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This makes Stardew Valley even more realistic - and you're going to hate it


This makes Stardew Valley even more realistic - and you're going to hate it

Even though developer ConcernedApe has mostly turned his back on Stardew Valley to work on his new game, the farming game is still getting new content. The modding community is now trumping with an extension that completely turns the vanilla version of the game upside down and also provides more realism. This includes the annoying things of real life.

Stardew Valley gets a shovel of realism

A new mod has appeared on the Stardew Valley horizon, promising to make your gaming experience more customized to your liking. Basic mechanics are completely overhauled and more immersion and realism is also possible.

This even includes the possibility of taxing your Valley residents – if you want to.

The modification is called "DaLion's Modular Gameplay Overhaul". The creator DaLion put a year of work into the mod.

You can use it to change different areas of the game. And you decide exactly what you want to activate or not activate, for example. The basic game is preserved and you can adapt it piece by piece.

What gameplay elements can be modified?

You can use it to change skills and professions, choose new movements for weapons or tools, exploit more possibilities for ponds, and much more.

The professions part is the most extensive in the mod. You can organize a complete overhaul and completely change the play style. Late-game players in particular will benefit from the expansion. Get yourself a new prestige mechanic or create new skills for certain professions.

With the new profession of environmentalist, for example, you can introduce taxes that reflect the annoying part of our everyday life and give you a use for your money in the endgame.

Where is the mod?

You can find the extensive modification on Nexus Mods. There are also detailed instructions on how to install the modification. According to DaLion, the expansion is also compatible with multiplayer.