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Victoria 3: Cheats for money, diplomacy and laws - Game Guide

 Victoria 3 is a global strategy game that packs a punch. If it gets too complex for you, we have listed some cheats and console commands for you here that will help you.

Victoria 3: Cheats for money, diplomacy and laws - Game Guide

How to activate the cheat console in Victoria 3

In order to be able to enter cheats at all, you must first open the console. You do this by right-clicking on the game entry in the Steam library and then going to  Properties. At the bottom of the launch options, type -debug_mode in the text window, close the window and start the game. So you have activated the console in the game and can open it at any time with the "^" key.

Console commands are always in English. In the console, you can enter help at any time and you will be shown all the commands that are possible. In order to find your way around it better, you can write a keyword behind it, which should also be searched for. For example, help fast. This will show you all the commands that have almost in their name. If you now move the mouse over the individual provinces, you will see all the information about the respective province.

Common cheats for Victoria 3

Below we have listed the most useful cheats for Victoria 3 for you. Note: Each command can be deactivated again by repeating it.

cheat codeeffect
debug_modeTurns debug mode on or off.
disable_ai ALLTurns off all AI.
disable_ai + country nameTurns off the respective country's AI. The name of the country can be found behind the country ID.
date the date.

Politics cheats for Victoria 3

cheat codeeffect
yesmenYour allies and enemies will agree to all your proposals.
add_relations + country ID numberIncreases the country's relationship to one's own. Example: add_relations GBR 10.
fast actLaws are made immediately.
norevolutionsPrevents all revolutions.

Speed ​​cheats for Victoria 3

cheat codeeffect
almost buildSpeeds up construction.
almost researchAll perks can be unlocked with one click.
fast actLaws are passed immediately.
almost travelsGenerals reach their destination immediately.

Money cheats for Victoria 3

Of course, money is always an important factor when it comes to business. With the money amount command, you can conjure up any amount on your national account. However, there is a maximum amount you can have. For example, if you enter 100,000,000, the game will automatically close at your highest possible amount. Your new money will appear under  Reserves and Remaining Credit. By increasing the industry, you can also increase your maximum amount or you can simply repeat the cheat over and over again.

Take over countries and states with cheats

If you want to expand your country a bit, you have to do the following: Find out the country ID by hovering over the country to be taken over with the mouse. Then you enter annex country ID in the console and the country is yours. For individual states, you need the province ID. Then enter your own province ID in the console.

You can also just change the country you play in entirely. For this you need the name of the country; You can find this behind the country ID. For Great Britain, for example, that would be GBR. You then enter this into the console together with tag, i.e. tag designation of the country. In our example, it would be tag GBR.