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The best weapons and builds in Call of Duty: Warzone 2 - which weapon to choose for an easy victory


The best weapons and builds in Call of Duty: Warzone 2 - which weapon to choose for an easy victory

Call of Duty: Warzone 2 free-to-play battle royale recently received a major update that completely changed the rules of the game. To date, there are 55 types of weapons in the game - from a combat knife to a Strela-P rocket launcher. Which of these is worth your attention and will help you win the coveted victory? In this guide, we will be covering the best weapons and builds in the game.

There is no universal weapon, so you should decide at what distance you are comfortable playing? Do you prefer buildings, with narrow corridors with lots of small rooms? Or is it better to take a sniper position and shoot all the poor fellows who set foot on your territory?

The best weapons for close and medium range

As we have already noted, there are no completely universal weapons in the game. This is good because it forces the players to develop their own style of play.

The best assault rifle - Kastov-74U

Professional players boycott this weapon, considering it too strong and unbalanced. The lethal force is enough to win fights in tight corridors, but the farther the enemy is, the worse this weapon manifests itself. Therefore, if you want to unleash your full potential, then learn how to safely close the distance with the enemy, at which he will have practically no chance against you.

Optimal build:
  • Muzzle (MUZZLE): XTEN Havoc 90 ;
  • Barrel (BARREL): BR209 Barrel ;
  • Rear Grip (REAR GRIP): True-TAC Grip ;
  • Stock (STOCK): Spetsnaz S10 Stock ;
  • Barrel Bar (UNDERBARREL): Phase-3 Grip.

The best submachine gun - Vaznev-9K

This barrel transforms you into a deadly runner capable of firing from any position and angle. The tremendous rate of fire and ease of use greatly outperform other submachine guns. And the new location allows you to constantly find shelters behind which you can hide and quickly destroy enemies.

Optimal build:

  • Muzzle (MUZZLE): Lockshot KT85 ;
  • Barrel (BARREL): KAS-1 381mm ;
  • Rear Grip (REAR GRIP): True-TAC Grip ;
  • Stock (STOCK): OTREZAT Stock ;
  • Shop (MAGAZINE): 45 Round Mag.

The best light machine gun - RPK

As you have already noticed, Kalashnikov assault rifles are powerful weapons in many games. A weak and slow machine gun at the start begins to open up with the right body kit (reducing horizontal recoil and increasing accuracy). Thus, you receive huge damage per second even with a rare hit.

Optimal build:

  • Muzzle (MUZZLE): TY-LR8 ;
  • Optics (OPTIC): Cronen Mini Pro ;
  • Laser (LASER): FSS OLE-V Laser ;
  • Stock (STOCK): Heavy Support Stock ;
  • Barrel rail (UNDERBARREL): FTac Ripper 56 .

Best Shotgun - Lockwood 300

Lockwood 300 is not the best option if you have problems with accuracy, because it only has two rounds. But with long practice, the shotgun begins to dominate the battlefield. Why shoot a bunch of bullets at the enemy from a submachine gun when one accurate shot from a powerful shotgun is enough? The high reload speed allows you to turn around and take revenge on the pursuer at any time, even if your health is almost at zero.

Optimal build:

  • Muzzle (MUZZLE): SAKIN DB107 ;
  • Barrel (BARREL): 711mm Matuzek D50 ;
  • Laser (LASER): STOVL Tac Laser ;
  • Stock (STOCK): Heist Stock Mod ;
  • Barrel rail (UNDERBARREL): VX Pineapple.

The best weapons for medium and long range

Sometimes you will have to fight enemies in open locations and fields, where the guns described above will simply become useless. In such situations, it is best to use assault, combat, and sniper rifles.

Best Assault Rifle - Kastov-762

As the saying goes, hard to learn, and easy to fight. The high recoil will put off beginners, but once you get used to the spread, this weapon will forever be your favorite. It is enough to inflict a few accurate shots to the head or a long burst to the body and limbs to the enemy to remove him from the battlefield. Usually, one clip is enough to eliminate a couple of three enemies. This allows you to feel comfortable in team matches.

Optimal build:

  • Muzzle (MUZZLE): SAKIN Tread-40 ;
  • Barrel (BARREL): Kastovia 343 ;
  • Optics (OPTIC): Cronen Mini Red Dot ;
  • Stock (STOCK): Kastov-Rama ;
  • Barrel rail (UNDERBARREL): FSS Sharkfin 90 .

Best Combat Rifle - Lachmann-762

The weakest and meager class of weapons presented in the game. One of the interesting guns is Lachmann-762, which does its job well in controlling the area, allowing you to hold several directions at once. This is achieved thanks to a capacious magazine and a convenient sight. It is worth noting that the weapon hinders movement, preventing you from frequently changing your position, and this is very important in the game.

Optimal build:

  • Muzzle (MUZZLE): Polarfire-S ;
  • Barrel (BARREL): Lachmann Nova ;
  • Optics (OPTIC): VLK 4.0 ;
  • Rear Grip (REAR GRIP): Lachmann TCG-10 ;
  • Barrel rail (UNDERBARREL): FTac Ripper 56 .

Editor's Choice. Assault rifle TAQ-56

If we compare the TAQ-56 with Kastov-762, then we can note less recoil and a fast rate of fire. Due to its small spread, this assault rifle can compete with sniper weapons.

Optimal build:

  • Muzzle (MUZZLE): Komodo Heavy ;
  • Barrel (BARREL): 14.5" Tundra Pro Barrel ;
  • Optics (OPTIC): Cronen Mini Red Dot ;
  • Rear Grip (REAR GRIP): Demo Cleanshot Grip ;
  • Barrel rail (UNDERBARREL): FTac Ripper 56 .

The best sniper rifle. Signal-50

Five shots - five dead. Signal-50 has a high rate of fire, huge combat power, and also slightly hinders the player's movements. At long and medium distances, this is a very useful and lethal weapon, but the closer the enemy is, the more expensive the price of a miss will be.

Optimal build:

  • Muzzle (MUZZLE): Nilsound 90 ;
  • Laser (LASER): FSS OLE-V Laser ;
  • Stock (STOCK): SO Inline Stock ;
  • Rear Grip (REAR GRIP): SA Finesse Grip ;
  • Barrel rail (UNDERBARREL): FSS Sharkfin 90 .

Best rifle - SP-R 208

The SP-R 208 contains all the best that is in the weapon. High penetration, huge rate of fire, and acceptable reload speed. At the same time, it does not slow down the movement much, allowing you to shoot accurately both from the hip and using the scope.

Optimal build:

  • Muzzle (MUZZLE): Kastovia DX90 ;
  • Laser (LASER): FSS OLE-V Laser ;
  • Stock (STOCK): ZLR T70 Pad Extension ;
  • Optics (OPTIC): SP-X 80 6.6x ;
  • Ammunition (AMMUNITION): 7.62 High Velocity.

General tips for building weapons in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0

Each gun has a level system. The more you play with the same gear, the more features become available. You'll start unlocking body kits as you improve your weapon handling. You can prepare 5 modules in advance, which you will take with you into battle. They will not be available immediately, so players will have time to try out different modifications by picking up weapons on the battlefield. Modules have both strengths and weaknesses - you have to strike a balance to maintain effectiveness. For each type of weapon, it is desirable to select your own power-ups, which we will discuss below.

Assault Rifle Assembly

Particular attention should be paid to recoil, you can even sacrifice the speed of movement. Assault Rifles have a very high base bullet speed, so you can reduce this parameter without worrying about losing power.

Assembly for a submachine gun

Set the available modules to move speed and stability to increase the magazine capacity in the end. This way you will get enough ammo for the duel and a significant increase in movement speed.

Assembly for a light machine gun

There is enough ammo, and extra movement speed is not needed. You are a battle tank whose task is to shoot accurately and quickly. Therefore, try to select all modules for shooting accuracy, recoil reduction, and bullet flight speed.

Shotgun assembly

Since the shotgun is needed for close combat, you will not aim often. It is necessary to maximize the accuracy of shooting from the hip, and as a bonus, you can set the butt to increase damage. In this case, you will have to sacrifice the speed of movement, but this is an intentional sacrifice.

Rifle assembly

The laser pointer will help improve accuracy but will give away your location. We advise you to increase the speed of the bullet, reducing the effective range, because it is much more useful. Also, set the modules to move speed. You can sacrifice recoil because most often one accurate hit is enough to win.

Combat Rifle Assembly

The quadruple scope will help you deal with enemies at a long distance. If the enemy gets closer, modules to increase movement speed and reduce recoil will come in handy. Of the minuses - you have to take decrease in the effective range and reduce the stability of the gun.

Build for a sniper rifle

In this case, it is worth increasing the speed of the bullet and the movement speed to the maximum. The price to pay for this is more recoil and less aiming stability. The characteristics of the built-in optics of sniper rifles are not bad, so you can choose a different type of ammunition instead of this module.