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Walkthrough Bendy and The Dark Revival - all the keys, codes and riddles


Walkthrough Bendy and The Dark Revival - all the keys, codes and riddles

Bendy and The Dark Revival is a dark stealth horror game in which you have to unravel the mystery of an animation studio. As the story progresses, players will encounter new enemies and gain various abilities. In this guide, we will describe a detailed walkthrough of the game, as well as tell you how to solve all the puzzles, find keys, codes, audio recordings, notes, and improvements.

Prologue. How to find all exhibits

Get up from the table and go down the corridor to the locked door. Go back, pick up the key on the heroine's desktop and go back to this door again. Open it and go to the elevator. Watch the cut scene with the janitor named Wilson.

After going downstairs, talk to him and go to the generator room. The man will ask you to find six exhibits:

  • The wrench is stuck in the lever next to the plinths;
  • The record lies on the table, next to the typewriter;
  • The toy is on the chair in the corner of the room;
  • Gear in a locker on the wall;
  • The book is on the bookshelf;
  • The ink is on the table under the large photograph.

Interact with the cleaner, turn on the power and watch another cutscene.

Chapter first. How to escape from the studio

Take note on the table. There is a staircase to your right. Examine the desk drawer to find two steps. Insert them and go upstairs.

There will also be a note on top of the table. Walk a little further, there is a note on the barrel to the left. Carefully inspect the environment to find consumable items: batteries, spare parts, and others.

A little further on the box, you will find a note. When the door opens, take the audio recording on the table on the left.

Use the bricks and climb up, then activate the lever.

You will enter a large hall. Complete the tutorial: activate the lever and try to climb the bricks, then hide from the monster. Watch the cut scene. When control passes to you, climb up the bricks again and take the note. Here, turn left and activate another lever. Go down the stairs. There will be a lift on the left - there is an audio recording.

Go back. Where you picked up the first note, the door opened.

Take the audio recording on the table in the corridor. From the message, it will become clear which code you need to enter - "451".

There is another audio recording on the table in front of the stairs .

Climb the wall to the right of the table, go forward a little, and activate the lever. Climbing up the stairs, inspect the lockers. One of them has a key. Move the cart and open the door. Before leaving the room, pick up the improvement on the table.

To the right is the dining room - not needed here yet. Follow the left and inspect the padlocked door. On the box to the right of the door is an audio recording. Opposite it is the entrance to the office. Inside is a note, supplies, and coins (slugs). To the left of the same door, you will see a large device - approach it when Alice calls Audrey.

How to find the GENT pipe and fuse

From now on, you will have to hide from enemies. Look at the far side of the room. Behind bars, there is a dead creature, from whose body a pipe sticks out. Interact with the door nearby - the heroine will offer to turn on the electricity. Go back to the device to communicate with Alice. At this moment, an enemy will appear and open a passage for you. Go inside, and inspect the fuse box. Go to the dining room.

Approach the locked door that leads to the kitchen. Try to open it and step behind the bar. This door will also be opened by the enemy. Stealthily sneak past him into the kitchen and pick up the fuse stuck in the cake. Use the barrel to hide.

Go back, insert the fuse into the shield and run to the marked door. Immediately behind her, take the audio recording on the chair, and in the next room, take the note on the table. When you get a pipe from the body of a creature, you can resist the monsters. By the way, now there will be much more of them.

Don't forget to trample the bodies to get various items. Go back and knock down the padlock with the pipe, then activate the switch on the wall.

In the next corridor, you will receive the Banish ability. Get close to the enemy and press the button indicated on the screen. This will restore part of the health of the heroine.

Shoot down the padlock on the grate and inspect the abyss. There is also a device for exchanging resources for GENT cards. With their help, you can open locked machines - buy 2-3 pieces, no more.

How to cross the abyss

Find the cart on the right and move it away. Behind it, there is a lever that opens the door to the animation department. Kill a few enemies and go forward. Immediately after the door on the right, climb into the ventilation shaft. Inside is a note and a lever to open the next door.

Get to the door marked "Don't knock" and knock on it. The creature in the room will demand the return of his paintings. Follow through the only passage and make your way through the ventilation shaft. At the end of the corridor, before you activate the switch, there is a locker. Inside lies a memory - "Duck".

Soon a new monster will appear - the Ink Demon. Now he will start visiting the heroine from time to time: when the corresponding inscription appears on the screen, hide as soon as possible.

Chapter Two: "The Demon Realm" How to find five paintings

You will find yourself in a room with several rooms that are connected by three ventilation shafts. Turn into the passage on the right. There is an audio recording here.

Break the ventilation grate and climb inside. Next to the body of a dead creature is a painting (1).

Return to the previous room, take the painting (2) on the easel, and go to the next room. There is also a picture (3) here.

As soon as you pick it up, a monster will appear. Hide and wait a bit. When he leaves, on the right behind the easel where the picture lay, find ventilation. It will lead to the picture (4).

Go back and find another grate. The shaft leads to a room with a machine gun and a locked door. Knock down the lock with a pipe, turn on the switch and open the door. Go back to the mine and crawl upstairs to the room with the painting (5). There is also a machine that can be opened with a key.

Set the pictures in random order. The door will open - get rid of the enemy and read the note.

How to solve the projector puzzle and get the code

You will find yourself in a room with four projectors. The projector in the room on the right shows three images - this is the correct code. There are also three similar devices in the room on the left. If you get to them through the ventilation and install the pictures in the same order as on the first projector, we get the code - "235". You can also pick up an audio recording here.

We follow forward. To the right, there will be a room with an audio recording on the table. Do not open the big box with the toy - this will cause enemies to appear.

Go through two doors and pick up another audio recording on the barrels. Run all the time forward until you find yourself at the cliff. Activate the lever, climb over the pipe and stop at the fork. The room on the right is now locked, but if you return here a little later, you can get an upgrade.

Help the creature crawl into the hole, for this, you will receive a new ability "Flow". You can go back and pick up the improvement that we wrote about above.

When you're ready, run to the cliff (at the very beginning of the chapter) and crawl under the grate where the cart was. The door to the dressing room is open. It is not necessary to inspect the lockers - almost all of them are empty. Only one has a code - "215". You will learn about him at the end of the room if you pick up a note.

Open the door and pick up the blueprint. Use it to upgrade the GENT pipe at the end of the room. If there are not enough resources, inspect the crates nearby. Use a special device to charge the pipe and go back.

How to find the faucet key and get to the elevator

Insert the pipe into the shield and continue on. Examine the large room - there are notes and audio recordings here. In the building in the center, activate the door "Lost & Found", and pick up the record here.

Run to this department and use the ability to move through the window. Take the key and blueprint.

Go back, go up to the second floor and insert the key into the crane control panel. Use the ability to climb onto the platform, but first open the door to the Upper Beds room. Inside you can find an improvement.

Run into the passage with the inscription "Exit". Along the way, a new chapter will begin.

Chapter Three: "Eternal Machine". How to beat the boss and solve puzzles

Pick up the note and run to the right. Shoot down the padlock, then use the charged pipe on the door on the right. Inside there is a machine with supplies. Go back and look for the cart blocking the passage. Move her away.

A demon will appear in front of the elevator. Hide and wait a bit. Get in the elevator. After the cut-scene, you will meet with the boss.

Get rid of all cocoons immediately as they will release spiders. Hit the buttons on the pillars with the pipe to make the boss appear. Hit the enemy a few times, then hide behind one of the pillars. When he goes down again, repeat the steps.

If your pipe is discharged, you can charge it at the power source.

After talking with Alice, go down the stairs and meet Joey. Follow him, pick up the note in the room and get out. Get to the lever and activate it to open the passage. In the far part of this room, you can find an audio recording.

On the left you will see a locked room - you can get into it through the passage in the next room. Audio recording inside.

In the opposite room, there is a hole that will lead to an improvement.

Run to the last room and activate the lever to remove the protection. There is a button on the far left side of the room - press it. The ink level in the pool will drop and you will be able to open the floodgate.

Press the button again to fill the pool. In the previous room, use the ability to get to the platform and activate the lever. Lower the ink level again and run into the opened passage.

Take the note on the barrels and charge the pipe (stairs on the left). Climb up the stairs on the right and pull the lever. A door will open, behind which several enemies will be waiting. Deal with them, find another lever, and collect supplies.

Get down back, the passage opened here. Keep following forward until you reach the city streets. Bendy will help you here.

Chapter Four: Horror Factory. How to find the ID

Follow to the end of the street and interact with the control panel. Now you need to find an identity card. You cannot inspect tanks, containers, and car trunks on your own. Follow Bendy and only interact with the items he points to. In the end, you will find a note that says that the ID is in the hotel.

Run to the console and watch the scene with the monster. He will open the passage to the hotel. Follow there and go up to the third floor with the help of the ability. Pick up the ID, and watch the cut scene.

How to find the door code

Return to the building and use the ID. Walk forward and take the audio recording. Go around the bar, then look behind the bars. There will be a code on the wall - "523".

How to find Wilson

In the courtyard, break the ventilation grate and climb inside. Here you will meet new enemies - Guardians. They cannot be killed, so you have to constantly hide. In the back room, find the audio recording and activate the knife switch. The door to the next room will open.

On the second floor, take the audio recording, then move to the opposite side. There is a door here, behind which you will be met by a huge monster. You should not approach him. Use the ladder to go up and pick up the upgrade as well as the audio log.

Climb down and follow the passage in the center. Once up, interact with the lever, which will break. At this moment, a girl will appear and offer to play hide and seek. Run to the door, where there is a huge monster, and find it behind the crates.

Go through this door, turn left and interact with the lever on the wall. Talk to the man, after which the task will be updated. Climb to the second floor and find another lever that was previously inaccessible.

In the next room, press the button and watch a lengthy cut scene with Wilson.

Chapter Five: "Dark Rebirth" How to Find Gilson and Solve the Beasts Puzzle

Do not rush to leave the platform. Examine it: there is a note on the opposite side, as well as some spare parts. Follow Wilson, then stand on the platform and place the pipe on the table. Follow Betty to your room.

Read the note on the table, leave the room and enter the first open door on the right. Check out Freshwater Animals.

Run to the end of the corridor and open the door on the left. Try to catch a fish, then move the piano closer to the aquarium and play something. Take the fish and listen to Betty. Return to your room, go to the bathroom, and watch the cut scene.

You will find yourself in a room with Alice. To solve this puzzle, you need to listen to all the tied monsters at the table. Correct combination (from left to right):

  • Hare;
  • Bear;
  • Bird;
  • Fox.

How to kill Angel Alice

Take the GENT tube and charge it. As soon as you do this, monsters will appear. Kill everyone and turn off the emitter. Now you can use abilities again.

Climb up the stairs and jump onto the balcony. You will find yourself in a large room with a boss. Try not to lean out, as Alice fires a submachine gun.

Use the ladder on the right and climb up. There is a locked door here. To open it, you need to charge the pipe. This can be done with two batteries. The first can be picked up next to the charger on the ground floor, and the second can be picked up from the machine behind the stairs.

Open the door on the second floor and interact with the lever. The first platform will be cleared. Also, break the brick wall and take the upgrade. There is also a battery here.

Stand on the boxes that fell off the platform and use the ability to get to the second floor. Take the second battery, and charge the pipe. Open the second door and activate the lever.

Using the same principle, go up to the second floor from the opposite side, sneak up on Alice and press the interaction key.

How to find the key, the dancer figurine, and fix the box. How to lure out the Guardians

Follow forward and get to the place where the heroine's abilities will disappear. Go back a little so they reappear, then look at the balcony on the left. Move here while the ability is active to pick up the audio log.

Pass by the guardian. Charge the pipe here and activate the switch. There is a note on the barrel to the left, and a broken box on the table. You need to find spare parts for it - the key and the figure of the dancer.

Climb the stairs and examine another note. Run into the open passage. At the end of the corridor, you will find the key. Go back and go along the makeshift bridge to the other side. In order not to fall down, go only along the edge of the bridge. Go down and follow to the left. At the end of the room is a figurine.

Go back, repair the box and place it on the table to the right of the emitters. Turn them off - the mechanism is on the opposite wall. Wait for the Guardians to leave, run to the far right corner, interact with the switch and get out.

How to fulfill Betty's request. Where to find supplies

Betty will meet you at the entrance to Wilson's lab. She will ask you to get supplies in the market. As a reward, you will receive several memories.

Run to the platform and wait for the train. Get off at the next station and examine the right side of the platform. There is a memory here - "Hat". There is a book on the bench to the left, and the key to the machine is on the barrel in the center.

Get to the market and pick up the box that is between the vegetable racks. You can also look at the far store on the left for an upgrade.

Return supplies to Betty to get another memory - Mug. She floats in the ink fountain nearby.

How to beat the final boss

Run past Betty to Wilson's lab. Turn left at the end of the corridor. Wilson will warn you that you can come back later when you have finished all your business. Once you enter his lab, it's impossible to go back.

Watch the cut scene and return to the already closed door. In the closet on the left, take away the memory - "Hot Dog".

Next up is the final boss fight. Below we have prepared some tips that will help you end the battle positively.

First phase:

  • On the right, you will see an open electrical panel. Charge the pipe at the power source, then use them on this shield;
  • The same actions must be repeated with all closed shields. To open them, stand next to the shield and wait for the boss to start dropping anchor. Run aside at the last moment;
  • When the first two devices are turned off, the boss will enter the second phase.
Second phase:

  • Immediately after that, ordinary monsters will appear in the arena. Deal with them as soon as possible;
  • In addition to the anchor, the boss will throw various items. He makes three throws in total;
  • Dodge objects and wait for three throws, then go back to the locked shield;
  • When the boss drops the anchor, run back.

Third phase:

  • The boss will run out into the arena and start chasing the heroine;
  • Dodge hits with the fast move ability and attacks him from behind when the boss is vulnerable;
  • As soon as he raises the anchor above his head and drops it, he will expose the vulnerable part - the head on the belt. Attack her;
  • Repeat the steps until he dies.

After the battle, you will have a small chase in the form of a creepy monster. When you get to the projector, the game will be over.