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The Witcher 3: How to find Kal, Henry Cavill's dog?

 With its latest update, The Witcher 3 added a few easter eggs. For example, you can find Henry Cavill's dog in the game!

In recent months, The Witcher franchise has grown significantly. Indeed, the book had already been a big success with its video game adaptation. But with the arrival of several series on Netflix around the work, its popularity has exploded. 

Now The Witcher is what we can call a cross-media saga. Obviously with such wealth, it would have been silly to miss a few small references. So, in the latest update of The Witcher 3, some easter eggs have been added. For example, you can meet Henry Cavill's dog in the game! We explain how in this article. 

Where to find Henry Cavill's dog in The Witcher 3? 

It's no secret that Henry Cavill is a huge fan of The Witcher franchise. Besides, if you saw the series, it was clearly felt and he was very invested in this role. So many fans were disappointed to learn that he had decided to leave his witcher costume recently. 

Where to find Henry Cavill's dog in The Witcher 3?

However, the impact of Henry Cavill in The Witcher license is important. So the game developers wanted to pay tribute to him with two little easter eggs. So, a few days ago, we told you about his armor. Indeed, it has been added to the game and you were told the procedure to recover it. 

But that's not the only thing related to Henry Cavill that has been added. The second easter egg is even much more personal! Indeed, it is directly about the dog of the actor named Kal. Whoever played the role of Geralt de Riv loves his little four-legged friend. 

So, it was decided that the latter would also have the right to appear in the license. But where is the latter in The Witcher 3? Well, you just have to follow the quest for the series armor! Once the first part of the quest is solved in the mine, Kal will appear. Be careful, it is not immediate and you will have to come back a few days later for it to be present.