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Victoria 3: Tips and tricks for beginners - Game Guide

 Our tips and tricks will help all Victoria 3 fans become victorious in Paradox Interactive's global strategy game. As soon as you have understood the following basic information, nothing stands in the way of the glorious era of your specially created nation.

Victoria 3: Tips and tricks for beginners - Game Guide

As a beginner, it is worthwhile to study Victoria 3 tips, as even the smallest changes can have a positive impact on your gameplay. In the next section, we explain how you successfully beat your way through the world of the game.

What are pops in Victoria 3?

Note the in-game contextual help and read through the hint windows by hovering over the colored words with your mouse pointer. You should be aware of the importance of the term "Pops", which in Victoria 3 is an abbreviation for "Population" and thus describes your population. Be aware that each race is diverse in terms of religion, culture, profession, and jobs, creating a unique population. While you are responsible for your nation, you cannot directly control your population. Instead, your choices affect them, which can lead to changes within populations. A large part of Victoria 3 is about meeting the needs of your people.

General tips for Victoria 3

  • Watch the volume of your goods, for they keep your nation alive.
  • Your goods are of course necessary in Victoria to construct new buildings.
  • In addition, goods are important to meet the needs of your population. This typically includes food and alcohol.
  • You can also trade goods on the market to bring in new profits.
  • Maintain a healthy balance of goods to keep a building running at full capacity. If production falls, workers are paid less, employees disappear and the supply chain collapses. This creates a vicious circle that is difficult to get out of.
  • Logically, you can imagine that a populace that is not provided with sufficient resources will naturally become restless. So keep your spirits up and pay attention to what you might be missing.
  • Another thing to keep in mind with Victoria 3 is that oversupply can be a problem. So take this tip to heart or you could see your market price plummet. A balanced scale is always the key here.