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Walkthrough High on Life - game guide

 A detailed guide to the main story missions

After loading Buck Thunder II: Xenoslaughter, select the difficulty level. Learn basic control mechanics by learning how to jump, crouch and shoot. Follow the instructions on the screen and you will soon reach a large room full of enemies. Deal with waves of opponents until you hear a disembodied voice. Gradually, you will realize that all this time the main character has been playing a video game on his PC.

Secret location from training

High on Life is full of surprises and learning is no exception, but you have to be fast enough. To get to the secret area in the tutorial episode, complete the initial tutorial and get to the main arena with a lot of opponents. After going through the door, immediately go into the room on the left, paying attention to the enemies that stand in your way. This room has a ramp filled with green light. Climb down it and crouch to climb into the ventilation.

Inside the ventilation shaft, look for a secret message. Until the end of the tutorial, you will be locked in the ventilation, so just wait until the protagonist's sister appears and he will be distracted from the video game. If you get to the place, and the vent is closed, then you weren't fast enough. To get a second chance and still find the hidden message, reboot before being pulled out of the fictional game. If you get to the moment with the appearance of the sister and see her, you will not be able to find a surprise, and you will have to create a new save file (new game).


After training, a sister will enter the hero's room, who wants to chat with him. You will be able to choose the appearance of the character from pre-added options. Explore the house for as long as you want and then head to the kitchen. Read the note mom left on the fridge and then go outside to meet your sister. Suddenly, three aliens will appear. After the cut scene, approach the corpse of the alien and take his weapon. After a brief introduction to the Gatlian Kenny, go down the street and destroy the foot soldiers that have appeared from the alien ship. Get on the ship and go up to the second floor, where other foot soldiers are waiting for you. Kill them and take the warp drive before returning to your home. Use the warp drive in the kitchen to travel to the city of Blim.

Find Jin Zarutian

Leave the house and start exploring the city of Blima to find former bounty hunter Jin Zarutian. You can talk to many of the aliens in the city to find out Jin's whereabouts, but only a few will have useful information. Fortunately, Jin is not far away and can be found lying on a bench located on the path right in front of your house. Talk to Jin, and soon you will put on a special suit. Unfortunately, the costume is still in test mode, so you need to go to Mr. Keep's pawn shop to activate it.

Find Jin Zarutian

Mr. Keep's Pawnshop

Use the costume scanner to display a marker leading to Mr. Keep's pawnshop, located northeast of the current location. Keep in mind that markers won't always lead to the right place. In such cases, get to the current marker and then use the information scanner again to display the new waypoint. When you get to the pawnshop, talk to Mr. Kips to activate all of the suit's features. Return home to meet Jin, who is already settled here. When the conversation is over, interact with the Bounty-5000 (Giant's giant plant in the living room) to complete the prologue.

Hunt for 9-Torg

Use the Bounty 5K machine located in the corner of the living room. Jin will report that the teleport is not working, so you have to go to the slums on foot. Leave the house and follow the markers displayed by the information scanner. Soon you will reach the gate to the slums, next to which there are two guards. They will ask who you want to meet. Choose the first option and the gate will open for you. Keep walking along the path until you run into a child who will play a trick on you. If you try to shoot him, Kenny will stop you. After all, you shouldn't shoot children! But try it again to get the achievement!

Follow further and talk to the cook on the left side. This is the mother of that child. However, she doesn't get too upset. Keep going down until you see some big ants blocking the path. These are 9-Torg foot soldiers. They won't get out of the way, so feel free to attack them. As a result, new foot soldiers will appear. Destroy everyone. You can stay on the stairs while the aliens are moving towards you from below. Use explosive barrels to destroy several opponents at once. As soon as you clear the location, Kenny will inform you that it's time to start searching for 9-Torg. You can go down to the pier and talk to the fisherman for more information.

Go to the left of the fisherman behind the panel blocking the path. Use Kenny's alternate fire to bring down this panel. To your left is a panel that will allow you to return to the starting location, but now there is no need for this. Go to the bridge on the right side and knock down the first panel. The second panel cannot be knocked down. Instead, move to the left and jump down under the jetty to attack the panel from below. After you turn it, go back to get to the bridge and go across it. Use Kenny's alternate fire again to turn the last object around and get into the laundry area. Look to the right, to a dead end, and find some aliens on the other side. Shoot them with your weapon by selecting the alternate fire mode. All enemies will flip. Kill them normally and use the platform to get there where they were. Follow this path, killing any aliens that get in your way. Enter the laundry room. Go down the corridor to the back and knock on the door. Choose any dialogue options you want. One way or another, you have to say that you are a buyer.

Deal with the enemies in the room. Tell Knifey that you want to kill 9-Torg. Look up and see that the Knifey can be used as a grappling hook! Do this to climb up to the ceiling. Jump on the flying beetle to get to the next platform. Continue moving, clinging to the right points. Soon you will come across the first Luglox chest. Knifey will explain that he can open these chests for you to collect loot. Open the chest to get 100 pesos. Look to the left and hit the bottom panels of the two bridge platforms to lower them. Jump over them. cling to the next capture points, fighting off the aliens. Knock down the panel to the left of the chest and rappel down.

Fight aliens. Go around the house in the center and open the doors on the left side. As soon as you clear the location, climb to the second floor of the house to the right of the place where you entered from. There is a chest with loot here. Turn around and look to the left of the entry point to this area. Under the ramp is another chest. Jump over to it and open it to get some loot. After clearing the area, go up the ramp. Fight with a large number of aliens. After you deal with everyone, go to the room in the middle through the open doors where the enemies came from. Go to the back door to find 9-Torg!

How to beat 9-Torg

It's time to defeat the first boss, the leader of the "ants" 9-Torg! The arena is surrounded by poisonous slime, so try not to fall into it. She does not kill instantly, so even if you hit her, get to a safe area as soon as possible. In addition, boxes are scattered around the room that can be used as cover. The boss will run around and launch slow projectiles at you, flying all over the room. Keep your distance and you can dodge them with ease. Use Kenny's alternate fire to get the enemy off the ground and deal damage.

After you deal enough damage, absorbing about 20% of the boss's health, she will hide in a poisonous slime. The boss will jump out of every corner of the room and fire a horizontal laser beam at you. As soon as he approaches you, jump over the beam to avoid damage. After the enemy attacks from all four corners of the room, 9-Torg will return to the arena and continue their usual actions. When you deal enough damage, the boss will disappear into the slime again. Look up to see a few bugs to gravitate towards. Toxic slime will start to fill the room from the pipes on the walls, covering the ground under your feet. Cling and jump from platform to platform until you can return to a safe area.

From now on, new tricks will appear in the repertoire of 9-Torg. She can fire a vertical laser while standing on the ground, or fire a huge sphere. In the second case, you can attack the projectile in melee using Knifey to make the sphere fly back at the enemy! Perfect for dealing damage! When the boss is almost destroyed, he will try to attack you in melee. Once health reaches zero, -Torg will jump up and spin around, firing a large laser beam. After a couple of rotations, it will fall off, and the battle will end.

Collect DNA from the corpse of 9-Torg. You can talk to 5-Torg. Look around the room and find a platform with a chest. We'll have to make our way to him through the poisonous mucus. It's okay because health will be restored automatically after a few seconds. Go through the only door in the room. Use the rope and kill one alien on landing. Before you leave this room, go to the far left corner and open the loot chest. Open the large door to return to the starting slum area. If you want, you can go home to turn in the assignment.

But you can open a few more chests at this location:

  • Under the bridge that was crossed earlier, moving towards the laundry.
  • Another chest is located to the left of that same bridge. Before you cross it, go to the left of the bridge in the starting area until you find a chest.
  • Cross the bridge and after jumping over the poison slime for the first time, go around the building to find a chest.
  • From the previous chest, grab the Knifey and jump to the platform with the green alien where the chest will be.
  • Head towards the laundry room entrance. Before entering the building, use the Knifey and climb onto the roof. Enter the storage container to find a chest.
  • Another one is inside the laundry room, look against the right wall.
  • There is another chest under the room where Knifey was found. While outside, jump around the building to find a hole in the wall. Make your way through it to the chest.
  • Head towards the slum exit and look at the large blue statue behind the cook. One of the statue's eyes is open. Climb onto the head and make your way through the open eye. Here you will find a chest.

After you collect all the chests, you can return home and turn in the quest. When you talk to Jin, Knifey will ask him to attack. Do this to get the achievement! Don't worry, no one will die. Now you need to return to Mr. Kips to buy bait. Don't forget to use the information scanner to display the markers. His shop is located on the first road to the right at the exit from the house. Talk to Mr. Kips and he will say that he has the item you need.

The game does not explain the mechanics of buying upgrades so well. The desired item is on the shelf behind Mr. Kips. You have to look at it and an offer will appear to buy the item for 1000 pesos. By now, you should have that money. Return home and talk to Jin. He will offer to go on the next hunt. You can choose between Krubis and Douglas. Either option will do, but for this guide, we decided to focus on the Crubis first.

Hunt for the Krubis

Run forward and jump onto a small ledge. The first chest in this location is located at the base of the large tree at the very beginning. Drop back down to a small ledge and follow the path into the jungle. Soon a flying creature will appear, circle around you, and disappear. From here there will be a fork. Follow the path on the left, since moving to the right is useless for now. You will find a high hill to climb. Before you do this, run along the coastline to the left to find a cave with a chest.

After you open the chest, go up the hill. You are attacked by small aliens. At first, there will be two of them, but soon a whole "flock" will appear. Fortunately, you can kill several of them at once with one accurate shot. Pull on the hook and use the cable. You need to move to the left. If you accidentally go right, just turn around and grab the wall to start moving in the other direction.

As soon as you land, notice a chest on the top platform. Shoot the big green spore on the right to reveal a hidden platform. Climb up it and open the chest. Shoot the next spore on the right to open up some more platforms and jump further. There is another well-hidden chest here. Jump forward and turn around. On the right, there will be a wall with a spore. Shoot it to bring down the wall and you'll find another chest. Move forward to the edge of the platform and shoot the spore on the wall to reveal three platforms. Grab the hook and jump further to reach the bridge. Before you hook up and fly further, turn right and climb up the platforms to find a chest of loot. Now you can return to the capture point and jump over with the hook to the next platform.

Hunt for the Krubis

Crouch down to enter the cave. Press against the left wall to find a chest inside an open egg, not far from the beginning of the cave. Jump over a small gap and kill several enemy groups. Do not move through the jungle until you have killed everyone, otherwise, you risk running into a lot of enemies at once. Kenny will let you know when you kill the last mob. Before you continue, go to the far left corner and jump over a small stream to find another chest. In the same area, look to the right. You will see a chest behind a rock. Stand on the rock and shoot the spore from above to make a platform appear. Jump on it and then across the gap to reach the chest. You may have to shoot the spore again if you're not fast enough to open the platforms and jump over. Now you can delve into the Zephyr.

Before you go too far, pay attention to the rock above the water. There is a well-hidden chest - on the wall of the mountain. Head towards the alien you see on the upper platform and shoot the spore to get to it. Talk to the alien to find out that the G3 have enslaved the planet! Keep walking forward, looking to the right until you find a platform. You will see an edge that looks like it is made of crystals. Here you need to jump down and move towards the cliff wall to get into a small area with a chest. This chest will contain a Warp Crystal! Jump off the platform looking up and grab the crystallized ledge you fell off earlier with the grappling hook.

Keep walking forward until the game prompts you to jump over a large gap. Once you're on the other side of the cliff, continue up the hill. Kenny will offer to launch an alien into the air with a fan. Shoot the dispute and watch an entertaining scene. Before you continue down the hill, turn left and look behind the bushes to find a chest. Now we can move forward. G3 foot soldiers are coming soon, so get ready for a new fight! There will be a lot of enemies in this place, so be careful. There are a few spores that can be fired at to reveal fan plants that can take down entire enemy groups, but this requires timing to fire properly. There will also be new enemies with claws. They will attack you with melee attacks. Use dodge while moving backwards to avoid damage. As soon as you clear the village, local residents will appear who will thank the main character.

Now you can safely explore the village. Return to the entrance and find the river on the left side. There is a chest with loot on the river bank. Snuggle up to the left side as you go up the hill and find another chest next to some moppets who want to talk to you. You can chat with them. Find the bridge at the top of two tall trees. Head towards it and shoot the spore to open the fan plants. Climb up them and cling to the hook. First, you need to grab the cable, and then the beetle to get to the bridge. Run across the bridge and open the loot chest. Finally, notice two houses that don't quite match the style of the rest of the village. Each of them will have a warp crystal that you can pick up. Now you can go to the leader, located in the center of the settlement.

Hunt for the Krubis

Talk to the leader. He will be glad that you are going to kill Krubis. Talk to him until you hear the appearance of a warp ship. Go back to where you entered the village and you will see the ship. Jump to the ship and kill all the enemies. There is a warp crystal on board that can be taken. Continue down the abyss ahead. Shoot the spores to raise and lower the fan plants as needed, and hang onto them until you get to where the alien is flying. He will say that you have to jump over the river with a catapult. For now, don't do this. Instead, shoot Kenny's alt fire to the right side to rotate the object and find the loot chest. After you open the chest, jump over it and shoot one of the platforms with Kenny's alternate projectile.

Run along the island until you reach a raised bridge. Shoot the orb at the mushroom (spore) on the left side so it jumps up and hits the back of the bridge, bringing it down. A beetle will fly out for you to grab onto. Do this to get to the newly lowered bridge. Turn around before continuing. Shoot the sphere at another bridge that was previously impossible to lower. Jump towards him. Jump on it and cling to the cable. Shoot spheres to lower the panels blocking the path. At the end, jump onto the platform on the left side. There will be a chest with loot. Continue along the cable until you return to the area of ​​the first bridge lowered earlier. Enter the building on the left side and cross the river using the cable car. Use the right side of the cable to avoid hitting the barrier at the very end. Enter the building and go down the ramp. You will find a merchant and a loot chest under the ramp to his right. You can buy a bag of ammunition and a "first aid kit" from this merchant.

Hunt for the Krubis

Leave the shop with the merchant and run along the platform to the left. You will return to the jungle. Follow the path to the left until enemy groups appear. In addition to the usual opponents, there will be an armored monster. It takes a lot more shots to destroy it. On the other hand, such opponents are larger, so it is easier to hit them. Enter the cave on the left side to find a chest. Keep going forward until you reach the mansion. Enter it and talk to Renchi. He will give you a warp device! Take the item, exit the house and Kenny will offer to use the warp device to return to the village.

Run away from the house and see a village in the distance. Run down the hill on the left and look up the mountain wall on the right to find a chest. Head towards the big blue lighthouse and you can use the warp device to warp the bridge! Talk to the appeared alien. Look at the rock on the right side of the bridge to find a cave. Enter it and follow inland, clinging to the left wall. Ahead, look for a chest, but after you use the hook on the beetle. After you open it, go to the end of the cave to find another chest with loot. After opening both chests, return to the village and talk to the Moplet Elder to get the key to the Mines. The mines are located behind the big door in the village. While facing the Elder, turn left to find this door.

Go behind the containers on the right. Another chest is hidden here. Keep walking forward until you hear dynamic music indicating that the battle has begun. Kill a few enemies, stick to the left wall and look for another chest next to the river. Climb the building on the ramp and use the cable to get across the river. Kill the remaining aliens. After clearing the area, hug the left rock and move along it until you find another chest with loot. Head to where the cable car ends to continue on to the mines. When you climb the hill, you will need to turn left over the abyss.

Before entering the next area, drop down to the right to find a hidden chest. You can now cross the chasm to enter the G3 complex. This area is infested with aliens! Focus on killing them all before exploring the area. Pay attention to small flying aliens that heal your enemies. Focus on one of the normal opponents or kill any "medics" that appear as soon as possible. Once the area is cleared, let's find the chests first. Near the starting point, on the right side, there will be the first chest. There is also a warp crystal in the building closest to this chest. Then go to the far right corner and take the elevator down into the open building.

The elevator will break, the wall will open. Look down through the hole and kill a couple of aliens before jumping down there. As soon as you clear the location, jump down and clear the area of ​​the rest of the aliens. There is a shop in a nearby cave that sells an upgrade for Kenny that speeds up the cooldown of his alternate fire. Climb up the platforms above the vendor to find a room with a chest on the side. Flip the switch to disable the lasers and continue driving. There are two chests in this area. First, look over the edge of the bridge, to the left. Look for a loot chest on the lower platform on the left. Another chest is located on a suspended platform a little further. To get to it, climb onto the highest platform in the area and fire a Kenny Orb while standing on the rotating platform to dash towards the chest.

Lower the bridge with a Kenny Orb Shot to find a chest behind the railing to the left. To get to it, attack the spore on the right and jump onto the fan plant. Shoot the mushroom behind the raised bridge so that the projectile bounces back and lowers the bridge. Climb up and open the chest. Keep moving into the cave. Ahead will be the building you need. First, look down-right to find a hidden platform. Drop down onto it and shoot through the gap in the spore to bring down the wall. Climb up the hill and open the chest. Use the orb on the door to open it and return to the building. Climb onto the box on the left side of the door, and then even higher, above the door. From here you can climb to the roof. Crouch and crawl under the pipe to find another chest on the other side.

After opening these chests, enter the administrative office. Talk to Helen, who will send you to the next room. It's time to play Bureaucracy Simulator 19XX! All you have to do is take a page from the stack on the right, click on the buttons displayed on the page to sign it, and then place the page in the stack on the left. Some pages will be blank, so when you pick them up, immediately put them in the stack on the left. Repeat these steps until you complete the mini-game. Enter Krubis' office at the back of the room and use his computer to determine the coordinates of the boss. Go through the back door and jump on the claw of the big machine to get to the next part of the tunnels in the mines.

Jump on the red car and turn around. You will see a hole in the rock hanging from the ceiling. Jump into it to find a chest. Go deep into the mine until you find a large gap that cannot be jumped over (the bridge is raised). Shoot the Kenny Orb to lower the bridge. Shoot the spore to open the fan plants, allowing you to jump over to the next platform.

There is a guard in front. Before talking to the Moppets, jump down to the left. You will land on a lower cliff and be able to jump over it to a chest. After you open it, go upstairs and talk to the aliens. They'll tell you where to look for the warp disk. Keep going right and enter the building. It is very crowded here, so it is best to kill enemies in close combat. The rooms are so narrow that only one enemy can get close to you at a time. You will soon reach a dead end. Climb the crate and jump to the top platform to climb through the pipe. There is a disc on the table in the next room. Jump onto the wall to the right of the disc and exit the building. Use the beacon to activate the warp disk.

Talk to the prince and he will give you an empty warp disk. Climb the red mushrooms nearby and jump on them. You will see a chest located on the left side, after some mushrooms. Open it and continue moving through the mushrooms. Climb up and use the rope. Be ready to fire the Kenny Orb to bring down the wall and return to the mansion. After landing, head up the hill on the right to use Ranchi's Warp Disk Encoder. Go outside through the same door you used earlier and you will see a beacon where you need to use the warp disk. You can now teleport the Crubis base here!

How to beat the Crubis

At the beginning of the fight, Krubis will have a couple of attacks in his repertoire. His main attack is a shotgun blast. The enemy shoots pretty fast, so try to keep moving. He can also launch a spinning saw that bounces off walls. You can actually deflect the saw back at the boss with a melee strike, so be sure to take advantage of that to deal some extra damage. When the saw hits it, it will bounce back and you can keep hitting the projectile until it disappears! The enemy either flies low above the ground or hides underground to suddenly appear elsewhere. If you shoot Kenny's Orb, you can run up and attack the stunned boss.

After reducing your health by approximately 20%, the boss will teleport to an office overlooking this room. Smaller enemies will appear that you will have to deal with. When Krubis returns, he will continue to do the same as before, but this time, when he hides underground, three mines will appear. Shoot them to blow them up, otherwise, you risk accidentally stepping on them in the heat of battle. As soon as the enemy's health reaches 40%, he will disappear again. This time he will send larger aliens towards you. Deal with them and the boss will return to the fight.

The last new attack he uses is flying around the room at high speed. Laser beams will spawn and are pretty hard to dodge. The best strategy is to use grappling bugs to swing around the room. You will inevitably miss a few hits, but not enough to die. Keep swinging until the attack ends and then fire at the enemy whenever he pops out of the ground. Be sure to deflect all the saws to bring his defeat closer.

You can now use the Gaz Disk Shot on the wall below where Krubis teleported to. Jump on the disc to get to the office and continue moving deeper into the cave. Fight off aliens. Gas will teach you how to pull one enemy to another. Use the disk on the wall above to get out of here. Click on the switch in the upper left to activate the cable and get out of the cave. Repel an attack from a warp ship. There is a warp crystal on the roof that can be picked up. When you're ready, enter the nearest teleporter to return home! Talk to Gene and Lizzy. Turn in the quest and move on to the next objective - Douglas.


Douglas is another target in the main storyline of High on Life. Once you defeat 9-Torg, you can go after the head of Crubis or Douglas. You can kill them in any order. Accept the quest for Douglas at the Bounty 5000 machine and teleport to the planet Port Terren. Upon arrival, you will be greeted by an endless desert. Use the info scanner to generate markers to get to the gorge. On the way to the goal, you will definitely encounter opponents.

Once in the gorge, find several platforms. Use the Kenny Orb and the rest of the weapons to get through this place. Ignore enemies or fight them. All this does not affect the plot component. After crossing the gorge, talk to Old Grundy to learn more about Old Town, Rogue City, G3, and Douglas. Once you have the information, let Grundy open the gate so you can enter the Old City.

In this area, you need to kill some G3 recruits. After the first wave of the alien guarding the gates to Scrap City, you will have to kill the rest of the G3 recruits before you can break the blockage. Do this to gain access to Scrap City. When the path ahead is clear, take the funicular to Dreg Town. You can listen to Douglas. Once in the city, explore the area to find a G3 recruiting center.

In the middle of this location, you need to fight several G3 recruits and other opponents. Once the battle is over, be sure to collect the Warp Crystals that you can find on top of the twisted structures. This is a special type of currency that you can spend when you return to Blim. Before you can enter the recruiting center, you need to gain experience. Find the Goop Guy in the small alley and talk to him to get a special item. Go to the recruiting center and take part in the training. Once the video ends, you'll be taken through a series of tests that evaluate your combat and movement skills.

During the combat test, you can kill the rest of the recruits to replenish your shields. Do so, as they will still aggro, one after the other, until everyone is hostile. Dodging is your primary method of movement to get through this section without taking any damage. Remember that at the end of the platforming segment you will have to make a long jump. Use a dash in the middle of the jump to get to the edge of the far cliff.

Once you're the last survivor, Douglas will tell you in the next room that you need to wait one hour before you can continue testing. Follow your weapon's advice and use the nearest ventilation system to bypass the waiting room. However, you can stand for an hour to discover the secret. Next, you need to help a squid alien named Dr. Joopy solve the pipe puzzle.

Despite the promise to go straight to Douglas' headquarters, the zipline ride ends abruptly and you find yourself in an arena full of G3 recruits. Kill them all to continue the mission. Don't forget to grab the Werep Crystal located near the exit of this arena. Again, it can be used later as currency at one of the shops in Blim City. After the Recruit Battle Royale, you'll have to re-help Dr. Joopy with another pipe puzzle. Solve it to get deeper into the G3 base. In the next part of the mission, you need to fight several enemy waves while continuing towards Douglas' headquarters. Kill all the G3 recruits attacking you and go up the platform to Douglas. The last obstacle on the way to the headquarters will be another pipe puzzle. Help Dr. Joopy one last time to open the door,

How to beat Douglas

After you realize that Dr. Joopy and Douglas are the same person, make him pay for the deception by killing him. Avoid the electric platforms that light up the arena and keep firing until you take out Douglas. If you get stuck in the boss room after defeating Douglas, make sure you install the latest updates that fix many issues.

During the battle, Douglas will jump between the pillars, and electricity will appear on the ground. When this happens, ignore Douglas and focus on dodging the electrified platforms. Use the dodge module or the Knaifi ability to stay away from electrified stoves. Again, G3 recruits will spawn in the middle of the fight. Since they are quite easy to deal with, you can leave a few alive and only kill them when the shields are low. These enemies drop items that restore shields. Use the Kenny Orb to destroy large enemy groups and overcome obstacles. She can also temporarily stun the boss, giving you the ability to use a Knife to deal melee damage.

Pick up Sweezy - a brand new talking weapon - and use her Time Bubble ability to escape Douglas' former headquarters. Deal with any enemies you encounter along the way and use the portal to return to Blim. As with 9-Torg, use Bounty 5000 to end the hunt for Douglas and claim your bounty. You will unlock new contracts, or you will be able to go to search for Krubis, if you have not already done so.

The Skrendel Brothers

The Skrendel Brothers are another target to eliminate in the High on Life main storyline. After forging an alliance with Magistrate Clagg and obtaining a jetpack, you will gain access to new contracts, and one of them is the Skrendel brothers. Accept the Bounty 5000 contract and use the generated portal to travel to Zephyr.

As soon as you learn about the new overseers in the city, enslaving moppets (again), head to the Skrendel Labs. Defeat the enemies you meet along the way, remembering to use new skills, including jetpack, jump dodge, knaifi skill, and gas disk launcher. Once in the first laboratory after the elevator, explore the area and kill all the guards. Check each room to find a room that contains a new talking weapon. As soon as you take it, you will unlock another achievement.

Once you have the Creature, use its alternate fire mode to open the electric locks. Travel to the pen of the Skrendel Lab, where you will meet one of the brothers, Jonathan Skrendel, for the first time. Deal with all the enemies in the corral to continue.

Once you do this, a boss fight will begin and you will face the first of the three brothers. This will be the first of four boss fights under the current contract, so be sure to check out the Jonathan Moveset, which will be released later during the Bro-Tron fight, to get started.

How to beat Jonathan Skrendel

As soon as Jonathan starts to hit the ground with his elbows, he will generate poisonous waves that you have to dodge. Jump over them, while the jetpack is not needed. To maximize your pre-jump time, stay away from the center of the arena to telegraph incoming rings ahead of time. In this case, dodging them will be much easier. Since the rings are located at a low height (for now), you can avoid damage by simply jumping over them. If you find yourself timing your jump incorrectly, use the dodge module built into the suit (left CTRL on PC).

Keeping distance is the key to victory, as Jonathan is a melee fighter (with the exception of jump attacks). Use Kenny and deal damage from a distance while avoiding oncoming damage. Around the arena, there are platforms that look like an obvious way to dodge attacks with poisonous waves, in fact they are nothing more than bait. If you jump or move to the platform while using the jetpack, Jonathan will stop normal actions and use a rapid-fire ranged attack that hits you even through walls.

By defeating the enemy, you will force him to retreat deep into the object. After making him turn his tail and escape, go to the cloning center in the Skrendel Labs. Deal with the guards assigned to the region and pursue the fleeing Angelo Skrendel.

Follow Angelo Skrendel through the Clone Center buildings until you corner him in the Shredder building. Defeat the boss to complete part of the contract. This will be the second boss fight under the current contract.

How to beat Angelo Skrendel

As with Jonathan, the key to winning this fight is to keep your distance. Since Angelo only has two attacks (a throw attack and a shotgun blast), it's in your best interest to keep some distance between the GM and the boss. Use the jetpack (or dodge module) whenever Angelo throws you through the dangerous trash shredder in the center of the room. Given how narrow the room is, dodging the death trap should be relatively easy, provided you're used to the jetpack's controls. If you run out of shields, kill the melee fighters that spawn in the arena. Upon death, each of them will drop a shield recovery, which will allow you to recharge the suit's shields right during the boss fight.

After dealing with Angelo, track down the last Skrendel brother, who is in the big arena in the Skrendel Labs. Fight Mono Skrendel and defeat him so that other brothers appear.

How to beat Mono Skrendel

Mono is the most dangerous of the three brothers as he enjoys moving around the arena. To prevent him from poisoning the ground during his erratic (but fast) attack, use Sweezy's Time Bubble to slow him down. Use exploding needles and then attack with a charged shot (or melee) to deal massive damage. Unlike the first two Skrendel brothers, using Kenny's Orb to break Mono's combo makes a lot more sense, since such an attack will allow you to literally juggle Mono in the air, dealing additional damage.

If you can, try to leave shield restorers in the arena. Since Bro-Tron will spawn immediately after defeating Mono, it's best to use shield recovery during this fight as Bro-Tron's attacks are much harder to dodge.

WARNING: The battle with the Mono Skrendel and Bro-Tron starts one after the other. On higher difficulty levels, make sure you take as little damage as possible in the first battle, otherwise, the final fight will be a bit more difficult.

After you defeat Mono, the three Skrendel Brothers will merge into Bro-Tron, gaining new AoE attacks as well as retaining the rest of the moves you may have learned while fighting against each of the Skrendel Brothers. Defeat this enemy to complete the contract and unlock the "Who's the Boss?" achievement.

How to defeat Bro-Tron

When Bro-Tron spawns, the boss will perform several tornado attacks that cover the entire arena. Stay away and lean against the walls of the area to dodge between them. Contrary to temptation, do not attempt to jump or tether to the Bro-Tron while it is fused together. If you do, he will use a melee attack that can result in instant death even on normal difficulty.

When Bro-Tron starts using Jonathan's Modified Wave Attack, the Toxic Dirt Rings will be much higher than before. Three waves can appear at once, so forget about jumping and use the jetpack to stay in the air until all the waves have passed. Once you deplete Bro-Tron's health, it will split back into three Skrendel brothers, each with its own health bar. During the first split, focus on eliminating Jonathan. If you kill him fast enough, there will be no wave attacks in the next phase of Bro-Tron's fusion, which will reduce the number of dodges and deal damage to the boss faster.

When the Bro-Tron splits a second time, kill Angelo. Since o will be slightly more immobile than Mono, destroying him will ensure that Mono can no longer fuse with Bro-Tron, leaving you to kill him alone.

While fighting Mono, take out Sweezy and use Time Bubble to slow down the erratic boss. Pump up the last brother with lead to defeat Bro-Tron and all the Skrendel brothers.

Once all three of the Skrendel Brothers are dead, use the Knifi to cut the Skrendel Eye out of the corpse. Turn it in for Bounty 5000 to complete the contract.

Dr. Giblets

Dr. Giblets is another main target of High on Life. After forging an alliance with Magistrate Clagg and obtaining a jetpack, you will gain access to new contracts, and one of them is related to the destruction of this enemy. Accept the Bounty 5000 contract to start your search for the mysterious scientist.

Go outside and ask the locals if they have seen Dr. Giblets and if they know where he is. If you're in a hurry, just find an alien named Michael Taint who will direct you to Blorto. The chef will talk about a new fashion store in the slums. Michael Taint will have a random color in different playthroughs, so it's hard to spot him without talking to someone else. Just keep asking around until you find the character, as they will be the ones who can provide useful information for the investigation.

Go down into the slums of Blim City to find High on Life (the new store will be in a previously inaccessible area with Applebee's). Defeat the enemy group guarding the slums on behalf of the G3 Cartel. Once inside the High on Life store, ask the staff about the last known whereabouts of Dr. Giblets. Feel free to ask them any of the suggested questions until you face threats from investigators.

Since the investigation led nowhere, return home to regroup. Take the boots off poor Davey Glutes and use them to unlock a new bypass option. Upon returning home, you will encounter third-party investigators who confronted you earlier. These are the children of Magistrate Clagg. Follow them to Clagg's office to have the mayor tell you the whereabouts of Dr. Giblets.

Use the Bounty 5000 to teleport into the deep jungle of Zephyr Paradise. From here, follow the signs from the information scanner to get to Dr. Giblets' warp base. Once you've found the remains of the bloodbath at the now abandoned base, launch Investigation Mode in your suit and start scanning points of interest to get an idea of ​​what happened at the base. Eventually, you will reach Dr. Giblets' base. He will be in agony, so all you really have to do is take the DNA. After collecting DNA, you will fall into a trap. Fight until Dr. Giblets frees you.

The key to winning this rather lengthy cage battle is to use your height advantage over your opponents. Once the center platform starts to rise in the later stages of the fight, be sure to use it to get good cover and a view of the arena.

After surviving the trap of Dr. Giblet, return to the base and collect the mangled remains. Once you've done that, find the warp teleporter and return to Blim City. Turn in the Bounty 5000 Dr. Giblets Contract to receive your reward.

How to beat Dr. Giblets

Unlike many of your bounty objectives, Dr. Offal is a unique encounter because there will be no boss fight. Instead, greeting him while working will trigger an accident that will cause him to bleed out before the boss fight begins. For your efforts, you will be rewarded with the "Toughest Battle in the Game" achievement.


Nipulon is another objective of the main High on Life storyline. After you close the contracts for the Skrendel brothers and Dr. Giblets, the G3 cartel will take over Blim City. Find Lizzy, return to the house, and escape Blim City before you are destroyed. In this segment of the story, Kenny will reveal more about his past. Don't forget to pay for the food by interacting with the receipt before you leave to get the Eatin' Good in the Neighborhood achievement. Once you get to the hideout, Jin will have a new contract. Accept the Nipulon Contract from Bounty 5000 and teleport to Port Terren to meet with Garmanthus' Right Hand. This step is optional. If you want the Gatlians to sort out their differences, you can first go to the Saloon in the Old City and talk to them.

Unfortunately, the Goop Monster that is deceiving you is sick. In order to get the disguise to infiltrate Nipulon's headquarters, you first need to heal the Goop Monster. Find the flower you need to heal the Goop Monster. You can lie and tell the brothers that their father loves them in order to instantly raise the bridge. After curing the Goop monster, infiltrate Nipulon's headquarters. Follow the butler through the drug den until you reach his private closet in the bowels of the building.

End the drug den by killing all the enemies. Deal with all the G3 guards and make your way to the top of the tower. In the largest room, enemies will spawn several times, so it is recommended to act defensively and use the rubble to take cover from the gunfire. Throughout the level, there will be many people in the cages left after you clear the tower. Send them back to the Harbor through the warp portal to get them to safety. As soon as you get to the top, the administrator will ask you to wait a bit. Sit down and listen to the chatter of the Gatlians while Nipulon prepares for the meeting.

Once in the office, start shooting to start the boss fight. Try not to lose too much shield charge, as after the battle begins, restorers practically do not drop. Defeat Nipulon to get a DNA sample and the exact coordinates of the Earth.

At some point during the boss fight, Nipulon will say that he has a plan to embarrass you (the main character) in front of your friends. After receiving the coordinates, return to the reception room and return home through the warp portal. Turn in Nipulon's DNA sample at Bounty 5000 to receive a reward and complete the quest.

How to defeat Nipulon

During the action of the drug, Nipulon will begin to multiply. Clones will appear, making it harder to fight him. To quickly get through all the stages of the battle, look for and shoot the orange clone. Don't waste time cheating as it will only prolong the fight. Shield restorers do not drop, the enemy deals constant damage, so you need to kill the orange clones as soon as possible.

The first dilemma to face will be Gene's hallucination telling you that bounty hunting will only result in you ending up like him - washed ashore. To continue the boss fight, tell Jin that all that matters is that something good comes out of your actions.

The next confrontation will be a hallucination with Lizzy. She will mock you for playing the role of an alien killer. Stick to your opinion and say that you are selfish and enjoy playing the hero to end this segment quickly.

In the final dream sequence, you will lose the weapon. Find each of them in different parts of the location to continue the boss fight.

  • Kenny – Appleby
  • Gas - under the yellow drill
  • Sweezy - on the table next to the truck
  • Creature - on the operating table

Garmanthus (final boss)

This is the final boss of the High on Life main storyline. Before starting the mission, make sure you have purchased all of the suit upgrades or weapon of choice, as once you arrive on Earth, you won't be able to go back and buy upgrades. A great time to spend all your hard-earned pesos on the best upgrades related to shields, for example.

To start the final contract, talk to Jin. He will give you all the necessary items. The bomb must be used to destroy the Garmanthus. Once you've got the last weapon, teleport to Earth and fight the G3 invaders. To get to Garmanthus, you first need to fight your way through the ruins of the old district. Kill any G3 soldiers that get in the way using Lezduit's extra firepower. As you make your way to Garmanthus, the suit will begin to say goodbye to you. Once he finishes his farewell message, you'll unlock another Series Wrap on Suit-O achievement.

Before you can confront Garmanthus, talk to your talking weapon. Let them settle their differences. After the last group therapy session at a nearby park bench, go forward to challenge the G3 cartel leader. As soon as you enter the makeshift arena, you will encounter Garmantuus. Kill him to save Earth from the G3 Cartel and get the "Legendary Bounty Hunter" achievement.

Although the fight against Garmanthus has two phases, compared to some of the earlier G3 bosses, he is fairly easy to defeat.

Despite the absolute hell that Garmantuus will create, his shots are relatively easy to dodge. With a widespread and predictable trajectories, just focus on dodging left or right and you can outlast the enemy even with a single Kenny. In order for some of the shots to scatter as wide as possible and there are safe distances between the projectiles necessary for evasion, press yourself to the edges of the arena. This will make it easier to dodge, as well as keep Regenerators at arm's length and quickly replenish lost shields.

Dodging Garmanthus is easy. Moreover, it can be tanked. To defeat the enemy, use Kenny or Lezduit right when he shoots at you. Both phases will be easy as this enemy is huge and easy to hit. On the edges of the arena there will be shield restorers. Leave them and pick them up only if you need a sharp heal.

Upgrade the Slide Bash - This is one of the best suit upgrades you can get as it allows you to quickly change position (even faster than a jetpack). Move around the arena, dodging attacks when you need to restore HP. The second phase of the battle against Garmanthus is almost the same as with Jonathan Skrendel. It bounces and falls to the ground, creating waves of toxic mud that you have to jump over or dodge with your jetpack.

At some point during the fight, Kenny must be used to activate a bomb that will kill Garmanthus. If you want to get one of the hidden game achievements, choose a different weapon and activate the bomb with it. This will give you the Playing Favorite achievement.