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The game synchronization error is still present on PS5: How to fix it?

 A recurring error that PS5 users face is not being able to sync games with the cloud service. We leave you some solutions contributed by users

The game synchronization error is still present on PS5: How to fix it?

Despite the good financial health of PS Plus and the growing catalog of games or improvements that are being integrated into the service, Sony continues to have some recurring problems such as various failures when using cloud saves, errors that some players are experiencing both on PS5 and PS4 and who ask Sony for solutions

What is this error?

Simply put, we're talking about that annoying "Could not sync save data due to conflict". You can find yourself with two variants of the problem, generally:

  • When going to save a game. The game is unable to grab the local save file and upload it to the cloud.
  • When going to load a game. The game can't decide whether to load the local file or the cloud file. Logically, sometimes you will see that they have different dates and times.

The problem appears in all kinds of games, from ever-updating single-player blockbusters to online sports games. Come on, it doesn't only appear in permanently connected games, which is especially annoying when you're on your own with Spider-Man: Miles Morales and you don't stop seeing the message constantly.

How to fix the cloud save data sync error

The problem, as you will understand, can happen in general in any game. It has been happening for more than two years when PS5 was officially launched, so although we cannot give a specific list, we can say that the budget or exclusivity have nothing to do with it because the same thing can happen to you with FIFA 23 as with Demon's Souls Remake.

Regarding the possible solutions, as you can imagine, being a server issue, it turns out that there is not much to do from the user side. However, there are a series of recommendations from users who have come across it. Among the proposed solutions are:

  • Reboot the console. Obviously, if you want to save the game in the cloud, make sure you have done a local save before restarting the console.
  • Replaces the cloud file with the latest local. Sometimes you will see that the date and time of the file saved in the cloud and in the local do not match. Typically you want the cloud file to be as recent as possible, so if you see that the cloud file is older, simply replace it manually.
  • Delete the cloud save for the game that is giving you problems. Obviously, you must first download the file from the cloud, to have it local, then delete it from the server and re-upload it.
  • Make sure your connection is fine. It will not always be a server problem. Check your internet connection to rule out problems from your side of the network, of course.
Remember that, although this function continues to cause some problems, PlayStation Plus continues to add games every month, with which to expand your catalog of available titles.