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Victoria 3: So you increase your infrastructure and strengthen your economy - Game Guide

 Victoria 3 is a global strategy game in which the economic system and infrastructure play an important role. Here we show you how to increase your infrastructure and thus influence the value of your goods.

Victoria 3: So you increase your infrastructure and strengthen your economy - Game Guide

Victoria 3 is a detailed global strategy game with a complex economic system and infrastructure. Different population classes and the right allocation of goods will help you get to the top and stay there. You can find out how to increase your infrastructure in Victoria 3 and expand it as advantageously as possible here for in-game tips.

Infrastructure in Victoria 3: You have to pay attention to this

Reasonable transport routes are necessary for good and improved infrastructure. This includes smooth rail traffic, stable roads, canals, and rivers. Logically, clean market access means there are no delays or bottlenecks. The population is happy and trade is flourishing. So if you don't maintain transport access, certain goods will remain and lose value. If another area outside of a state is not supplied with a commodity, such as iron, the price for it increases because the demand is high. As a result, demand may not be met.

Information and tips for an increased infrastructure

  • Crafting intricate goods requires access to all resources, so proper infrastructure at Victoria 3 is essential.
  • Buildings include infrastructure costs, which of course increase with expansion.
  • A balanced distribution of supply and demand is the key to a stable economy.
  • You can also change the production methods of your buildings in Victoria 3, so that the economy does not become unbalanced because the supply may be too large. After all, you want to bring in many different goods in order to strengthen your infrastructure at the same time.