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The Chinese neural network Me in Comics does not work - how to turn a photo into an anime online?


The Chinese neural network Me in Comics does not work - how to turn a photo into an anime online?

Artificial intelligence is actively developing and adding colors to our lives. Today we will talk about two neural networks and a telegram bot that will help you create an anime-style picture.

How to turn a photo into anime using the Chinese neural network Me in Comics

Chinese neural network is available for free. From December 6, 2022, the developers have limited access to their service for all IP addresses of your country, as well as for some countries, such as Singapore and Germany. If you access the site from these IP addresses, when you try to send an image for processing, you will receive the message “Service upgrade, temporarily unavailable”.

You can use VPN, but you need to turn it on before opening the link, otherwise, the message will continue to be displayed, regardless of the operation of the VPN. The site is designed for mobile devices and is poorly optimized for widescreen monitors, so some of the buttons may simply not fall on the monitor screen. Perhaps changing the resolution would help. This is not a bug, but a feature!

How to turn a photo into anime using the Chinese neural network Me in Comics

How to use the Me in Comics neural network

  1. Open the link and "sign" the license agreement.
  2. We click on one single large button at the bottom of the site, on which it says “Play now” - a window for uploading a photo will open.
  3. Select the desired image and click "Upload" (works both from the phone and from the computer).
  4. We are waiting for processing.
  5. The resulting photo can be saved by clicking on the "Save" button.
  6. Pay attention to the button "Share". With its help, you can share the result. It works intermittently, so we do not recommend using it.
  7. To return to the photo upload window, just click the "Paint again" button, located just below and to the right of the "Save" button.
How to use the Me in Comics neural network

What to do if Me in Comics doesn't work even with a VPN

You can use the Telegram bot, which automatically submits a request to the Me in Comics server and generates a picture for you. Of the minuses - it automatically crops the picture (more often under a portrait), so part of the background is eaten, which can be important.

How to use the Telegram bot:

  1. To start, you need to follow the link, click "Start" or write any message.
  2. You will also have to subscribe to 2 third-party channels. You can leave them at any time, but then the bot will stop working.
  3. Now you can upload an image. If you are using a phone, then there are no notes. If you are using a computer, then do not forget to check the box "Compress image".
  4. After downloading the second one, the message “Due to the fact that the bot is free, you only need to invite 1 friend to get unlimited access” will open, and the bot will give you a link.
  5. Dropping the link. The second person does not need to subscribe to other channels, just write to the bot "Start". After that, you can use the capabilities of the anime neural network without restrictions.
Of the minuses of this option, it can be noted that the bot will send you advertising links from time to time.

How to make anime from photo in Lensa app

If you need high-quality avatars for you or someone as a gift, then you can use the Lensa application. There are no free options or trial period here. The neural network is called Magic Avatars.

How to use the Lens app

Download the app from the App Store or Google Play. To create a set of avatars, you will need to pick up 10-20 photos of the same person, preferably a selfie.

There are several requirements:

  • Strangers should not be;
  • No need to upload full-length photos;
  • No monotonous photos.
After all the photos are uploaded, you need to select the gender and styling options. To date, there are 10 options, but you can remove the extra ones to get more avatars in the desired style.