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7 Popular F2P Games That Were Paid Before

The free-to-play switch has its advantages: the switch saved one or the other premium game from a decline in the number of players. Some games only gained popularity after the introduction of the F2P model and have become indispensable today.

We present you seven games that used to be paid but are now free to play.

7 Popular F2P Games That Were Paid Before

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout *

It's basically Takeshi's Castle as a video game. The fun battle royale game Fall Guys got off to a phenomenal start in 2020 and delighted with its multitude of crazy games that test your skill, endurance, or memory. With further free updates, more levels were introduced into the game.

In fact, the game was partially free at launch, as PlayStation Plus subscribers could compete for the crown at no additional cost. Since June 2022, the game has been freely playable on all platforms, even without a subscription. Unfortunately, since the switch to the free-to-play model, the grind has also gotten bigger.

destiny 2

After Bungie separated from Activision Blizzard, they wanted to break new ground with Destiny 2. As of 2019, the looter shooter is free-to-play — well, a bit. You can get the base game for free, but you have to pay for all the expansions.

Nevertheless, the main game is a lot of fun alone or with friends and is a good introduction to the Destiny universe.


We don't have to explain Fortnite to anyone. In 2017, the original game was still the perennial favorite as we know it today. It wasn't a free-to-play game back then either. However, pretty much everything changed for Fortnite with the success of a completely different game, namely the Battle Royale PUBG.

With the introduction of its own free Battle Royale mode for the game, the number of players grew enormously. Today Fortnite is one of the most successful and played games ever, collaborating with Marvel, Star Wars, and other famous brands and even hosting live events and concerts.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

Of course, we also have to include PUBG in this list: The game finally celebrated its free-to-play debut in 2022, five years after its Early Access release – better late than never. However, the shooter is now called PUBG: Battlegrounds, i.e. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds: Battlegrounds. weird times.

rocket league

Football with cars, so simple and yet so fun. Since 2015, players have been challenging each other in Rocket League. And even more, since the game is free to play in 2020.

With many new game modes, cars, and events, Rocket League has also grown a lot as a game and continues to grow with each season. Rocket League has also become indispensable in the e-sports sector.

Team Fortress 2

If Fortnite is on this list, then Team Fortress 2 shouldn't be missing either. The multiplayer shooter appeared in 2007 as a paid game and quickly won over a huge community. The switch to the free-to-play model followed in 2011 and was more popular than almost any other multiplayer game at the time.

And even in 2022, almost 100,000 players will be playing Team Fortress 2. The game will even receive one or two updates.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Another shooter that continues to delight a large community with over ten years under its belt. CS:GO started as a premium game in 2012, followed by the free-to-play switch at the end of 2018.

A clever move by Valve, because not only has the number of players increased, but the e-sports sector has also benefited from the growth.