, if you are targeted by the Webs and there is no external healer spell available, during the Glacial explosion if no raid CD or heal is used or while the boss tries to pull you into the void if no raid CD is used.

In general, use heal CDs and raid CDs during Freezing Blasts. You can also use them when Sennarth tries to pull or push you away. Use the major heal CDs rather in reaction in this fight or during the platform change phases when several spells are triggered at the same time.

Here is an action sequence to give you an example:

  • Heroism and offensive CDs in the sweater: Regroup the spiders well and kill the big one first.
  • First Freezing Blast (about 20 seconds after the pull): Stand aside and use a Raid CD (like the Command Shout) or/and a minor heal CD (Ecstasy for example)
  • First Cobweb Blast (about 30 seconds): You don't need to use CDs for this one unless you're in danger. Get as far away from the boss as possible or get into a web at the last moment.
  • Second Freezing Blast (about 55 seconds after the pull): Use a Raid CD (like Anti-Magic Zone) and a Heal CD (like Vengeful Wrath).
  • Change of room (about 1 minute): Use your movement spells (For example two Druid Roars, one after the other).
  • Second Cobweb Blast (about 1 minute 10 seconds): Use multiple CDs here (Raid CDs, Heals CDs see Major Heal CDs) as this spell happens during the room change.
  • Third Freezing Blast (about 1 minute 30 seconds): Use personal defensive spells if you used multiple raid and heal CDs during the second Freezing Blast.
  • Arrival of the first big spider: Use one or two minor Heal CDs to hold the raid.
Repeat this pattern globally. You can use major heal CDs during some Freezing Blasts or Cobweb Blasts if the raid is in danger but saving them for phase 2 can be worthwhile. Repelling Explosion replaces Cobweb Explosion when using CDs.