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ALL cats in Forspoken and where to find them

 We show you the location of all the cats in Forspoken. Locate the kittens, get stick figures and unlock special rewards for exchanging them.

Cats make up one of Forspoken's side quests, which in other games would be more of a collectible. Here you will see where and when you can find all of them, what you must do to catch them, and the rewards you can get for doing so.

  1. No cat is missable, they all appear at the end of the story.
  2. You won't be able to find them all the first time, each one has a side quest associated with it, with its own reward.
  3. When you find a cat, you have to chase it until it stops next to the reward to collect.
ALL cats in Forspoken and where to find them

  • Your rewards will be Stick Figures and experience points.

What are the Puppets for?

Stick Figures can be traded with a merchant at any Trade Point for rare items. The Exchange Point will appear as an icon with two arrows.

You can exchange the Stick Figures for the following items:

  • Nugget (1 Puppet): A rare and highly valuable metal fragment that can be used as an item crafting material.
  • Pelerina (1 Puppet): A cloak that sometimes recovers health if you hit your enemies with critical hits.
  • Water Galamperna (2 Puppets): A very rare mushroom that is highly prized as a luxury crafting material.
  • Stranith (5 Stick Figures): A cloak that reduces the duration of negative status effects.

calico cat hunt

This cat is in Cipal, and you can catch it from Chapter 3: The Intruder. He will appear in the city of Cipal.

Chase him for a while until he stops, interact with the bag and collect the Puppet and experience points.